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  1. Archaven just send me a message to tell me that Detro's Cage Helm's effect has been changed to once per encounter. Can somebody confirm, because if that's the case it means that the build is sufficiently less fun to play now. There are still ways to go solo and do almost everything, but the build will need to grind through much more bloated combat. Thanks in advance. EDIT: false alarm.
  2. I saw BattleTech on sale on GoG. 40%... in case somebody's interested.
  3. Did somebody say Fallout 76? It was ****e to begin with xD.
  4. I'd abandon that idea from the get go. Masterpiece sounds like too much. Just a completely new game from scratch. Deadfire is Deadfire - it's best you like it for what it is. It isn't bad. It will get better with time. It is, actually, getting better as we speak. But a masterpiece... oh, no. No, no.
  5. I suppose if you want to no reload you shouldn't watch this... but anyways. It's my first dragon on this character. Hope you can take a thing or two from it.
  6. Even pierce immune enemies get interrupted or knocked to the ground. Two quick arbalest users can pin down bosses pretty much the entire time.
  7. You COULD also consider a Ranger/Paladin(probably Ghost Heart) because that would be another +20 Accuracy for what you're trying to do. Since it's one handed the damage won't be that great with pretty much any build, but if you take weapons that do something on crit(they also benefit from Int) you can have a very strong lockdown for bosses(Prone/Paralyzed all the time ignoring resistances) and select enemies with the Paladin utility still present.
  8. Liberating Exhortation and Suppress Affliction can work well in that case. You can pay attention where the flame will go and act respond quite accordingly.
  9. Iron Will and Bull's Will stack. If you invest in History and wear the Cloth of the Giftbearer, and use Whiteleaf you can become immune to Dampeners.
  10. Arcane Dampener still removes drug effects and leaves you crashed. Though it needs to be said that the drug effect comes back when AD expires. Being a monk you could actually reduce it's duration to the point of expiration.
  11. Enemy ships do full repairs when they or you flee. I think it's working as intended.
  12. Don't worry, I know what I am talking about. The next time it happens, I will make sure to make a screenie of it. I must say I've gotten several of these occurring. I remember having taken a few screenshots before where an Unconscious enemy is able to stand up and continue attacking after suffering another cc effect. I've even posted it some time ago, but the screenshots are no longer available.
  13. Jeesus... Traps are one matter, but when the game forgets to calculate my Arcane Veil into Deflection or a paralyzed enemie starts moving and attacking me I feel like I need an immediate break... This game has got an ironman mode, while still having these... well, game breaking occurrences. I've forgotten much, lol. Before going on a rant, I just want to give a fair warning that in certain cases when combat becomes busy, the systems MAY break down a bit. Unfortunately, it's the reality. PS: one thing that I have to give to Deadfire is that is has a very good polish in this regard. I've never seen a single time when the game won't calculate something or make a stunned foe move and stun me in return.
  14. That's why I'm always keen on indie titles. There are some games out there that have very interesting game mechanics, plus there are quite a few classics that also need to be considered. All in all I have to say that with Deadfire we have gotten somewhat of a visual treat, but considering the game wholesale, I know it's not exactly what I wanted. Yes, it still tries to cater to a core, more nichey audience, but that may quickly change in the future. Honestly, I am sceptical. I will keep an eye out, of course.
  15. Deadfire changes the rhythm of the game from the first PoE. Combat will be longer, enemies--bullet spongier, and so I think you should consider classes which generate infinite resources. Chanters and Cypher in most combinations do rather well, and this time talk about 'meta' builds has appeared, as well. Paladin seems to be quite a popular choice in multiclassing. That said, I rather like Rangers(Ghost Hearts in particular) in any combination, because with their higher Accuracy they can proc crit effects from weapons. A Ghost Hearth/Cypher can be a very adaptive class, albeit one which will need more *gasp* micromanagement. But you will be able to lock down bosses as well as multiple enemies.
  16. Me too, btw. I am 32 and have been playing that particular campaign for almost 4 months now. I honestly can handle one or two combats like the above one and then I'm like--Time to chill ;D.
  17. Solo Wizard is always fun in PoE. In the early game you can use Arcane Veil and that's enough until you get Llengrath's Displaced Image, after whence you can stack both, as they can be cast together. Concelhaut's Corrosive Syphon regularly 'one-shots' packs of the early enemies--especially spirits and blights, and it targets a defense that is not commonly high during early game. Chill Fog is a bread and butter utility and you can combine it with Minor Blights for easy one-two. There are also types of enemies that hate each other and you can use the above mentioned kiting tactics to make them fight among themselves. Quite frankly, if you want to be safe, your best bet is to skip some of the harder content and focus on Caed Nua's throne room. You will need a figurine for that.
  18. You mean the highest available without Trial of Iron?... for DOOM does have Trial of Iron xD.
  19. Balrum. Impressive game so far. I think this one will be one AAA+ run for it's 2,50 on sale. It's also not messing with it's dungeon crawls.
  20. Maybe one day . I am enjoying Balrum at the moment. Siege of Dragonspear is after that. I will be playing my solo Wizard in between, still. But all in all, I will not be rushing to claim that price .
  21. When I can't beat a certain level in DOOM, I just drink coffee. And so here's some DOOM with coffee.
  22. You see, I used to find pause on trap/hidden a bit annoying and was playing without it. My problem literally 3 days ago was me playing with one hand, squinting at the screen while sneaking around and having one leg on an adjacent chair. Oooh, I will go pick up those mushrooms in the corner... ops, trap in-between. Not quick enough xD. Now I play with pause on find. Putting everything into mechanics surely is safe in one regard, but foregoing some of the scrolls is not.
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