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  1. Nice topic here. I need to reread some of the stuff as it is quite interesting. I'll go with Original Sin 2. Where to begin, though... Fane is a non playable character that makes an appearance throughout the story to make it more cohesive, albeit a little info-dumpy here and there. He is a powerful, ancient, undead Sourceror and a lone wolf. Him being an old expert of Source--the de facto discoverer, he is troubled by the disruptions in the Source and the Veil of late. Furthermore, he has sightings of Voidwoken, which also appear conscious. To him that is an utter mystery, since the Void should erase all consciousness. Thus he travels, under the guise of a mortal, to a gathering of Sourcerors organized by the Divine Order in search of some few who have understanding as arcane as his. This is where Act I begins. What he fails to foresee is that the Order is kidnapping Sourcerors to have their Source extracted and stored away. He also does not know that Dallis--his own daughter, is in charge, and that she has come to despise Source. It was her own father, after all, that opened up the door to the Veil and made so many power hungry but ordinary people go mad from abusing it. She believes that Source needs to be done with once and for all. So she is using an ancient artefact that is sucking and storing Source away, while weaponizing the Sourcerors with curses developed by Braccus to further her agenda. What she doesn't know is that the artefact is also thinning out the Veil between the realms as a side effect. What no body knows is that such a large concentration of Source as the one from the gathering of so many Sourcerors can serve as a map and a door for the Voidwoken. And so they manage to break the Veil for a moment, making a brief appearance in larger numbers. Dallis, in seeing the opportunity, is quick to spread the false rumour that the Voidwoken are demons drawn to Sourcerors and now begins to wage campaign against them, pursuing them in the open. The origin characters are on the run. Fane has come to understand that the Voidwoken act on behest of the King, an old friend of his from his past. Not only is his consciousness alive and well, he is actively seeking to return to the realm as a King from the Void and take his place back, which Fane once helped depose him of. Furthermore Fane learns of the dreaded Source Collars the Order is using to imprison Sourcerors. He wants no attention on his back, and so, again under the guise of a mortal, manipulates a feeble-minded, but gifted Sourceror healer--Wendigo, who has suffered greatly from the recent persecutions, to seek the King's influence. The King himself needs as many agents as he can get, but his grasp is still weak as the Veil is still not quite thinned out, thus he can't be very selective. Wendigo's supressed anger causes her to gain power quickly, and under Fane's shadowy machinations she lashes out, causing a lot of destruction in a way the King never intended and the Order cannot ignore. Dallis' attention becomes fixed on the now powerful Wendigo, seeing her as a strong future asset to the Order. Despite her volatility, the King never quite breaks the bond with Wendigo, because he knows that Dallis is in possession of all that stored Source, and that she will come for Wendigo. He must wait. Fane, now left in peace more or less, decides that he must repair the Veil. For that he will need all the Source he can get. His studies and experiments lead him to believe that there must be a large concentration of free Source and that the Order is connected with it somehow. He plots to have the origin characters captured by the Order together with Wendigo and disguise himself as a guard of the Order in order to infiltrate it. He is never quite sure he can trust anyone, because he has seen how Source makes people go hungry with power or mad. Although he himself is quite the wielder of it, he does not place the same confidence in pretty much anyone else. He comes to the conclusion he needs to do this on his own. Being the master of manipulation he has become through the long ages of his existence he sets a plan in motion and indeed manages to lead the origin characters and Wendigo into a trap set by the Order, thus, again taking all attention away from him, while he poses as a lowly guard on the ship bound to Fort Joy. What he doesn't know is that Dallis is on the same ship, together with her artefact. She is quick to go to Wendigo to have her Source sucked out. The King, upon seeing the opportunity, takes the risk and together with Wendigo causes a primal reaction to occur from within Wendigo, breaking her Source Collar and injuring almost everybody else on the ship in the process. He indeed manages to shatter the artefact and absorb a part from the source, but so do the origin characters, Dallis' puppet Sourcerors, Fane, Wendigo and the rest of the captured Sourcerors on board. Chaos ensues as everything breaks loose and Voidwoken come in. The ship constitutes the short Act II. Act III will be in Fort Joy, taking place after everything I've written up so far and pretty much everybody fighting for survival against everybody and the Voidwoken, but with the added gimmick of powerful Sourcerors. And Act IV will be the Nameless Isle, where the last repository of Source is located--the one intended by the Gods for the Divine. At this point, the Gods are starved for Source and have got a lot of skin in the game. They are trying to manipulate the origin characters to act on their behalf and this constitutes one of the endings which will represent return to the Status Quo before the Source incident. The now powerful origin characters may choose to fight the Gods, which, they may come to see as nothing more than a bunch of Source-hungry individuals. Astarte, mother of Source, reaches out to the origin characters, who, when defeating other Sourcerors gone powerful all of a sudden, become quite powerful themselves. Astarte begs the origin characters to purge all Source from the realm as she sees that it is put to an obnoxious use and that it is leading people to insanity, and in total contradiction to what she initially intended. That is another ending, representing balance and resonance with the Universe. Having understood what is going on, Fane needs all the Source he can get to repair the Veil and that is his path, so yet another ending here, representing scientific progress and mathematical thought. Although the origin characters may choose to fight and kill him, and have his Source for themselves. Wendigo is abandoned by the King, but has become very strong through all of this and just sort of unilaterally lashes out at pretty much everything. She can become an ally, and this is sort of kill all ending, representing anarchism and totalitarian individualistic freedom of the ego, avenged against those who seek to manipulate it. The King has also become stronger and the Voidwoken are ever more present. His goal is to return to the realm of his old existence, but as a King from the Void, which is yet another ending, representing return to tradition, albeit stubbornly enforced at times. He reaches out to the origin characters with promises of power, glory, structure, belonging, ect., but they may well choose to fight him. There is also Dallis, who is now in control of a powerful puppet Sourceror brigade, who believes in Lucian's world, but also thinks that there can only be peace through conflict first. She wants all the Source under lock and key but has progressively become more and more totalitarian and hyper militaristic. So yet another ending, representing the belief that there is a thing like too much knowledge and that people are sometimes best left in the dark. And finally--the screw all, origin characters become new Divines, stronger than the Gods and everybody else. They come to realize that all they've been taught about the Divines is nothing but a way to manipulate and turn them into instruments. They can well have all the Source for themselves and ascent to Godhood. Yet another ending, representing lack of trust in others and enforced control on fate by the individual. No Braccus/Vredeman, no Malady, no Seekers, no Kraken, no Arhu, no Meistr, no Black Ring, no Lord Kemm, no Paladins, no Tomb of Lucian, no Tarquin, no Arx, no Lucian.
  2. You know, part of the beauty is that can work. As well as many other compositions. Big part of the reason why PoE is a personal favourite of mine.
  3. ‚ÄčAmazing how many people connected with Baldur's Gate there are here. I've never played BG or BG2 because I wasn't a gamer back then. My family had a really bad view on it, plus we were quite poorish. I only began gaming as a personal pursuit about...10 or so years ago. Come to think of it, I haven't even played Planescape: Torment. But I do have it in my library--a personal Xmass gift to myself for 2017. In time...in time. I'm not trying to make anybody have doubts about the time they spend gaming. I find it rather interesting, though. It is a defining-(something) moment in our modern culture. Personally, I think too much out of the box for a...hmm...normal lifestyle, I suppose. Education, steady job, mortgage, family, kids, cars, holidays, corporate pursuit, ect. I am terrible at all of that. Still, I find a way and even make time to play. But in the same time I do not play because I want to escape reality...quite the opposite. I am most entrenched in a game when it is serious about it's world and lore and the situations have stakes to them. Indeed, it is a great failing of the modern gaming industry to make so much of that which does not exist so mundane, which seems to be the case as of late. Perhaps in a wiser society games will have a more clearly defined structure and status. I can't quite get my finger on it, but I daresay it is not all escapism.
  4. Naah, dude. I played only the Vanilla game which still got some improvements with the expansions. On a general note Pillars of Eternity has become my favourite RPG. I never cared to educate myself about what is good and what is not, but rather play on intuition and still PoE let me get through it without any significant road blocks. My first run was second highest difficulty and my second was PotD on Expert. I like how the game comes together and how the player can manipulate the resources. That said, the reason why I made this post was mainly about how the Vithracks' area of effect stun is just...well, stupidly designed. It affects your party way too much, and is far too easy to cheese, in which case they just stun lock and kill each other. I find it bizarre. But, oh well, that's just me. Hearing that PoE 2 actually takes that into consideration really improves the image of Obsidian in my book. It is save to say that I can't wait for it's release. Ya I agree that Psychic stun is retarded. Even a GRAZE is like 10 seconds lmao. The priest DOES have a Littany to Major Afflictions (pretty sure that is a vanilla ability) which makes a single character immune to stun/Prone etc If you make that a hardy character or one that can mass disable them that character will keep the pressure off of your party long enough. Also if you want to get really specific a Cipher with Psychic backlash will constantly stun them. If he/she has brutal Backlash they will eventually kill themselves attacking the Ciphers Will. That is a vanilla use as well. PS why no White March? I thought it was great and added a lot to the game and content that will be relevant in POE 2 ( I think lol) True...True. I can't recall the priest ability per se, but I do remember looking at the Grieving Mother and the backlash. Point taken. You are almost getting me sold on the White Marches there...almost. I think I will just wait for a bit before playing them, though. My last playthrough is too fresh :D.
  5. That simple question in the title. Ok, I will start with myself, so that there are no doubts to the nerdity(should be the way to spell) of my claim. In the past six months I've gone through Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines(again), Original Sin 2, Wasteland 2, Pillars of Eternity (twice), DOOM 2016, Witcher 2(unfinished/bored), Witcher 3(unfinished/bored), Dark Souls PTDE(unfinished/bored), Tides of Numenera(finished but disappointed), Original Sin Enhanced Edition, Darkwood(unfinished, died at day 30) and the cute Hollow Knight. Not to mention those Magic the Gathering events(figures where Hulk'O'Saurus comes from)... Pillars of Eternity has come out on top to be my favourite along with Bloodlines when it comes to video games. And I do not want to say that to make any of the developers overly proud and/or start some sort of in-club preferential back-patting. The last thing I'd want to see is a poor Deadfire because of something of the sorts. I can clearly see what my personal preferences in gaming have shaped to be with time and what makes me the happiest when playing. Resource manipulation freedom, player involvement and challenge, player influence on story and character interaction and coherent/consistent world building with lore are, without a doubt, the qualities I seek the most in a game. The reasons why my eyes glaze over the Witcher/DS but can still highly appreciate and enjoy Original Sin/DOOM without them being my favourites(in all honesty, Dark Souls occupies a rather strange place on my list, but by no means a favourite). But I also couldn't help but to ask myself what of all that gaming time?... And herein lies my personal catch...I can't do anything else but shrug. What of all that gaming time?... I dunno. I really don't have an answer to that. Probably earlier in my life I would have come with something but not these days. Not that I feel terrible because of it. I just haven't an answer at all. You wouldn't happen to know somebody who is looking for the odd game review here and there, would you?
  6. She needs a lot of micro-management. Never leave it to the A.I. I used her with Long Bow and armour penetrating shot. Never felt strapped for focus. Her skill that boosts her accuracy(Borrowed Instincts?) just makes her bananas, to be honest. I think she was part of my most stompy composition.
  7. Naah, dude. I played only the Vanilla game which still got some improvements with the expansions. On a general note Pillars of Eternity has become my favourite RPG. I never cared to educate myself about what is good and what is not, but rather play on intuition and still PoE let me get through it without any significant road blocks. My first run was second highest difficulty and my second was PotD on Expert. I like how the game comes together and how the player can manipulate the resources. That said, the reason why I made this post was mainly about how the Vithracks' area of effect stun is just...well, stupidly designed. It affects your party way too much, and is far too easy to cheese, in which case they just stun lock and kill each other. I find it bizarre. But, oh well, that's just me. Hearing that PoE 2 actually takes that into consideration really improves the image of Obsidian in my book. It is save to say that I can't wait for it's release.
  8. Alright...I will keep that in mind. Thanks. For me priest AoE always grazed when I tried it, so I kind of forgot about it. Just buff and heal, lol. To be honest, don't think I will be playing PoE in a while anyways, so I might just forget about it again. I saw the two White Marches for like 10 pounds each and I think it's a bit steep for it. The Vanilla game got improved with each expansion, which is a great kindness from Obsidian, but I think I am done with PoE until Deadfire comes around.
  9. Just finished my PoTD run and I never cared to educate myself about what the most powerful and useful builds are. I was always changing my builds and party compositions according to what was in front of me. I had one hireling, played the game without any of the Marches' expansions and did very well across the board. I'd even go as far as to say that by devoting yourself solemnly to one party, each member having only one build, you are diminishing your experience by a ton. On the topic of consumables...well, yes. In some fights you will want somebody to do something particular and consumables help with just that. You have the pause button for a reason.
  10. No, I didn't know any of that stuff, dude, apart from the Relentless Storm, but I don't use it all that often anyways. But to be honest I kind of don't care. I don't think the best of the game is in crunching the numbers. I find Durance to be quite balanced in terms of power but never imagined that priests could do serious AoE. I saw how enemy barbarians can one shot party members with Heart of Fury, while my own barbarian, who was also the Watcher, got nowhere near that. But it's ok for me, really...like I said, I always manage to find a way to beat the encounter with just what I have lying around. The Adra Dragon was a nice fight, for instance. Didn't need to cheese that one. I imagine when you want to do a solo potd run, you will need to be quite creative and sort of peaceful. A lot of respecs, too. But that's the good part.
  11. Cheers, dude. It is awesome to hear that Deadfire is taking that route. I am keeping myself away from the scene, because I want the full experience(how selfish of me). I already beat that bounty by sending in the tank. The baddies are stupid enough to chain stun and kill their own team, while the rest of mine were on ranged attack duty. I find it rather cheap, though. Say, every other encounter I had, there was a way to beat them fairly. I'll admit it does take prayers most of the time, but quite often only scroll of fear protection is enough.
  12. Hello, fellow PoE lovers, I am the kind of player that plays PoE on Path of the Damned, expert mode and loves it. My watcher was level 5 when he and Co. were fighting against the Ogres in the Endless Paths. He was level 7 when he was facing the fampyrs a few levels below and managed to reach the Adra Dragon by level 10 while all the rest were level 9. Without surprise the Adra Dragon just handed his ass promptly back to him, lol. No problems here. I say this because I've always found a method to every encounter I've come across and am willing to put in the work. The companions offer a lot of adaptability and different party compositions have very different strengths and weaknesses. I find the core companions to be quite adequate, and I only needed to recruit one hireling--an aumaua rogue using three arquebuses, an axe and a dagger, and I don't even use her all the time, too(her name is Umayaremayami, if you're curious--a Rautai raider). However, I have reached a bit of a puzzle to me. I still haven't done a lot of tries on it, but it does look quite nasty. I will definitely need to put more thought into it. I am talking about the bounty for Sserkal, the Vithrackian Exarch. From the get go, I can see that there is a way to cheese the AI(I just need to do the work to find exactly how), but I don't want to do it. That, however, makes me think that to win this fight fairly you basically need the vithracks not to use their psychic blasts. I can see how a character with a 130 + will is getting stunned for 10 seconds!!!! What the actual ****?!!! It's not easy to go above that number, and you need it across the whole party, while they just have an easy area of effect instant stun skill/spell. They also have no problem paralyzing party members with 100 + fortitude on grazes, but there is a prayer against that, so it's not too bad. To be honest, if the psychic blast wasn't that terribly designed, the thing would be quite doable and enjoyable, too. Thing is, this skill is so broken that I suspect you actually need to cheese the A.I. now. I think charge in with a suicider and pick them with range, while they are stunning themselves(stupid). I find that a bit poor, though. There are a few other bits and bobs I think are a bit broken on PoD. If you're curious, I think the accuracy boost for mob spells(especially Adragans) is way too large, and opposing druids become way too powerful(just sort of universally good without weaknesses, other than poor A.I, which just chooses the bad spells to use), but I digress now. Do you think(I know it's not going to happen) that PoD needs a bit of a number rebalance? What about a system(for the future) that reduces not only the chance to get afflicted with a particular status, but also reduces the longevity based on how invested you are in a particular defence--the more you have, the shorter the duration. Even though it's not hit and miss with PoE(50/50%), I'd really love to see a system where you're rewarded more for investing in stats. What are your thoughts on that?
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