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  1. Heya Warrior, and welcome to the community. There's some bugs that I'd expect to be in the finished version of KOTOR2 that were in the finished version of KOTOR1. Like the "transit to another area and have the game crash" bug.Or the "freeze halfway through loading bug" which can be fixed with an uninstall/reinstall. Have fun writing that review.
  2. Gah. Stop being smarter than I am! It's always irking when a person says "I scored 128 on my IQ test. . .What did you score?" because I've taken a lot of IQ tests and every one of them has been different. Some have been easy, some really horrible to do. IQ isn't a horribly good way to measure a person's smarts because: 1. Margin of error. 2. People can be considered smart in different ways. 3. Factors such as time, level of exhaustedness, if you've eaten or not. . . Still, it's kinda amusing. Until someone comes up behind you and says "Guessssssss what! I scored X on my last IQ test! You only scored, oh, Y! Neener-neener-neener!" Bleh. Thank god they don't give the official tests freely all the time. At least internet tests are different. More interesting.
  3. D'oh. A startling 110. . .right between normal and high, at least. >.< It's funny because on the one that I usually had to take (for getting into special classes and such) I'd score a 130-140. Arrgh. I hate patterns. On that note, it's shockingly easy to get into MENSA, but it's basically a club for those who were rejected in highschool.
  4. you mean the same guy who sidestepped every single question about whether the bugs and glitches in the xbox version were fixed for the pc version? " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yup. Blind faith is the most important trait in all gamers. So is ignorance. And the ability to speak l33tspeak. Of course, it's always the intelligent, witty, and agile gamers who dominate all other gamers. . .That's right folk: bow to the female gamers!
  5. You're not doing anything to help Battlestar Galatica there <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Not my fault if I liked DS9! The ending got really horrible though. As in "The first few seasons were awesome and then along came the people who worked on VOY and it fell to pieces and now everyone hates it". I met this little annoying child once who was infatuated with that show. Kinda made me stop liking it so much. But hey, everyone loved Dax. The first Dax. Not that horrible sucky whiny chick they put on after her. Battlestar Galactica is much better than DS9. More serious, darker, and interesting plot twists. That is, if you're not living with a man who can smell what a writer is going to do next, and then declares it outloud. SG-1 isn't too good anymore, but I must admit I do like the last episode (with Claudia Black from Farscape goodness! Mmm.)
  6. Part of me doubts that they'll say that it goes gold (unless they worry that everyone on this forums is, ah, crazy) because the game itself already went gold; it's just the Xbox version. Let's all trust the man who told us we'd have simultanious release now, hmm?
  7. Battlestar G is arguably one of the best Scifi series since Farscape or old SG-1. You may like Star Trek: DS9, too. That was a pretty great show.
  8. I remember reading about how groups were "okay" with game violence because the graphics were so bad in the 1990's. Now they're complaining because you get to see the look of terror in a man's eyes as you beat the living daylights out of them in a game. . .And then do the same thing in life because in the game there were no repercussions. All because of blocky graphics. Edit: I used to play a certain play by post RPG on the internet. There was a way to say "hello" in the game that everyone used. People had no idea what I said when I picked up the phone anymore. :D
  9. What did you expect. Didn't Lucas have a co-writer for his best star wars film (esb) or am I just blinded by influenza? Also his wife was editing his stuff back then, so it was better by leaps and bounds. Return of the Jedi should've been called Revenge of the Jedi. People without emotion are just not "human". This is why Star Trek's theme of "becoming human" is better than star wars' theme of, ummmmm, MAGICK JEDI DUDES. Sorry. I still blame influenza.
  10. Yes, you can skip the tomb. I used the wererat skull a lot. . .I never found any skulls in my own tomb. Just notes. And that awesome, awesome spell.
  11. Do not start with Torment. That was the 4th RPG that I played, and I wasn't able to fully appriciate it until I had fully examined the endings and journeys of the previous RPGs. Here's what I suggest: Fallout->Fallout2->Baldur's Gate->Baldur's Gate2->Neverwinter Nights(NOT THE OC...I suggest SOU and then HOTU. Then try the OC online with some buddies. But all by yourself, it doesn't feel worth playing. But that's my opinion.)->PS:T->The previous games, except for BG2 and NWN->KOTOR2
  12. Unfortunetly, you have to speak a language that isn't spanish to get into Canada. Because Chicago has a growing community that speaks spanish, I figured I might as well learn it because I'd get a job quicker. I figure now that I may want to finish up basic spanish then move to basic french. sigh.
  13. Good lord. My Sony Vaio can handle KOTOR, and I trust it'll be able to handle KOTOR2. Good lord.
  14. That's a really awesome drawing. You get a gold star for the day!
  15. I dont. All hail Kotoria I vote meself Overlord. step away from the decent people. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> All hail Discordia! Fnord! Personally, I'd be a Disciple of Kotor. I don't eat, breathe, and sleep KOTOR like you wierdos do. Kidding, kidding.
  16. Hush, Darque. All evil plans must be executed with secrecy.
  17. Bioboards (inactive) , Lurker at Holowan/starwarsknights.com, ObsidianEnt.com forums (well, yeah) , lurkin' at feminist forums, and lurkin' at Salon.com from time to time. Really, I don't like forums much. They're full of people using IMish too much, and people who like to complain about things. And people who use boards as blogs, not ways to talk.
  18. I really liked the first KOTOR2 wallpaper that came out (Atris vs. Darth Nihilus). Unfortunetly, I can't find it anymore. It doesn't appear to be supported by lucasarts. Anyone know where or how to find a copy of said wallpaper?
  19. Well, that was an overall spoiling experience. I stopped reading after about the first paragraph, and already the game feels spoiled.
  20. Hmm. I tried logging on during last weekend (the beta test) and got no luck. Still, I'm mildly interested in the game.
  21. Very cool, but. . . "You strap your Fists to your back and head out for some adventure."
  22. Likes: 1. Gaming 2. Feminists 3. Writing 4. Having good discussions 5. Having good political discussions where I win. 6. Funny hats. Dislikes: 1. Men. 2. Women. 3. Children. 4. Hades. 5. Religion. (Religion history is okay.) I fit 3-5 on your list, Langky.
  23. GoA left for a bit because he didn't want any spoilers for Kotor2 or somesuch.
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