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  1. There's one very large, very angry mistake KOTOR one made that even a person who has never read the KOTOR comics would get. Why, why, why, why, why can you take Bastie out on Taris if she's all like "Oh, the Sith will see me oh no, oh no, oh no!" Seriously, man. That's a huge plot hole. With a capital "P".
  2. I abhored Torment's ending. It gave me no closure whatsoever. And that is not sarcasm. Took me awhile to appreciate the story, not the ending.
  3. The opening crawls posted here are just ideas being tossed around. They're not the true crawls. The one a few above is funny as hell, though. My jedi ran around nekkid for about 1/2 of the game. With Atton and Disciple following her in their underwear as well.
  4. Onderon Museum. I think it has to be the end of the game, however. ...Or you could use KSE to get it. Editing your inventory to get a color crystal never hurt no-one.
  5. I think you have to play through helping Czerka to see them. I could be wrong, though.
  6. Dan's Crazy Awesome News Place for Patches and Stuffs :">
  7. KOTOR2 is a much easier replay for me because I always seem to do it differently - the first time through I never even got to talk to Atris about my lightsaber. And once, I *almost* convinced her to give it back. It wasn't enough though, because I kept disagreeing with her and pushing my point. I feel like in some ways it was worth more than $50, even if the ending leaves much to be desired in certain aspects.
  8. hehe .. yeah I was really getting beaten as her too! but luckily I had some good shields and alot of Medpacs.. and then it felt almost ridiculously easy when I was the Exile again .. I felt like Sir Lancelot in 'Monty Pythons Quest for The Holy Grail', where he kills all those wedding guests! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's how I felt, too! (w00t) I thought that after playing through the same part with Mira, Hanharr's part was a breeze because he can reduce damage through wookie rage. Maybe being darkside isn't so bad, but I'm still an avid fan of the light.
  9. We will never see any extra stuff other than bug fixes because of the fact that Xboxers will never get the same.
  10. Mira does not join if you are DarkSide - you get Hanharr if you are.
  11. You can't change a person's personality in a matter of weaks. The changes are subtle, but they are there.
  12. ...He is, after all, just a man. Like all of us. Except for we women! Hahaha.
  13. Well, if we like it or not, KOTOR3 will have to bring a suitible ending to the KOTOR series. The series has, mercifully, been about self-sacrifice, redemption, and coming to terms with ones' self, so it would make sense if we watched our Protagonists - Revan and Exile - fall in one final glorious battle in order to bring stability back to the galaxy. KOTOR3 will probably, if it is made (and if the devs think anything along the same lines as I do which is seriously doubtable), introduce a student of the Exile's from either the Traya academy or from the restored Dantooine academy. Of course we'll see the dreaded force bond again, probably to another female character. There will also be some superweapon. You'll also be the last Jedi left in the galaxy because everyone else went off to follow Revan to save the galaxy - except you, because you're too young. Then again, we could simply wait and see rather than predicting the future. Last time I checked none of us have the precognition force power.
  14. I assumed he's so easy to beat because he can't suck you dry, it just empties him and weakens him. "And now, vile Sith Lord, I will tickle you with my dreaded. . .force lightning! Feel the power of the lightside!" ((4)) "Uhoh. . ." Then again, I suppose it makes sense because he was cut from parts of the game (Peragus, anyone?) but he wasn't really the coverboy of K2. He was just someone nifty, like Atris, to show off. We all thought that she'd be the paragon of light and virtue and it turns out that she was just a goody-goody bully who wants to execute people after complaining about them going to war. Freak.
  15. I think the Mandalorian women just dress like the guys. If you play female, at some point in the Peragus mining facility they'll say "Or worse, she's a Mandalorian". I don't think there's much of a difference between humans and the Mandalorians other than philosophy. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  16. You have to make the speed .30 after reversing it - speed is the key here. Or so we're told.
  17. If I came off as a bit rude, I hope you'll forgivve me. I was just expressing anger at the fact that some people don't seem to think about games and just go through expecting everything to be handed to them. There was, at least I thought, no better way to put it. The Remote fell through the floor, eh? That's interesting, it always look like it blew apart and the top slided to the floor. Maybe the glith is the same as the one that keeps the bowcaster sliding into exile's legs. <_< On a side note, I find KOTOR2 much easier and fun to play simply because that unlike KOTOR1 you can't get the story all from one playthrough. So sue me, I'm one of the people who likes the sequel better. Meh. Matter of choice, I suppose - though I do want to know where Mira went. Bah. Silly devs showing Mira going into Trayus. That was really the only major plot hole I found, though maybe an end cutscene -would- have been nice. But maybe that would have simply ripped away from the emptiness and darker-ness the game reflected. Who the heck knows; certainly not I.
  18. You have to play through twice to get everything. At least, I understood alright the first time, but better the second time. I'll also have to play a man at some point. *shudder*
  19. For me, that would make any game perfect. A Jedi-Knight ceremony or a Sith-Knight ceremony. It'd also be a great ending to the KOTOR series. Of course, it'd have to be an interactive ending. No scripted endings for us. (Or maybe it would be the start of the game - you get knighted and sent on a quest. How medieval)
  20. Most of the stuff in the game is explained, save a few things. You just have to think things through and realize the connection to stuffs. They aren't going to baby you like they did in K1 and say "You're Revan!" or say "Hey, you can make really powerful force bonds, and you've been taking advantage of your friends all this time and you never really got the force back at all, you're just drawing power from those around you - just like Nihilis! Oh, and he's a part of you, too. And Kreia isn't really evil, she's just trying to train the greatest and wisest Jedi! There's nothing in the exile but death - that explains the leveling up, isn't that funny? Oh, and the theme of the story isn't just the master apprentice stuff, it is betrayal and coming to terms with your past, too!" Seriously, man, just thinking about it and remembering all that happens helps you understand the game a lot better.
  21. I kept expecting Kreia to say "bombadore!" or whatever Ravel Puzzlewell says. Ah, PS:T. How we love you.
  22. G0-T0 breaks Remote, reprograms Remote, and then puts it back together - Bao-Dur would have fixed Remote if he'd known so that .
  23. I remember on my first playthrough as a female Lightside Consular/Jedi Master, Kreia says that she loved my character, would have done anything to perserve her (including destroy the galaxy, which made me quirk my eyebrow because she 'loathes the force' - there is no life without the force, Bastie says at once point in K1. . .Kreia is intent on preserving life but will destroy it for you. Now that's love. I loved how people would run up to my darksider and go "Is there a plague going around?" That made me laugh when the game felt dark and dreary. On Kreia - she's probably the strangest person in a game I've seen. She's not good, not evil. She adopts what role needs to be adopted for the good of all. She respects the choice the man character makes, even if she is manipulating you to make her way go. But she's manipulating you to make you stronger. Gaah, evil confusing old woman! As much as I grew to hate Kreia, I did realize she had a point. It's the struggles in life that gives life flavor, helps us overcome what needs to be overcomed. KOTOR2 isn't just about the Master/Apprentice relationship like we were told it would be about. The story runs much deeper than that. On a final note, I still abhor Kreia. Evil, evil, evil manipulative witch.
  24. Force Crush you get at a certain point. You'll get it though, don't worry (if you're Sith, Lightsiders get Force Enlightenment.) about it. Oh, sometimes it does like 89 damage - it's 1d10 per level. I had my Sith Marauder (level 36) using it and tops it did 300+ damage. But seriously, wait for it and it'll come. If you seriously cannot wait and have the PC version, I'm sure someone will be happy to tell you a quick way of getting it.
  25. While everyone loves Revan (because they think they made the personality, but oh look old revan is showing up...) and some of us love Exile, it'd be pretty hard to work them into K3. The way I see it is that they'd have to be Party Members or just NPCs - which is far more likely considering that they're both skilled tacticians. I see Revan planning the war itself and exile leading the charges. Besides, Revan was like the most powerful Jedi. And Exile could get pretty strong when so unless you can think up a way to bring them both to level 1 without memory wipe or leaving the order, it'd be really hard to do it.
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