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  1. LucasArts always handles Voice Acting, I think. It's part of the basic control a company has when commisioning a game. As for Revan's face, they'll either have a mask or pick the face that everyone seemed to use for male/female, possibly by seeing what the staff themselves did or reading the boards. (They never do that, until they tap you on the back and yell boo.)
  2. I thought the nameless one became my character through dialogue choices and choosing what I wanted him to become, what I wanted to advance, etc. I guess I was wrong. My guess is that the tutorial will most likely be "piece together what happened to Revan" and considering we already know Revan will appear (unless they've changed it) somewhere in the story, we'll know by then. Maybe there'll be data files we have to hack, see Revan's data files, etc. Besides, who's going to forget about the Hero/Destroyer of the Republic in 5 years? I'm sure some NPCs will at least mention Revan and/or join you in speculation. Remember - the mystery and character development of a game is only half the fun. The other 50% is trying to get the game to run...without stopping on loading times when you install it on something other than your C hard drive.
  3. Don't worry, it's not Carth. It's the pretty-boy soldier, Atton Rand... At least, that's what his name was last time I read it. <_< The Ebon Hawk will be in a baaad shape at the start of the game, mysteriously dumped by Revan on the mining asteroid of Peragus. Most likely you'll have to go through a horde of enemies to get to it, find a key to unlock the doors, and then finally fix it.
  4. I hated my soldier/consular's clothes. They were so ugly. So unclean. Oh, how I wanted to steal Bastila's clothes and strut up and down Dantooine in them... You're all right, though. Our characters should be able to get fat, grow an inch or two, be a midget, change clothes. . .I always thought it was silly how Malak was a few feet taller than me. If I was Revan, I wouldn't go around with that giant of a Jedi as my Sith Apprentice. <_< Maybe we'll get something like a face editor like there is for The Sims. Though a system like Uru's would be better, I think.
  5. Lovely graphics. Obsidian looks like it's doing a good job with the overall look of it, (so I'll drop money on it anyday and pray for a good storyline. But then again these are then men who brought us fallout. and such lovely games. So let's cover them with clue and drop money on them!) Lovely, lovely graphics... I want some of those fancy heads and force powers all for myself. Keep up the good graphics work, Obsidian!
  6. Interesting...If your apprentice was dependant on all that stuffs, and if you had a happy nice amount of dialog...conversational, mind you...You could make a game next to infinetly replayable with those options. We'll just have to see if they're annoying or what.
  7. Mines were fun to disarm and steal. And then go around in circles dropping them. Heh. As for the acrobatics, it'll most likely be similar to how when you'd dual wield you'd flip around and whack your enemy with your back to them. Unlikely to happen in a real swordmatch (fencing, yum) but still pleasing to see graphically. Also, don't keep your hopes too high. Some *cough* information people have read has been wrong.
  8. For KOTOR2, testing will be handled by LucasArts.
  9. Rather than seeing any expansion packs anytime soon, I'd rather see more replayability. For example, as it has been stated, the game will make changes to suit our dialogue. If there's a good deal of options and they all change some element of how it plays to you. . .Add in the different combinations of priestage classes. . .Hopefully a darkside/lightside/shadowsider choice at the end. . .And you could have a good replayable game. (Good mind you, supposing you're entertaining the idea of buying the game and enjoying it, or buying it and using cheat codes/save game editors to ferret out the parts you dislike. For the sake of some, let's hope that they prepack a savegame editor, hmm? )
  10. That reminds me of an episode of Ab Fab. . ."Why don't we ever see pygmies? Pygmy stores. . .Pygmies walking down the street." I hope they keep the old faces, or at least some of them. I was rather fond of my blue eyed, blue/black haired chick. Never played a guy, but I hear their faces were rather bad. Did it ever strike anyone else as odd that the main character only had two emotions? Confused/thinking and listening/talking? I always wanted to see sinister looks for the darkside and maybe a slightly more arrogant, chin held high, look of pride for the light side.
  11. While KOTOR had ups and downs, I'm sure everyone would like to see more additions and such. Additions is what makes a game fun, unique, and ehh, fun. I'd like the option to move the interphase bars, or hide them. This isn't a very big problem, but it was irking when I wanted to see a certain thing from a certain angle, and was confronted with my/Bastila/Carth's ugly face. I'd also like to be able to have a combat camera setting, and when I sight an enemy/mine, it switches to that setting on defualt (remembers my setting). So I would be able to view all my enemies, my path, etc. I want a bit more tactical planning. The fact that you could use default attack/critical strike all the way was distressing. I'd like to define a background for my character. What they do now at the start of the game, what they had growing up, where they were born. . .Or maybe a trait that makes them unique, like how Atton Rand can't be knocked out. I'd like the ability to choose the clothes I wear when I have "clothing" equipped. I found myself wanting to steal Bastilia's clothes frequently. It was, needless to say, distressing. In the way of PC downloadable content, how about coming out with some new faces every now and then? The female faces were none too attractive. Final note: More quests that don't involve killing things! While killing things is all well and good, it can get repetitive. (Unless it's a good Carth killin') I'd like to see puzzles in dialog (think back to the who's telling the lie dantooine quest, please.), more options to be sympathetic or nasty, and multiple ways to do things. That's all I can think of as of right now. Comments, anyone?
  12. Nods to Ender. (btw. . .nice name. Ender's Game. . .Speaker for the dead. Good books.) It looks like she uses botox a lot. Nor is she easy on the eyes, but painful to look at. I hope they scale down the lips some, or at least make her head bigger and buff her up so she wouldn't be small bodied big headed.
  13. Hmm. While it's true that the antics of the sith/villans was annoying and childish in KOTOR one, it still seems "unrealistic" (realism doesn't matter, it's just a game...) to have masterminds at every corner. Most of the people in the world that could be compared to villans in SW are thugs. Maybe because of the lack of brainpower. Most people in the world aren't overly smart, and are in it for there own "well-being". Not the stealing candy from babies level of KOTOR, but the stealing money from little old ladies level. It's just the way most people that are nasty are. I, personally, would find it interesting to see the line between dark side and light side played on. What if you did something bad to further the greater good? What if you did a good thing so you could earn more? How about viewpoints? You see yourself as a hero, Joe over there sees you as a villian? But anyway. . .A Sith Commie would be interesting to see. Who cares about realism, anyway?
  14. Let's have the box quiz you if you're male or female. If you're male, you get the Atris Action Doll! in your box. If you're lightside, she comes with a little frilly outfit. Darkside, she comes with a cat of nine tails. And if you're female, you get Atton Rand in a pink tutu. . .No matter what!
  15. That'd be nice, however I doubt they'll do it. Maybe they could release something that'd let you play with your character's clothes/colours out of the game instead? That might be a bit too much to ask for still, however.
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