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  1. If this is true it looks like K3 is going to be made up of what was cut from TSL.
  2. As far as I know, a lot of stuff was cut - getting your saber back and speeders - I assume that this was to make way for things the fans requested. My guess is that Obs was so busy trying to get it what we wanted that they didn't quite finish everything totally. Just a guess though. Something I observed and remembered, actually. Hasn't been said by any Obs. person, but a lot of what we asked for was in the game. And it suffered for it. Stop giving us what we ask for.
  3. My first time through doing very little sidequests I got to level 32 as a Consular/Jedi Master.
  4. It's almost certain that she was lying and just projecting the pain on you; the masters knew nothing of such an extreme bond. Of course, maybe you just severed her. . .or yourself. . .or maybe she severed herself? from the force.
  5. but she has all the best lines in the game. for that reason alone she is worth keeping 'round as long as possible. Definately. Not only were the lines she spoke amazing, but the *way* she said it was brilliant. Kudos to the voice actress. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hehe, yeah, she was actually one of the best characters. I rushed through my first time through the game just so I could understand why everyone hated the ending (and yet, I understood the ending perfectly... ) and would be able to perhaps post a review like all people are doing. I like Kreia, even if she is a little quirky. She loved my female PC (I refuse to play men! Grr!) just like it turned out Visas, Atton, Sion, Disciple, Atris (!), and some others liked my female PC. Needless to say, I was a little disturbed at all the love my glowing-with-good heroine recieved.
  6. There was a very very basic form of the computer in the 1800s with punch cards I believe. I also think it wasn't developed in America, but I'm not sure. Oh look I'm a traitor for saying Americans aren't the best in everything.
  7. Knights of the old republic suggests the main character(s) must be a Jedi or a Sith. However, your idea is. . .interesting. It certainly has its own place.
  8. I've had crashing from the same kind of situation I had in K1 - even in the already patched versions. It is understandable to me if they were fixing what they took to be worse bugs rather than working on bugs people already knew about that would take a simple reload to fix. Still, I'd like to see a patch. The worst bug I get is the game slowing down whenever there's mist. The lightsaber sometime remaining active is pretty disturbing, too. (who wants to see yourself(an avatar that resembles you makes this all the more freaky) stand up, but as she's getting up place her lightsaber blade through her hands - or even her neck? It's just plain scary.
  9. Is it even fair to compare the two? KOTOR came out first, was made by a better known developer, and forced the gaming industry to re-evaluate RPGs. It's not fair to state that one is superior over the other.
  10. She's an old hag. A horrible, evil, manipulative, whiny witch of a woman.
  11. I would assume that this was all cut because of the fact that you can't have handy and disciple-y in your party at the same time, and probably as well as animation.
  12. Light side exile can state that she regrets what she did and wouldn't do it again/or would do it again to end the war. TSL is, in my eyes, a statement about how one good act can have a bad outcome and vice-versa. Of course, it is your choice on what to view it as.
  13. If you pay attention throughout the game, it's not really too hard to figure the whole thing out. It's played out like a movie - you see the fact that Kreia is leading you up to a big point all throughout the game. Kreia isn't really good or bad, light or dark. On my darkside playthrough (my current one, bwahahahahaha) I discovered that if I went around going GRRR I CRUSH YOU FILTHY I get darkside points but loose influence with Kreia. To fully get the most out of TSL, you have to have influence and pay attention. It's quite simple, really. The game isn't as good/evil as KOTOR1 was. There's more of a blur between the two. I liked all of the sith lords. Why? They each had a single element. There was no grand revelation, no surprise. There was merely a war, a woman, and an outcast. A story about how your cause may be just but have a bad outcome. A story of friends. About making oneself whole once more and coming to terms with yourself. <insert request for thread to be moved to storyline or spoilers with tag in topic for those who haven't played yet>
  14. This has never happened to me on the hawk, but on Dxun. ...Irritated because I can't hear Mandy speak.
  15. The biggest bugs I've gotten so far (I'm doing my "last" planet, Onderon/Dxun now) is the fact that dialog likes to skip. I've had to go to the messages screen many a time to read it. I also had one crash near the start of the game. Plus when using a Cyan lightsaber, it wouldn't shut off. (which is okay, but creepy when you see it going through your PC's hands) Plus I've been unable to tell Overall, though, it's a great game. It's been making me think about things I wouldn't usually think about or would shy away from thinking about. Like if you had a chance to do something all over again, which was for the greater good but would hurt a lot of people, would you? That question is very haunting throughout the game. I never seem to have the right people in my party to gain influence. That's very annoying.
  16. I just Might just be me noticing quirky stuff, though.
  17. I had this problem with K1. Either: A. Uninstall and Reinstall onto main hard drive (C for me) B. Click madly during loading times. I kid you not, this is what I did my first 5 games.
  18. Just shipped today from Amazon. :D (I'm wondering if when you pre-order through them they pre-order through LA, because they must get it fast or something like that.) I'm expecting it on either Friday, Saturday, or Monday. Though it could be as late as this time next week, I guess. My fingers are crossed for Saturday.
  19. Ironic. My copy should be coming on my sister's birthday.
  20. ISFP - The "Composer Artisan"/"Crusader" I've taken a better test than this somewhere, surely. Famous ISFPs: Marie Antoinette Auguste Rodin, sculptor U.S. Presidents Ulysses S. Grant Millard Fillmore, "The American Louis Philippe" Warren G. Harding Fred Astaire, dancer Marilyn Monroe, actor Liberace, pianist Elizabeth Taylor, actor Yogi Berra, professional baseball player ("It's deja vu all over again.") Dan Rather, news anchor Orrin Hatch, U.S. Senator Ervin "Magic" Johnson, NBA basketball star Patrick Duffey, actor Dan Quayle, U.S. Vice President, 1988-1992 Paul McCartney, Beatle Christopher Reeve, actor Michael Jackson, performer Kevin Costner, actor Greg Louganis, U.S. Olympic gold medalist--diving Brooke Shields, actor John Travolta, actor, dancer Ashton Kutcher, actor
  21. Amazon.com order hasn't shipped yet. It said it'd ship yesterday. It didn't. Supposed to get it from 10-15 though.
  22. There you go. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Eh, forgot about that one.
  23. i already told you it doesnt affect you. theres an age restriction that wont allow you to play the game until youre older anyways. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Um. If there was a smiley that let me raise an eyebrow, it'd be in the place of this text.
  24. 3600 seconds in an hour. 24 hours in a day. 216 hours in nine days. 777600 seconds in nine days. And every second is going to be a living hell. <_< Edit: And because I took Amazon's super shipping stuff I get to wait an extra week or two. Fortunetly, Americans get it on the 8th.
  25. Yeah, at a point I had about 5 "H" in a row lined up. Maybe you were just lucky, eh?
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