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  1. I've got a top hat. It's got a little winged kitten sitting on it. It'd really like to eat you all. Just be aware that we'll have bugs. Hopefully, we'll have patches. For the PC, at least.
  2. Hmm, I always thought that it just showed none of the dev posts if it was on page two or up. <_<
  3. My first post was a rant about kotor2, cheese, lurking and rabbits in top hats. (Actually, it was some kind of rant about kotor2 and what people were saying, but the former is much more interesting.) I came back a bit before it was kotor2, but started posting back in june if I recall correctly.
  4. Master of Orion One was by far the best. Half-Life one I found boring. Doom 3 was a big letdown. (It's dark. Monsters come. Pick up health. More monsters come.) NWN was also a, ah, horrible thing when it first came out. The only way that I'll play the OC is with other people. Who like to laugh at the game, too. Warcraft 3 was another horrible addition. It was too easy and it had horrible voice acting. Starcraft was far superior, in my opinion. (I think Starcraft is also played more on the 'net, has a bigger fanbase. . .Warcraft has just been around longer.) They really should've kept the Orcs and Humans theme of WC2 instead of bringing in those ridiculous heros. If you didn't have a hero, ha-ha-ha, you couldn't build an army. My question is: Are games nowadays good for the multiplayer, or good for the singleplayer? (Good as in reviewer says "GO BUY GAME NOW, ARGH".)
  5. Well, I think it started today. We should all try to get together. I guess. Man, it's been a while from my last MMORPG. Nervousness = ick.
  6. I know the Xboxers will hate me forever for even dreaming of suggesting this, but can we see BAB tweaked? Have monsters base-attack raised? In short, things to do to make the game a bit more challenging?
  7. If he's making the prequels just to fail, I'd laugh so hard. Actually, that's a pretty possible possibility.
  8. I suggest Mudding, too. Everyone I know does it. Personally, I'd suggest SMAUG codebase, but there's nothing wrong with Merentha. It just takes a bit of getting used to. The Mud Connector is very useful, too. Just search it according to what genres you like.
  9. Unless the ending is interactive, and even then, it's all about the journey. An ending is so short and so small.
  10. I'd rather spend $50 for a game that I can spend playing for a few years than $50 and then $12 each month to play. That's why singleplayer games are awesome.
  11. Hmm, I read that content was added as you play. . .Just certain areas/things aren't offered. We'll see on Friday. Until then, it's mudding and writing for me.
  12. Umm, go for "hop on pop" (some good quality reading), star.
  13. You forgot "American Gods" which is the best, er, only, Gaiman book I've read other than the Sandman comics.
  14. Depends. I usually don't drink either because of their crazy calories, but when I do I drink Diet Pepsi. If I'm at an RPG game or a con, though, it's V-Coke.
  15. Don't worry, you've changed. . .Nobody here would beat you up. Besides, you can pose to be anyone from the forums. Kidding. Kidding.
  16. Well, I hope at least good old Hades plans to join us for a little rompin'. Otherwise all this scheme will bring me is ruins.
  17. Hah, maybe so, but I've always been fond of classic adventure. Heinlein was originally a writer for the youth, and who's saying that liking youth books is "bad"? Just look at the general populace. Youth adventure books following the classic adventure myth (as seen in ANH) is very well loved. Alas, my copy of "The Cat Who Walked Through Walls" is missing. Is, by your meaning, the Amber books for kids? What defines a youth book - A book without sex, drugs, swearing, and rock and roll? To some people, but not to me. In my opinion, Brittany Spears produces junk. And to me the HP books are getting worse because of the movies. JK said once that she was trying to get kids to read - and why read when you can watch a horrible movie?
  18. Mike Gallo doesn't work for Obsidian, sillies. Mike Gallo is/was in chrage of the LA branch of the project. Also the developers don't say when the game will be released, that's the job of the publisher. A publisher says "Game's ready to go now!" and ships it out the door. The developer just makes the game and polishes it to the breaking point. You know what I hate? People who think they're so-cool-and-oh-so-smart so they can go around cussing everything out. Sorry, it just lowers your credibility and makes you look moronic. Personal bias = okay. Keeping your own personal bias to yourself (in your case, your bias to bioware) = Priceless. Now, back to the real topic. I'd like to see Revan and Exile maybe show up in the game. Both characters have had their good, long run. It's really time for something new.
  19. In that case, I guess I'll try it. But I get to beat on Hades first, mmkay?
  20. Back in the time of DOOM One, the graphics in computer games were so bad that parents said, "Alright, we'll let our kids play these games because these things don't really look human." I bet they're regretting that now, because even back then those games would "provoke" people. When I play HL2, I need someone to sit next to me because I'm so disgusted by the sight of blood - especially on headcrab zombies. Those things are nightmareish. There are somethings in gaming that shouldn't happen. My allies shouldn't look human but should resemble human (for a kid's game) like maybe some kind of Super Armor thing (Master Chief or Fallout Paladins!) and I should be able to set the amount of blood. I don't want to be able to beat a corpse and have more blood come out if I was a kid. Gah. I'm just blabbling. Only take into account that first paragraph; I'm working on no sleep and no food.
  21. I remember when they had a warning in. . .Baldur's Gate? BG 2? Ah, it doesn't really matter. Anyways, it said "While your character doesn't need to eat and drink. . .you do! Please take care of yourself! or something like that. I've been known to play a computer game for about 12 hours, walk over to a flat surface and be asleep before I hit it.
  22. Yeah, I won't do it unless there's someone I know that's doing it. I've made the mistake of playing with people in general on online games. I would, for example, trust you all. Vaguely.
  23. Age of Mythology is good fun. As is KOTOR One, if you don't have it. After that I highly suggest the NOLF series - if you don't mind playing a girl. After that I'd suggest the first Deus Ex, and if you don't mind text adventure games try Zork (for wacky fantasy), The Enchanter Series (For serious fantasy), Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Heads or Tales of It (for the sheer hell of it!), or my personal favorite, Bureaucracy. MUDs (Multi-User-Dungeons) are also good if you don't mind text-based-games that were the first MMORPGs - but without the paying part for most of them. Goodluck finding a game. Edit: Is it just me or did you not list Fallout? If you want a good, nay, fantabulous RPG - go out and buy it.
  24. Wow. Shameless Hades fanboy. :ph34r: Personally, I think that Obsidian did the best job they could. They tried. I've grown to find Bioware games predictable and unfun. (I can't get past the first chapter of HOTU. I mean, I can, but I don't see a reason to.) Whatever happened to the good old days where RPGs were known as "interactive fiction", written by writers (Douglas Adams wrote two interactive fiction games! Douglas Adams = Writer.), and you started next to a little white house? Where are the grues, the Great Underground Empire, and sailors? What happened? People are becoming unoriginal with games, movies, and books. People aren't willing to thing up things new. We've got D&D take offs, Pern take offs, and Star Wars take offs. Nobody really writes an original movie anymore - War of the Worlds, anyone? And the games are turning into just carbon copies of the movie where you get to move a little character all around the screen hacking a sword. Look. Instant classic. Anyways. I voted for NWN2. Yeah.
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