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  1. Hmm, dunno what to think about this, but it SOUNDS promising. Then, again, so do a lot of things nowadays... <_<
  2. Hmm, now that some people have played TSL, I wonder if they still feel that the romances are as good as they throught they'd be, judging from what was said in the beginning of this thread?
  3. Serious mistake on old Lucas's part, that... <_<. IMHO, at least
  4. Good grief, this is the third or second time someone creates the topic "Strongest Sith Lord Ever" on these forums... <_<
  5. Thnaks for the advice and offers, everyone . e'lls ee, I guess. GeForce 2 may not be the very best card around, but for the most part, it suits my needs. Let's first wait until KOTOR 2 gets out and see if it works or not and after that I'll take a look in my wallet and see what can be done about it... .
  6. I can't truly say if it would've been a better thing to do or not. Yet, I'm like many others kind of disappointed that KOTOR 2 isn't a continuation of Revan's Story. The excuse is probably that Revan would've been too strong to play as a new character, but according to what people say (haven't played K2 yet, waiting for the PC release), the Exile himself is powerful enough to take down legions of Sith Warriors and the most powerful Dark Lords of the Sith as it is already, so is there any real difference...? I'm at the same time not entirely repelled by the idea of playing an entirely new c
  7. Well, each Dark Lord of the Sith has his/her own strenghts. Ragnos is perhaps one of the most admirable ones because that he got the title and held his own among equals, managed to rule them with an iron first and thus was one of the few (correct me if I'm wrong) Sith Lords to actually die of old age, not in battle or because of another one's schemings. Palpatine could be admired because of the fact that he managed to hide the fact that he was a Sith Lord under both the Jedi Council and the New Republic's "watchful" eyes and then by clever schemes maanged to throw the whole galaxy in a civil w
  8. I've heard many things, but I will not judge anything until I've played the game for myself and that's it.
  9. Nihilus: Exile... I am your father! Exile: NOOOOOO!
  10. I wouldn't mind ONE Expansion pack. But if they meke like, two-three Expansion Packs like they did for NWN or Morrowind, then I think I'm outta here <_<
  11. I agree, somehow I don't think Revan should be given an offical face, gender or voice, unless you could choose those things in the beginning of the game. But otherwise, I'm all for a return of Revan in KOTOR 3 if it ever comes, either as a playable character, party member or NCP...
  12. Hmm, you're all giving me some quite good offers. I'm rather surpised, I admit . I'm grateful, through I don't know if I could accept right away for a number of reasons - first we'd have to know if the stuff you're offerign would fit together with my computer - some stuff don't go too well with certain computers, I'm afraid... And Besides, I don't know which of your offers would be the best. I'm not too good at technical matters, to my shame, so I don't know which choice would be the best :">. And besides, as my own computer is back at my dorm for the time being, I can't get my system specs
  13. Actually, if memory serves me correctly, both ended the same way . I could be wrong, through . But it was defintively a good way of finishing it :D.
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