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  1. XBox version maybe, but I dont have it.... But Kotor 1's PC version, with it's fixed resolution, and extreme amount of Driver issues is waaay worse than Kotor 2's PC version.
  2. 1) The number of bugs in this game wasn't insane, no worse than it was for Kotor 1, maybe I just got a good copy? Doubtful.... 4) Handmaiden is not a degrading description of females. She is a very disciplined individual that is very responsible. I'm sorry if you're offended by what she wears when you duel with her, but perhaps you should grow up and mature a little bit? 7) It's Obsidian's first game, and it's the sequel to the Game of the Year. They had time constraints because LucasArts is an odd publisher. Given these setbacks, I'm amazed they pulled off the wonderful job the
  3. I played through the game just fine, there were no broken quests that I experienced. There were slight bugs, nothing that would make your enjoyment of the game decrease that much. I'd play it if I were you, patches aren't gonna change much
  4. Yeah, it would have been nice to have challenging combat. I've never understood why they have 3 difficulty settings that are all easy. I'll say it one more time...If you're going to have three levels of difficulty, then the hardest difficulty better be really really hard." That doesn't affect the game, if people get stuck they can easily turn down the difficulty. Kotor 1 had the same problem, too easy, don't try to blame this on Obsidian. It's frustrating, but it didn't make my opinion of the game go down that much. This game is just as good as Kotor 1, if not better. Take into accou
  5. I don't remember having to say that. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i ran through all the dialogue options available to me several times, and that was the only one left after I went through every dialogue tree. Maybe it's only because I was male/LS or it was a glitch
  6. That would make sense, and I would have been happy with that if they would have mentioned something to that effect. Kreia said early on after what happened with her hand that if she died, the exile dying was strong possibility. Having the exile kill her, without dying himself and no mention of the bond whatsoever in the dialogue seems like a very serious hole to me.
  7. Just finished the game, there is one thing that really bothers me.... Spoilers involved, don't read if you don't want spoilers!!! at the end of the game when you confront Kreia, Darth Traya, you're FORCED to eventually say "I came here to kill you Kreia". Personally, that doesn't make any sense. It was dicussed several times during the game that if She dies, than you do as well, because of your powerful bond. When her hand was cut off it really hurt you too. How could she die and it not affect you at all? They should have explained that, it was just sill
  8. I dunno what your problem is, but I'm enjoying Kotor 2 much better than kotor 1. Your complaints seem to come from your computer not being able to handle it. If you poll everybody, you'll find that the PC issues for Kotor 2 were DRASTICALLY decreased from Kotor 1. Now quit making multiple whining posts =P
  9. Well sure if you use it on ONE enemy. It's called Death "Field" because it's meant for use in a "field" of enemies. Suppose you're surrounded by 5 enemies and you get 30 hp from each, that's better than your silly "master heal" And there are times when there are quite a few more than five....
  10. Meh, from what I've seen in the Star Wars movies, the Jedi Masters aren't that great. They were about to be slaughtered by a droid army if not for the clones coming when they did. There's no 2 ways to look at it, this game is just ridiculously easy. And it's not just after you get your lightsaber. I was 1-hit-killing all the droids in peragus on the highest difficulty. It's not like it's "That Hard" to make a challenging game. If there are 3 levels of difficulty, the hardest one should be REALLY HARD. I can understand if they want to make the game easier for casual players looking
  11. I agree and disagree. First of all, the swoop races are the only "challenging" aspect of the game that I've met. All of the fights are really fairly simple click and kill. It's nice to have a challenging swoop race every now and then. However, it's frustrating the way it's set up. You don't get much credits. Also, I find it to be EXTREMELY shaky. if you press a or d a little bit you barely move, where as if you press them down any more you're WAY off to the other side of the screen. There's no middle ground, and it just makes you feel like you have no control over the thing. Anothe
  12. My initial impressions: Everything is Good, and entertaining. There are some weird low-res graphics that I know were better in Kotor 1, but just in general the loading timea are faster, and of course the Resolution is much better in K2 My biggest regret with the game is, well, it's ridiculously easy. By this time in K1 there was some "reasonably" challenging fights on the hardest difficulty. I'm on Telos now on Difficult setting, and I haven't come close to dying yet. I haven't been using shields, stims or anything. And it got kind of silly when I was 1-hit killing all the mining d
  13. I agree. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That's really a good point. I'm on Telos now, and it seems to resemble what Taris was in the first game. You aren't into the main plot of the game yet, just roaming around talking to people.
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