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  1. sidious does say that his master used his ability to create life to sustain him eternally. that was of course until sidious killed him. the reason sidious is so old is because he has started to master this techinique as well. Theoretically you could have plaqueis in the KOTOR series, but it would be a major stretch.
  2. Thank you, Obsidian. The wait has made this moment so much more satisfying. Enough talk now back to playing!!! OMG THE PATCH!!
  3. I know that it has been sometime that this topic has been picked at, but I am presently a junior attending the Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy. We have been pushed by our counselors to make a list of the 8 or so colleges that we would like to attend. By the time I graduate from IMSA I plan to have take AP Computer Science and the Calculus AP. I have also taken AP Chemistry and I will be taking Calc. based Physics. I also have a strong desire to continue studying German. Can anyone recommend a college that would allow me to get into the game industry, but still allow me to study German?
  4. I have one question. Is there going to be a lot of "advertisement" in this mod. The largest problem that I have with Mods is that the Moders like to plaster their names all over the game. I want this Mod to be as uninvasive as possible. If the Moders want to covertly sneak their names into street signs on Nar Shadda or something that is fine as long as it doesn't not detract from the authenticty of the game.
  5. Well, Lego Star Wars is out already, Rage of the Wookies will be out soon, Revenge of the Sith will be released May 5th, and Battlefront 2 and Empire at War are in the works. If I remember correctly, Lucasarts has three boths at E3, one for Rage of the Wookies, one for Empire at War, and one for an as of yet unreleased title (probably battlefront 2). Oh, I am getting my info from IGN at http://ps2.ign.com/articles/602/602877p1.html. I can't remember where it was that I read that Lucasarts has three boths, but if this is the case then KOTOR 3 is not happening at this E3.
  6. I personally thought that this thread was funny, and not at all meant to bash OE or LA. I contributed thinking that this was a place to catch a few laughs and not blame OE or LA for the fact that the patch is a little late. TSL is an awesome game and i can't wait to get the patch to play through the game another couple times. As I said I just thought this was a way to vent a little gas, and have a laugh while I was at it.
  7. if what the new guy leading lucasarts said is true about lucasarts switching to more internally developed games i am afraid. This is also coming at a time where a lot of george lucas's companies are moving to a warehouse in san fransico(?). So i wouldn't trust lucasarts with anything at the present moment. Go Obsidian!
  8. how about the day that i am going to get laid. The seventh of never!
  9. i didn't care to read all fifteen pages of this post, so excuse me if this has been stated before, but on Telos in the Jedi Academy, I have a glitch where when Kreia and Atton are talking you can't see Atton. The camera focuses on an empty prison cell.
  10. I think KoTOR's look has become a little monotonous because when you talk to people all you do is stand around. There isn't a lot of "life" in the characters you talk to. Take a look at Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines and you will see what I mean when I say KoTOR has become monotonous. I would love to see a new engine as long as it does change the overall feel.
  11. Hurray now I can stop checking lucasarts.com and obsidianent.com for any clue as to when the patch can be expected. All this "soon" business has driven me crazy. At least now I know that it is a bit further way.
  12. I will admit that my choices were pretty terrible, but from what I had read on other post it sounded as if a lot of people didn't really care for it. I do agree that with more time and money it could have been better by leaps and bounds, but I stand with my opinion that The Sith Lords was better than the original. It has everything that made the first one great + Kreia. Say what you want, but Kreia is the character that really makes the game.
  13. I was just wondering what you guys thought of Obsidians Entertainments's first hit? (at least I thought it was absolutey awesome) I would like to thank Obsidian Entertainment for an incredible game that deserves every award it was given and then some. I would love to see Obsidian develop KOTOR in the future, and eagerly await the new and improved KOTOR 3 whenever and by whom ever it will be made. (Come on you know that they are going to do another one, the question is when).
  14. Actually I found out that all you have to do is "gain a lot of attention from the bounty hunters on the planet" and you will be approached by Visquis. I think that just means do as many side quests as possible, and then Visquis will "come" to you.
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