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  1. An echo in the force? You hear alot of roumers in KotOR2 about characters in KotOR, however that doesnt make them true. I think Obsidian did a wonderful job in makeing you question the information you were told by NPC's "Does this person know what there talking about? Is this person just trying to manipulate me? Is this person just sprouting common gossip?" The only time you actualy -see- Bastila is when its apart of the test on Koroban, and even then its not a portrait of what happoned, mearly a rememberance at the inevitability of Bastilas actions. Also you have to take into account there were so many twists and turns in KotOR that it would be almost impossable to account for every single possable outcome, mearly the most obvious ones, plus it had to also account for people that had never played KotOR. In my first game of KotOR my DS character Killed Carth, Yet there he was commanding an army. *Shrugs* Just have to roll with it, if you feel that your enjoyment of KotOR2 is somehow jarred by a bump in continuality from the first, play the first again leaveing yourself with an end that you know will flow smoothly into KotOR2. While it may just seem like "A few more dialog options" to cover all the bases, the amount of snakeing that would create in the plot of KotOR2 to account for each choice with the NPC's in KotOR2 would be simply immense.
  2. *Peeks out from around the corner* Ok, so I wasnt the only one who had a problem getting the CD's out the case, I had to pry "tags" in as far as they would go, and now my CD's sort of... jingle in the case
  3. Hmmm... very high praise there, I may well have to check it out. The last game I played that I could in all honesty say was deeper and richer than KotOR2 would have been Morrowind, and Before that Daggerfall. Dont think KotOR2 actualy could compare to either of those but its definatly up there somewhere as the most enjoyable game Ive played in a very long time. It was like reading a Choose your own adventure book, with some of the greatest dialogue and plot you could think of, topped off with the cherry of the Starwars cannon. So all in all Im still very impressed. As for replay value, Im actualy very much looking forward to playing this again with many different classes and Lightside/Darkside combos. Where as with KotOR going through it once was great, again as the opposite alignment was ok... but a 3rd or 4th time was like pulling teeth.
  4. Fallout 1&2 - I know its practicaly blasphomy to say, but I didnt actualy like the Fallout games all that much, they were good, very good but Im not one for neo apocolyptica setting. I am however looking forward to seeing what bethesda does now they own the rights. I Hear Todd is an avid Fallout fan so If nothing else, it will be a fans spin from a company that is legendary for there open ended games. Baldur's Gate 1&2 - Played Both to death also "Butt kicking for Goodness!" How could any self respecting gamer not know Boo? Planescape:Torment - Havent played it, but Im a huge PnP Planescape & Spelljammer fan and I really dont think a Video game could do it justice. But it may be worth a look at if I see it kicking around.
  5. 4 times, Light Side Male Light Side Female Darkside Male Darkside Female And I saved just at the end of each to replay every possable ending Hence the bit about : Right at the very begining. Out of curiosity, why do you ask?
  6. Keen is an ability that changes the critical threat range. IE the number you have to roll on a d20 in order to score a critical hit. Standard weapons will score a cit on a 20, if that weapon is keen that threat range is doubled, scoreing a hit on 19-20. Some abilities, crystals etc lower that even further. The Higher the threat range, the lower the number needed to score a crit and thus the weapon is more likely to do double its normal damage more often. Hope this helps Edit: Gah, Miss Utena beat me to it
  7. Just, wow... Is all I can say. I have never been physicaly moved while playing a Video game before, KotOR2 truly just raised the bar. When I played KotOR my thoughts upon dialogue and NPC conversations was forever changed, now once more Obsidian you have not only taken Biowares flag and raised it high but you placed it upon the top of an even higher mountain. There were many points that I simply couldnt stop laughing (Mostly with Atton) moments where I was on the edge of my seat, biteing my finger nails waiting to see what happoned next and even one moment (Dont want to add any spoiler but Ill just say Visas near the end) that actualy got me all choked up. The character interplay and dynamics for KotOR2 are simply breathtakeing, not only did you create wonderfully detailed personalities but they actualy seemed almost real to the point that playing KotOR2 became like reading a novel of your favorate characters. As for the actualy choices and decisions you character could make, well... I actualy felt that every decision, from the smallest of charities to the greatest of atrocities all held a heavy weight to them which alter and effected the outcome of the story and my character place in the world. While the game certainly has some downsides, a fair few major bugs, a few levels that seem just not up to par with some of the others, as well as some general balance issues of "boss" fights (far to easy) but over all the game was simply excelent. I do long and wish for more interaction with the other party members, but the moments that I did get with each of them were certainly excelent. I guess much like a movie, no matter how much you love the character a bit part no matter how well acted will always be a bit part. The ending I can see how many people could feel let down, but I truly dont think there is any way you could honestly end a game as intricate and immersive as KotOR2 and not feel disapointed that it had come to a close, no real way that you can end it on a climax that will do the shere amount of build up justice as the journey from begining to end takes raises your intreague and expectations to a point that it would be impossable to top it. So instead it forms to the classical standard of demimouar (sp?) and the greek style of doing its best to answer the most obvious questions, leaveing the rest to your imagination. The fact that all of this was done in a year is mind blowing, granted it was an already existing game engine, and a large portion of sets and character were used from the origional but this actualy gave it a very nostalgic feel in some places which worked in KotOR2's favor. A single year for the abundance of plot, story, intreague, acting and everything else just... damn. I am very much looking forward to seeing what Obsidian is capable of with a more realistic time frame, and im especialy looking forward to NWN2, while I have never once been able to sit through the official campaigns of NWN, SoU or HotU I am actualy looking forward to playing through the OC of NWN2 and seeing if it lives up to this bar of excelence. KotOR2 is definatly going on my favorate games list, along with Daggerfall, Morrowind, Max Payne, Civilization & Elite. I have very high standards in my tastes, I dont normaly sing a companies praises but after just this moment finishing KotOR2 I couldnt help myself. Best $52 I have spent in a long time.
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