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  1. There are some challenge features that I'd like to play with just in my standard playthough with mods and tweaks. Abydon's loot degradation specifically sounds interesting.
  2. Something similar to HLAs or Prestige Classes would be cool. Not anything real crazy, just like five bonus levels of cool stuff you can spec your character further with after hitting cap.
  3. Fine whatever, not worth arguing over. I was just suggesting something like the unique abilities that subs like Soul Blade, Troubadour, Ghostheart, get. You know, creative utility that can be used in builds and stuff instead of flat stats and number crunching. Forgive a naive lad for wanting fun cool things pappy.
  4. Shattered Pillar is more weapon centered because they need to use weapons to gain wounds. I was hoping for a more creative solution than just number adjustment honestly.
  5. So I've been playing a Shattered Pillar post nerf and I realized that it doesn't really have any plus compared to the minuses. It allows for a more weapon centered monk but it's severely gimped in comparison to any other monk receiving it's wounds the default way. So what if Shattered Pillars receive a new ability similar to other subclasses? My Idea is that once per rest (for like 10 or 20 seconds during battle maybe?) they can apply their Transcendent Suffering bonus to their weapons. It could be called like "Transfer Suffering" or something. Or it could just get a buff to the rate at which wounds are gained but that's boring.
  6. If it's any consolation I'm pretty sure The Long Pain generates wounds. I'm probably completely wrong though so feel free to correct me.
  7. Well I wouldn't say that this "needs" to be discussed considering it really isn't that big an issue. What exactly is wrong with playing with your classes full range of abilities while there's still content available to use it in? I can't tell you how many games just throw levels at you with them ultimately being completely unremarkable, Especially in late game when most just end up picking things that give you flat bonuses like more health or damage. On top of all that there's still a bunch of unique items and weapons to play and experiment with. How much more is there to complain about? Is there too much water? is the water too blue? Christ.
  8. Yeah uh, that bridge is burnt (Pun?). It's probably for the best anyways. Oh and keep in mind a lot of companions ended up being a collaborative effort, so missing the original credited writer doesn't exactly mean as much as it seems.
  9. I'm thinking that might be from Beast of Winter? The last stream mentioned that Waidwen had a part to play in some capacity, and that armor set looks distinctly "Ice Like". Oh, and also Gross man and Waifu are there.
  10. I always thought of the PoE fantasy races as like generic Forgotten Realms thrown into a melting pot. Culture has advanced to the point that all the normal tropes have worn off and became irrelevant. It kind of goes with the whole "Age of Enlightenment" renaissance angle.
  11. I have backed the game though I don't expect to like it nearly as much as Deadfire. Playing 3.5 just feels so samey and restricting.
  12. Somebody should just straight up make a blood hunter mod considering critical role's involvement
  13. I really want Pallegina to be a troubadour. I really really want Obsidian to let us kit companions anyway we want.
  14. What's with all these "Deadfire versus a mainstream juggernaut" debates? It's like comparing Blade Runner with the most recent Marvel movie.
  15. I'm surprised nobody brought up the Fellows of Saint Waidwen as a paladin order yet.
  16. While not spoiling anything, It's revealed in Deadfire that godlike can have their features altered through animancy. Although it would be an extensive and expensive feature, I think It would be cool if a certain NPC would sell you the ability to make your godlike look more like the race you chose for it in chargen while still having godlike features like glowing eyes or flames or gross deathy veins. That's asking a lot though.
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