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  1. Honestly I think every paladin order having a minus is a good thing. Paladins are extremely useful in every situation and having a generalist just seems like there's too much going for it. Lore-wise paladins are supposed to be kinda fanatical right? so it makes sense that the things the order frowns upon would be weaker since the paladins get their power from how dedicated they are to the order, Maybe the minuses could be rebalanced to reflect that more? This is kind of a stretch but maybe paladins could get the minuses but they only activate if you have dispositions that are against the order, so Bleak Walkers that are diplomatic and/or benevolent get penalized but ones that are true to their dogma don't. I think that would be really cool.
  2. So I've been playing a paladin in the beta and I'm having a great time though there are some aspects I'm missing. I'm hoping there might be a return of paladin order exclusive talents similar to the ones that were in the previous installment, especially for the Shieldbearers. Right now I'm playing a Shieldbearer and they seem kind of bland compared to the other orders, while seeming much more worthwhile when they had access to Shielding Flames and Shielding Touch. Maybe we could acquire these talents in the 10-15 level range as to make the starting bonuses shine more in the beginning?
  3. What if there was like a "Weapon Finesse" style feat that let ciphers use resolve for weapon damage? I guess that would bring a whole new set of problems.
  4. I'm hoping I can still rock my estoc and brigandine like I had in POE 1. With dex buffs and the blade of the endless paths with durgan enchants my attack speed was really respectable.
  5. Yeah, the reactions on these forums are mild compared to that frigging nonsense. I'm not surprised, though. You should have been here during the PoE1 beta. Holy moly! I really hope this doesn't get to Josh too much, and that we get to try out the new changes for a while first. His backup plan for/with Concentration is interesting, but I'm sure there are other ways as well to make it all work. actually, am hoping it does get to josh. he kinda retreated from these boards 'cause o' the silliness you mentioned during poe development. no more developer feedback at the obsidian boards. well guess what? sa and other places ain't such a friendly sanctuary from the tumult? reasoning for abandoning the obsidian boards is less convincing. HA! Good Fun! It can never be as bad as the codex. Nothing can be as bad as the codex.
  6. Are people really regretting support for this game over "two" stat changes in a beta? Damn, that's petty. I'm completely open and in support for experimenting with aspects of the game, It shouldn't be a problem for any reasonable person. The only minor nitpick I have is the name change just because I find "Might" sounds more aesthetically pleasing.
  7. Seems like the penalty was changed for Helwalker in the beta, so that pretty much throws that idea out the window. Bummer.
  8. So the Helwalker subclass requires more damage to acquire wounds and the Assassin subclass has all incoming damage increased. Could that make a good combo?
  9. Please don't kill my smol child. It's all I have. We godlikes can't just make another one.
  10. Are you implying that this isn't what we want? Have you SEEN the valentines day video?
  11. I'm really disappointed that I had to cheat, It just seemed like I was being punished for playing the game a certain way and that felt really unfair. I wish there were more options you know? skill checks at least.
  12. It's the IE mod, it also allows companions to equip pets and any class to use grimores. I didn't have the option enabled, maybe it changed with a new version.
  13. That's strange, I have the option in my game. Could it be because I have the IE mod? that would be the only explanation.
  14. Guys, the Durgan enchantment doesn't count towards the limit. You can enchant any weapon, shield or armor including soulbound ones.
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