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  1. I've been wanting to get this off my chest since Lonesome Road. Avellone's writing is like if a rock band like ACDC or something is at a concert playing their usual hits and out of nowhere the lead drummer pulls out like a harp or a clarinet and just starts playing in the middle of a song. The drummer might be really REALLY good at playing that clarinet but no matter what it clashes with everything else that's going on and sticks out like a sore thumb, making it a mess. The rest of the band may try to go along with it at first, then try to play around it, but eventually they just give up and go backstage. Then it's just some jackass playing a three hour clarinet solo at a rock concert you payed like 40-60ish dollars to go see. What a pain in the neck it must be to work with that drummer..
  2. Well, the paladin order bonuses still seem like pointless trash. That sucks. Overall the subclasses just don't feel impactful enough. If I have a party with two fighters with one being devoted and the other an unbroken I don't feel like they'll end up playing very differently. I'm trying really hard to not bring up BG but it's just how my brain is wired. Having a Stalker and an Archer in the same party felt like playing two completely different classes and it was great.
  3. As far as the sidekicks not having a personal quest; I thought the point was that they are a result of quests, like a reward for them. Wouldn't that count?
  4. I think it's a little more complicated then that. I can't rightly say what the goings on are in the development but I don't think you really can either. Calling it "lazy" is just blindly antagonistic.
  5. So I'm in no sense of the word and "artist" but I've been throwing a portrait together. Does someone here mind helping me out on a part? See, I want the hair to look more hair-like but it kind of just looks like a big blob. If somebody could help I'd be extremely grateful. Edit: tweaked it myself
  6. A lot of people seem to be making big assumptions based on a title and brief description. I haven't seen anything that says there *won't* be new companions and such, unless I've missed something.
  7. This is more of a broad thing, but I want to flesh out my character more story wise. The Watcher never felt as personal to me as say, Gorion's Ward, so maybe a smaller more personal side story where we can explore things like our past lives or our background or something. Unless the game already does that of course.
  8. Okay but what if I rename the Defiant "Caed Nua" Checkmate. :^)
  9. I want a fluffy baby, Morals be damned. This trumps all roleplay.
  10. I was hoping we could have made aloth a barbarian. Making him both a wizard and a wizard slayer would have been both funny and kind of fitting considering the "split personality".
  11. I've fiddled around in the beta but I haven't gotten very deep so as to not spoil myself too much. I'm glad things have improved, though I guess these were obvious fixes. Another thing that could use improvement are the watcher abilities. I really enjoy the thought of having them but the right opportunity never seems to come up. Either the fight is over before the need arises or the fight is so intense I'm too focused on my hard hitting class abilities to even think of messing around with them. I guess the same was true with the Bhaalspawn powers although turning into a Slayer was pretty badass so I usually give it a pass.
  12. So I've been going back and forth from a new playthrough of Pillars 1, Pillars 2 Beta, and Icewind Dale. I've had some stuff on my mind I'd like to discuss. - Consumables - One thing I've noticed in my playings of the Pillars games is that I hardly use consumables even when I want to use them. When in tough fights I find that for whatever reason when I select a potion something happens and it never activates. Then when playing Tyranny recently I found that my potion use was constant and the acquisition of more was crucial. I've been thinking that it may have something to do with the recovery system and, thought I may get castrated for this suggestion, cooldown based potion consumption would make potions overall more useful. One other thing, I think that certain potions such as regeneration pots should be able to be used outside of combat. I know that it clashes with many of the design choices and I agree with it for the most part, It's just that my ocd tendencies hate having a stash full of potions I have no use for and regen pots especially don't contribute enough in the middle of combat. One other thing, please let me craft higher tier potions with the ones I've outgrown or have them be percentage based. I can't recall if this has been changed in POE2 but it bugs me. - Traps - I have a confession: even though the use and abuse of traps is a favored tactic with many players, I never use the things and just end up selling them off. I've used traps in plenty situations in games such as Dragon Age Origins yet in Pillars when I try them out they never feel necessary in non-cheesy tactics. Could it be the AOE isn't large enough? or that there weren't many places to bottleneck successfully? I have no clue. If I can think of anymore stuff to whine about I'll post it below.
  13. That's another thing I wish was based on the pose you picked in character creation.
  14. Well this was all kind of nonsense, I don't think there's ever been a "bug-free" game in existence. If you were going to bail that easily then why even back in the first place? I'll respect your decision even though I don't see a reason to agree with it.
  15. She looks like if Kristen Schaal had full body Gangrene
  16. A Mage Slayer really should procc with more than just melee, ranged weapons at least. *I'm hoping*
  17. Completely breaking game balance aside, I'd love to play with some pepperbox/revolvers or Howdah style pistols. Maybe in future games when bows and such have been phased out.
  18. So I downloaded the omnibus for backing and noticed that one of the stories, Until He Started Screaming, wasn't there. Was this an oversight or does it now conflict with the lore of Deadfire? Sorry if this was already clarified previously.
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