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  1. I'm confused as to why you asked permission to do something in a video game
  2. You put in the time to go on a English language forum as a non-English speaker to figure out how to play a game with lots of text in English but you don't want to read walls of English text?
  3. Almost all comps are viable. Hard to go wrong unless you pick a bunch of high risk sub-classes and then intentionally trigger their weaknesses. Geomancer is such a bizarre combo, but it might be the greatest multi ever, never tried it. Serafen's unique Cipher subclass makes him a risky choice on POTD. Better off as a Barb if you want to play it safe. Eder is better off as a pure tank fighter IMO
  4. tbh no matter where you are in this game, the answer to the question is always yes
  5. I've beaten the game a few times on Classic, and it's easy to see how they could make it harder without having to something something Baldur's Gate casuals per-rest Van Buren Gamebryo health sponges Chris Avellone console commands Planescape Torment Obama hasn't even leveled a Tauren Fixing resting: No resting in dungeons. Or limited resting in dungeons. Boom. Bill is in the mail. Fixing dungeons: Every level in a dungeon (or just every dungeon) is one encounter. So, no end-of-battle-health-regen/spell refresh/resurrection til you clear it. Fixing enemies: Fampyrs are easily the h
  6. Once we (you) get to this bottom of this, I think a thread in plain English explaining the ramifications of these discoveries would be greatly appreciated by those of us with low INT.
  7. I would respec each time I unlocked a higher level summon. You only need the best one available.
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