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  1. The Evoker is the main character (and is doing a pretty good job blowing things up with Nature Godlike power level boost, evoker power level boost and Firethrowers gloves). Besides, part of the point of this party is to be Wizard-heavy (i have never used Wizards before in PoE1 og PoE2, the first because of "per rest", the latter because i didn't realize it had changed). I could let the last character be a priest i suppose, but i worry about having enough summoning power to control the battlefield enough. The Magran additional spells seems pretty nice, but i would still only have one character capable of summoning until the priest gets spiritual ally. I could multiclass with a Chanter, but multi-classing priests doesn't really work that well, does it? (most of their useful spells are high-level). EDIT: I guess a Celebrant would not be that bad, Holy Power is a cheap way to trigger Nature Godlike's and you will still gain Devotions for the Faithful and Revive the Fallen. If i build it as another Nature Godlike (that would make it the 3 nature godlike glass-cannons and their minions then the powerlevel of abilities won't be a big problem. Any further feedback is highly appreciated.
  2. I decided to create a female Nature Godlike Lifegiver to match up against the male Nature Godlike Evoker main character. Two min/max'ed (glass cannon weirdos. So now i have: Shattered Pillar/Troubadour ("tank" and summoner ) Evoker Lifegiver Aloth (pure Wizard) My thinking is that i probably need some more summoning, otherwise my frail casters will probably get into trouble. Priest is not exactly a good summoner (through Spirit Ally is nice), so maybe i need more Chanter? Pure Chanter is pretty dull though, so perhaps a ranged Chanter/Cipher (a Chanter/Wizard will probably seem week compared to the two pure casters)?
  3. Is Moonwell a good healing spell? The description says only +8 Health? You really think the Priest is better on offense, do you mean specifically wrt generic damage? Because the druid has spells like Touch of Rot, the various XYZ Storm, Insect Swarm/Plague, Infestation of maggots and Crushing Wave.
  4. Thanks for the response. So far i have only created one custom character ( Shattered Pillar/Troubadour ). I was then forced to recruit Xoti and Eder to win the fight getting to Aloth (PotD is pretty tough actually...). I made Aloth a Pure Wizard. So i still have to spots to fill, possibly with a Priest and a Druid ( i will skip Cipher because i played so much with Cipher in PoE1 and my first play in PoE2). I need to read up on the Lifegiver druid and Skaen priest.
  5. I have nearly finished my playthrough on Veteran using a Cipher/Paladin as MC, and now i thought it would be fun to try PotD with a party consisting nearly only of magic users. I played a lot with Ciphers previously, and no wizards, so want to try something else this time. So far i have created a Nature Godlike Evoker a bit min/maxed ( low res/con), and i am now trying to figure out what to put in my party. I am planning to only take Aloth from the game companions (as i haven't used him before), and create the rest as custom characters. I was thinking something along the lines of: Monk/Chanter - Taking all the hits and summoning Aloth - Wizard (unless there are some fun melee wizard stuff to consider?) Priest - Gotta have one, right? Druid (or even another Wizard) I am trying to figure out the sub-classes as well. For the monk/chanter i am thinking Shattered Pillar for the monk, but having trouble figuring out the Chanter. Beckoner sounds good, but the penalties seem fairly harsh. I am considering the troubadour, since this character is not likely to have much time for invocations (except 1-2 summoning per encounter) and could therefore benefit from the longer linger periods. For the druid i am wondering whether Fury would make sense, or if it would just be a weak wizard-wannabe? Suggestions for priest subclass are welcome. I am also open to suggestions on additional multi-classing where it would make sense, but the intention is to have a party that uses magic to destroy enemies, not normal weapons.
  6. I always sail straight for the enemy ship and board them. Much simpler, and doesn't drain any ship resources and rarely damage the ship
  7. I was fascinated by Squid's Grasp ( https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Squid%27s_Grasp ) for Eder ( Swashbuckler Tank ). Since Eder is tanking, he is frequently surrounded by lots of enemies, and then the +30% action speed (when threatened by >= 3 enemies) and immunity to being flanked is pretty nice. The fact that it starts out Legendary and provides other abilities as well is just icing on the cake.
  8. I took Living Pyre + Enduring flame instead. The healing from blazing core was too low to matter.
  9. From a few tests, the healing does not seem so impressive (even with various additional burn effects). Typically 1-2 health per hit. I guess living pyre might be a better choice, even though you literally have to kill someone for the benefit
  10. Hi, There are lots of enchantments and similar in the game that do significant damage over time, but in small portions. For example 6 burn damage per 1 second. However, most enemies have more than 6 AR, does that mean they will take no damage from this effect, or is it calculated differently?
  11. That combo is pretty much what my party is already doing. My PC has eternal devotion and Scion of flame, and one of my chanters does Aefyllath. My PC is a Kind Wayfarer so FoD is also doing healing.
  12. I tried it a few times, the amount healed differs a lot, but my PC also crits townspeople quite a lot I also tried some real opponents separated from the party, and without additional burn damage, the effect is indeed pathetic (1-2 health per hit), however my PC has flames of devotion version with the persistent burn damage, and the party has a change that also adds +10% which makes it a bit more interesting i suppose. I will have to test a bit more, but i am eager to hear any experience others might have.
  13. I just acquired Magrans Favor for my Paladin (kind wayfarer)/Cipher(sould blade) PC, and i am trying to decide how to best enchant it. I like the sound of Blazing Core (burn damage heals), but if i am reading it right it says 15% of the *burn* damage. Since Magrans favor only has a 15% burning lash, does that effectively mean 0.15*0.15 ~ 2% healing per hit (of course Flames of Devotions adds to that, but still)? Living Pyre also sounds pretty good, though its effect is a bit slow to take effect (requiring kills). For the lash, "Enduring flame" sounds decent, but the damage is fairly low, isn't it? The alternative (burning burst) does not specify how much AoE damage it does, so its hard to choose.
  14. Thanks for the replies. The weird thing is that i still have the quest to go to Hasongo, i wonder what happens if i just follow that quest line? How much "story" is between Hasongo and Ashen Maw?
  15. Playing through Deadfire for the first time. After visiting Nekata i was planning to explore and do side-quests and hold back on the main story so i stayed clear of Hasongo. I randomly came across the Ashen Maw (thinking it was just like any other little side-quest/dungeon), and on completing that i seem to have jumped to what feels a bit like the end-game. Does anyone know if i just missed out on part of the story line, or can i still go to Hasongo and follow whatever story line was there? And what about the various faction quests etc?
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