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  1. I suspect that "power" refers to power level or power source-based resources. See https://jesawyer.tum...l-post-so-these for details. It'd be pretty powerful if it does allow them to refresh per encounter resources, but at the same time, a) you're probably not of much use to anyone while you're munching on corpses (and who knows how long it takes), b) you might be an easy target while you do so, and c) who knows how many enemies leave suitable corpses for you to eat. Spirits, oozes, and blights might more or less disappear when they die, and undead along with animats/other constructs might
  2. I spent a while looking into this and you're actually more right than I had expected. I guess it's good for me to reread things from time to time. Helig notes the distinction when he discusses his research into necromancy and animancy as separate fields, which wouldn't make much sense if they were identical. There's also a dialogue in which the distinction in how they operate is very briefly discussed (the use of magic vs the use of artifacts/technology). In the latter case, they are indeed two sides of the same coin in that both share similar purposes that are pursued in different ways. H
  3. Pillars 1 established that necromancers and animancers are distinct from each other, so I'd expect that to remain the same case unless they're planning to retcon that bit of lore. Maybe the schools that we're seeing here were selected because they provide a more consistent basis for the separation and organization of spells, whereas a necromancy school might not. For example, is Concelhaut's Parasitic Staff a necromancy spell because it drains life energy, or a conjuration spell because it allows you to materialize an object? Similar questions can be asked regarding Concelhaut's Draining B
  4. Maybe I'm misunderstanding you here, but they've explicitly stated that Paladin/Priest multiclass combos will be restricted in terms of the subclasses that be can chosen and further listed exactly which ones you won't be able to select if you take a particular subclass. Do you mean that you don't like the way they've set it up? Rymrgand's the god of entropy rather than decay per se. Berath is the god of death, mortality, and cycles, among other things. Even the decay-based magic of druids probably emphasizes ties to the natural order, wherein the remains of the fallen fuel the emergen
  5. Yeah, it's possible that Hobbled is more debilitating in Deadfire. Also, the language used ("a Hobble type Affliction") makes me wonder if there might be more than one affliction that falls within this category: for example, stunned and paralyzed might be hobble-type afflictions of greater severity. The comparative strength of the ability would also depend on just how small the Evoker's chance of "echoing" evocation spells is, and the Transmuter can't cast spells at all while using Form of the Fearsome Brute, which may help balance it compared to the others.
  6. A Stalker/Streetfighter might be another interesting combination. I also think that a Shifter/Transmuter works pretty well conceptually but may be one of those cases where each side of the combo works against the other given that the Shifter loses access to spellcasting to benefit from its abilities. A Fury/Evoker seems similarly fitting for an obsessively dedicated elementalist type of character, though as with the Beguiler/Trickster combo, the first subclass' benefits probably don't apply to the spells gained by the second. I do find myself wondering about the subclasses that gain access
  7. Yeah, I had to change my avatar and the new one's from the Wicht's concept art. I've always had a fondness for those critters.
  8. I voted for 3e style multiclassing back in the old poll, but I don't particularly mind the change. I like how throwing certain subclasses into the mix allows for something fairly close to three class combinations, though I'm not sure when I'll get around to trying that out. Beguiler/Trickster stands out to me as a somewhat hyperfocused example of this, though the wording for Beguiler's subclass benefits suggests that the Trickster's illusion spells wouldn't be boosted as well. They also mention Condemnation priest spells, and I could see Condemnation or Punishment being the damage-dea
  9. Given the plans for expanded companion relationships and interactions, the fact that they're looking at racism as an aspect of Eder's character does suggest that we may encounter race-based views and dialogues during the game. Sawyer even posted an example several weeks back: https://www.instagram.com/p/BYPQWuilDRF/?taken-by=jesawyer1975
  10. It's also defined as determination and inner drive, which seem like they'd play a crucial role in determining whether someone had what it takes to hang in there through the rigors of arcane research, and there's also its contribution to the character's capacity for concentration to consider. Mind you, I wouldn't be disappointed to be wrong here since I can also see how attributes that also dictate a character's behavioral tendencies might become somewhat problematic (though limiting Resolve's connotations to stubbornness doesn't particularly eliminate the problem in this regard either).
  11. Maybe her arcane knowledge comes from a remembered past life rather than her own rigorous study in this one, and the memories of what she had to go through to obtain it are so traumatic/her past personality is so maddened and grotesque that she turns to alcohol to suppress them. Or maybe she's just burned out from failure after years of diligent work. Then again, mental discipline is probably most closely represented within the game by Resolve, and it's not like it's impossible to make a wizard with an absolutely abysmal Resolve score to begin with.
  12. A few things: Dyrwood has no shortage of wood elves within it (~30% of its population, actually, according to the guidebook), Glanfathan meadow folk are a minority but they do exist, and the early premise for coming to Gilded Vale in the first place was the invitation that lord Raedric sent out for outside settlers (and Tuatanu could be one himself), which may make it a bit more inured to unusual residents. I'm not even going to try to account for godlike backer characters, but yeah, maybe the game should have. Within Pillars 1 and the setting details in the guidebook, the general emphasis
  13. I didn't catch this edit before. Active-use engagement as the norm does seem like it'd offer a more dynamic combat experience. I haven't heard anything that suggests that it'll be in the game (and I understand that this is your preference and not necessarily your expectation), but we're probably going to see a few things that may be functionally similar in that they involve impeding enemy mobility or making movement risky; things like traps, walls of fire, and the rogues' Crippling Strike ability come to mind. As far as fighters are concerned, aside from being one of the most likely cl
  14. You're welcome. Given the changes to engagement, I wonder if it will be necessary to revise talents, items, and abilities that deal with negating or impeding engagement-based attacks since they'll be less likely to occur and easier to avoid once you know which enemies/classes/items to watch out for.
  15. I'd like to see Binding Rope, Bittercut, Pretty Pretty's Rib, Spelltongue, The Golden Scales, Twin Sting, and Vengetta Rugia turn up in Deadfire. I found CladhalĂ­ath to be pretty underwhelming and reloaded my game after building it once out of curiosity, but for those who actually stuck with the decision to have their Watcher tear off a bit of their soul and bundle it up within the weapon, having it just disappear is a bit unfortunate.
  16. Sawyer goes into the difference in Deadfire's engagement mechanics here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/119024818?t=43m17s
  17. Like DexGames said before me while I was fiddling with this post, the Barbarian/Priest multiclass title is Shaman, so if there is Druid subclass along those lines it'll probably have a different name (Witch Doctor, maybe?) unless they swap out the multiclass title for something else later. A druid subclass along the lines of the skin-changers/wargs from A Song of Ice and Fire, which exchanged spiritshift for the ability to possess beasts and maybe primordials might be interesting, and I wouldn't object to a druid subclass based on the practices and philosophies of the Ethik Nol (https://pillar
  18. They might be, though nothing that the devs have actually said up to this point indicates that and it's hardly a requirement for making these subclass selection choice matter for priests/paladins given their plans to further differentiate paladin orders and priest deity choices in other ways. A priest's choice in deities is already planned to dictate what spells they have access to and Paladin order is similarly planned to determine what abilities that they can select. Both of these things seem more salient to the matter of meaningful subclass-based consequences given that the dispositional re
  19. Priests already have their own version of the Untroubled Faith talent, so there's no real need to introduce anything else unless they're removing those talents. This topic has come up before so I don't really feel like getting into it as much as I did in the last thread, but there are paladin orders that conceptually seem like they'd work alongside particular faiths in terms of roleplaying/character concepts, despite clashing dispositions. Some of the explanations for these combinations might not meet with everyone's approval, but given Sawyer and other developers' stated interest in leav
  20. All things being equal, I don't necessarily favor one over the other, but more mundane events are so rarely the focus of fantasy RPGs (at least past a certain point when it lapses back into the struggle to thwart a dark god's conquest, slay or banish an ancient evil, or whatever else) that I think it'd be a nice change of pace. Also, I often find that delving deeper into more mundane scenarios lends greater impact to extraordinary events and revelations when they do occur within settings. Also, in Eora, where people basically weaponize their souls and traumatic events can seed locations wi
  21. I also have confidence in Obsidian's ability to handle stories and scenarios of more mythic proportions, but even if it doesn't compromise the themes they wish to explore for this game, it has potential disadvantages in the way it allows us to experience the world. The cultures that we're exposed to are more prone to be caught up in the momentous nature of whatever earth-shattering crisis we have to contend with this time around. This can also affect the sorts of events we can expect to be involved with and/or their pace and scope in accordance with the narrative requirements of a game that ul
  22. I'd favor the focus on multiclass options for pre-existing classes over the introduction of new ones and hope that any new Pillars games focus more on unique multiclass options (like talents/abilities that require talents or abilities from two different classes) or even progression towards a classless system as Gromnir mentioned, especially if the classless system envisioned for the pnp game turns out well. I hope that if there is a third Pillars game and it doesn't involve the Watcher (which it hopefully wouldn't), it wouldn't be beholden to this trend of escalating to increasingly o
  23. They're an order of Natlan monks who use hallucinogens in pursuit of enlightenment. Zahua's one of them (basically the last one other than the Watcher if he's right about the fate of his people - barring epilogue developments). I think the basic idea is that the material world is transient/illusory and that the experience of pain and the muddling of the senses allows them to better grasp the deeper truths of the soul or something. Edit: see https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Zahua for details.
  24. They've also mentioned the Shattered Pillar monk subclass in the last Q&A. For it, wound generation is tied to damage that they inflict on enemies, but the threshold for wound generation is higher and the maximum number of wounds that they can sustain is lower. It seems like it might blend well with cipher since they'd be able to double dip on resource generation through the same actions.
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