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  1. I have a 50% off coupon for Tyranny that I don't need since I bought the game last year. My Paradox Interactive Store Key is below if anyone's still looking for a coupon: TYRANNY-LFRTHPRIBMBW-50
  2. Interesting. The way he talked about the shattered tablet at the end of the quest, I figured it was more or less an illegible mess lacking much in the way of individually defining features, but I suppose a lot of that could come down to the despair he felt at that given moment: after all, if he didn't think there was any point in studying it more closely for useful information and/or pertinent features left on it that he could use to support his claims, then it follows that he wouldn't bother to make much an effort to find them. During the Q&As, Sawyer mentioned that there may be
  3. Well, it limits me to two three companions instead of three four, but it could work. One of the reasons that I'm happy about sidekicks is that Ydwin and Bonteru give off enough of an amoral scholar vibe that I might be able to fit them into the group, thereby preserving some banter/interaction rather than limiting myself to the haunted silence of my merc gofers. Then again, maybe they'll introduce some sort of Cruel or Aggressive disposition-based demonstrative violence talent to keep fussy companions in line (or let you leverage skills to that effect; if memory serves, there are Deceptio
  4. In reality it began to dawn on me that painting my watergun black wasn't going to fool anyone and trying to fill it with acid was probably going to hurt me more than it hurt anyone else. Lore-wise? Savage killer is par for the course. The white wyrmling and baby bog bat are similarly likely to rip someone's throat out in their sleep (if they wait that long) and fear of a lingering personal threat hadn't kept my Watcher from holding on to Concelhaut's animated skull, which retains enough of the formerly murderous archmage's essence to become him for a limited period of time every day.
  5. I think it's still possible to pledge, it just won't count towards the stretch goals anymore. Yeah, I thought about robbing a bank to fund the pet wicht I've always wanted, but I figured that wouldn't end too well.
  6. Well, there's the slacker backer pledge for $2000 that'll let you choose from "almost any" creature in the game and have obsidian create a pet based on it; if you've got the money to spare, maybe they can scale down a lagufaeth a bit to make your wish come time (assuming there will be any in Deadfire).
  7. I dunno. There are tattooed girls in anime, though usually not fitting her "type", I guess. I think it'd be simpler and more decisive results-wise to just shave her bald. There are bald anime girls too, of course, but they're hardly iconic; also, it fits in with the whole "creepy, death-obsessed animancer" characterization. Or turn her into a Vailian woman with an afro. That'd also work. (edit: though we already have Pallegina...)
  8. Galvino wore a monocle similar to the one you can buy in Defiance Bay. I don't remember any characters who had portraits wearing glasses in Pillars 1, but I can't rule out the possibility an npc having something like that equipped or included in a textual description (though I'm pretty sure it isn't the head priestess of the temple of Wael; I'd have remembered a bespectacled female dwarf in robes).
  9. 1. I think they did a good job overall of maintaining backer/investor interest during the original campaign from January 26th to February 24th. If memory serves, it was Sawyer's multiclass video that actually drew me to these boards in the first place: I only registered to begin with so I could view the links in that old thread about information from the SomethingAwful boards and I only started posting to meet the minimum number required to make my account stick. Since then, I've found that they've given us plenty to discuss (for better or worse in some cases). 2. Related to the above, I thi
  10. The process of gaining weapon proficiencies is currently set to involve its set of resources as opposed to costing talent points (https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/156893948066/weapon-proficiencies-are-in-but-are-the-weapon).
  11. You might have a point if we weren't talking about sickles that potentially be used to slay dragons, kraken, and colossal animats (a fair corollary for your battleship-destroying sword since you're introducing function), but guess what: we are. Further, both fall within the spectrum of media representations of weapons, where, again, matters of structural absurdity are absolutely a matter of degree. They may factor into such concerns along with other details depending on who's using them and how they're used, a point you previously claimed that you weren't arguing against.
  12. Exactly what these problems are seems to vary significantly based on who's explaining them. But to clarify, in the post you've quoted I'm not asserting that Ydwin and Xoti would be considered anime-esque for the same reasons; one of the few points of agreement on this subject thus far is that there are plenty of possible reasons for making anime comparisons, even if there's far less agreement about the validity of these reasons. Dual wielding normally two-handed weapons like scythes, as suggested by the "akimbo scythes" description, would seem fairly likely to elicit anime compa
  13. We've covered this already and I already explained the basis for my description of Xoti's weapon as being impractical, so I'm not really sure what repeating yourself on the matter of farm implements being historically used as weapons is supposed to accomplish here. Impractical weapons exist in the real world as well, even ones that are impractical to the point of ridiculousness: like ceremonial greatswords that are too large to actually use effectively within a battlefield, scissor katars that wouldn't actually be able to expand inside someone, and phallic symbol throwing weapons like this
  14. If memory serves, he's never actually able to produce proof for his theories. The tablets are left fragmented and largely illegible, though I do remember being able to get him to trace bits and pieces of them. AFAIR, if he goes back and persists in his claims, he loses academic credibility but still manages to attract interest and patronage from those who are less concerned about his formal credentials. I'd expect his sister to have mixed feelings about that at best, but who knows. Then again, I certainly haven't seen all of his endings. If there is one where the tablets are somehow preser
  15. Not really. The anime comparisons started following the concept art, after which the tsundere and yandere stuff ensued. Most likely, the initial comparison of the concept art to anime was prompted by more than just Ydwin's weapon; in many cases, the reasoning was probably quite similar to my explanation of convergence between the weapon, who's using it (a petite, bespectacled, albino elf girl), and how (to strike a fairly stupid pose). I'd say that sounds quite similar to the sorts of interactions I was explaining to you in my earlier post. Clearly. The relative impr
  16. I haven't taken anything out of context. People are often happy to engage in anime comparison and ridicule even without characters necessarily toting massive, sharpened lumps of iron. Bookish girls with rapiers/action girls with sickles triumphing over hordes of towering brutes with battleaxes certainly can prompt people to denigrate the media that includes them as being anime-influenced. What provokes the comparison isn't necessarily the weapon itself (though there are cases where it can be); how the weapon is used and who's using it can make all the difference. And on the off chance that som
  17. It was just how they described her in the same update that made Ydwin the poster girl for anime encroachment into Eora as far as some people are concerned. More specifically "toting akimbo scythes" suggests dual wielding wicked looking farming implements that usually require both hands with arms akimbo to strike a "badass" pose, perhaps not unlike the pose in that goofy screenshot I posted earlier (no offense to anyone who likes that franchise).
  18. It's hard to say, but she does have Huana ancestry. Maybe one of the reasons that the devs chose to add her as a companion is because she's either conflicted about her duties on some level or she could be persuaded to feel that way, in either case allowing the player to explore characteristics of Rauatai people that may fall outside of the militaristic arrogance currently seems to define their presence in the area. For my part, I'm more interested in the opportunity to make Xoti an apostate. She seems interesting, but my Watcher's going to be pretty obsessed with causing as much harm to he
  19. Yeah, I'd agree that she probably is more incidental to the plot, but that probably has less to do with her general character concept than the point at which she was created or specific plans for her. The plot also heavily features luminous adra, the animancers who are fascinated by it, and the Vailian republics. It just so happens Ydwin's bio identifies her as an animancer with ties to the Vailian Republics and a fascination with luminous adra. When I was referring to impractical weapons, I meant impractical in general, not impractical specifically within the context of anim
  20. Heh, for a second I actually started to imagine literal anime dog whistles, which probably exist. In any case, I'm not sure it's entirely true that Xoti's concept art is 100% free of things that could be argued as evocative of anime influence. Pretty young female battle-priests who smirk while wielding impractical weapons (sickles included) are a dime a dozen in anime after all, but I suppose there probably is a bit of a shifting threshold that her concept art doesn't necessarily breach.
  21. Yep, it's in the same update. Maybe it's different for other people, but "akimbo scythes" really prompts images of far worse anime excesses in my mind than concept art of a rapier-wielding glasses girl.
  22. With all this talk of Ydwin being some sort of anime-influenced blot on the face of Eora, I'm surprised that no one's howling for Xoti's blood. Update #17 did say that she "totes akimbo scythes", which sounds like it'd end up as something like this: Granted, it was most likely the writer's mistake since Gaun's props are a lamp and sickle. Even so, given the faint whiffs that have set some people off from that same update, I'd really expect more blood to boil at the mere thought of Xoti twirling scythes around.
  23. It seems most likely that Kana's ending will have at least some bearing on the Watcher's interactions with her, but if memory serves, the rest of Kana's family assume more conventional Rauatai attitudes of militaristic expansion and resistance to outside influence, so him having a favorable opinion of the Watcher may actually cause Kana's family to resent the Watcher as someone who has been further enabling his delusions. As for meeting Maia, we know that she's a Rauatai ship captain involved in the effort to claim the Huana as subjects of the Rauatai nation. We also know that she's workin
  24. The lore already indicates that half-races aren't a possibility in Eora (for a source on that, search for "half races" in this old gamebanshee interview with Sawyer: http://www.gamebanshee.com/news/111978-project-eternity-social-round-up.html). Subracial mixes are an established possibility as per Xoti, though.
  25. Weapon groups aren't a thing anymore. The current plan is for there to be weapon proficiencies for individual weapons which won't raise accuracy but will provide additional options for using them (previously mentioned examples include a savage attack modal for greatswords, a vulnerable attack modal for estocs, and a modal to wield pistols as clubs, afair; see https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/5rju7y/link_deadfire_qa_session_with_josh_sawyer_1h05m/dd867io/ for details). One thing I'd like to see is the introduction of faction antipathy-based quest talents (similar to Faction
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