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  1. I've linked to my source for the information, but yeah, it's something that probably can and will change later on if the devs deem it necessary. Actually, looking back over the Q&As, Sawyer does both corroborate the general idea of steep declines in damage if your attack's penetration falls short of AR while stating that the specific numbers involved may end up being different.
  2. (Edit: Let me know about any problems with the links. I've had a fairly extended struggle with the boards just getting this up without seeing any major glitches in the first place and it's possible that not everything carried over as it should have due to technical or human errors in the process.) Basically, I've been tossing around links for information long enough that I thought it might be a good idea to follow in Sedrefilos’ footsteps and put a lot of it together in one place. This isn't everything by any stretch, and if others want to chip in, feel free. I'll start with some p
  3. It's been a while since I've played that part of the game, but unless he disappears, you don't have to let him go since you could kill him while he's walking away. I agree that extorting money or information from him after dealing with the bandits would have been a simple and appropriate option to include, however. If you killed Calisca and the rest of the caravan at the start of the game, you can gloat to Aufra (Calisca's sister and the mother from the Mother's Plea quest) about having done so, at which point she and her cat turn hostile and have to be put down. However, unless the boost
  4. The closest thing that I can find to what you're saying about the Eder example is in the same tumblr post that Enoch linked to earlier, wherein the person asking the question, who is not an Obsidian developer, uses the fighter, rogue, or swashbuckler example. All Sawyer says in his response is: And that's it. If this was the example that you've been referring to, then the truth of your assertion remains very much unconfirmed; a general affirmation of the availability of companion multiclassing options that can possibly (and debatably) be taken as implicit support for a more restricti
  5. Agreed. Flexibility in multiclass options for companions isn't something that the devs talk about just once in the update I linked to earlier, it's touched upon in both Q&A 3 and Q&A 6 as well. Interpreting Sawyer's use of the term "available classes" to mean that they're now deviating from that intention seems like a stretch, especially since readers could interpret that as applying specifically to single class options that are available to the character (the way it did from the start) as opposed to implicitly extending to multiclass options as well now. It's another story if he e
  6. For the machine to distinguish between Dyrwoodans and non-Dyrwoodans, it'd probably be necessary for nationality to somehow make peoples' souls appreciably different on the basis of where they were born, and I'm not sure Obsidian really wants to go *there* any time soon. As far as I recall, the souls have to travel through the machinery to achieve the various outcomes (with the possible exception of outright destroying them), so it's quite possible that Sun in Shadow itself was simply outside of the radius of the effect, in that it was the place the essence was sent away from and because i
  7. Apparently as far back as the second update he's been locked in as a single-classed wizard unless you multiclass him as whatever else: Also, one thing that comes to mind about the Watershapers is that the name seems a bit reminiscent of the Ondrite title scheme for classes in the White March, where we encounter Galesingers (though Tekehu's chanter subclass is actually Storm Speaker), Tidalfists, and Crescentwards. Aside from fitting her portfolio, we also see Ondrites use water to create a barrier before the reliquary at the Abbey of the Fallen Moon in the expansion, maybe the manipul
  8. You're right. I linked to the wrong Q&A in my last post (but not the initial post, which links to the Q&A video itself where you can watch Sawyer talk about it); Q&A 5's the one that mentions it. His druid subclass is indeed Watershaper according to Sawyer's tumbler page (https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/165191293231/hi-josh-i-was-wodnering-if-all-companions-will), but it sounds like it's an organization as well.
  9. Which I got from Fereed's transcription of Q&A 6. I'm not trying to pass his hard work off as mine.
  10. On Tekehu: I don't think they've released a full sized image of Tekehu's portrait, but you can see a small version here. Edit: And he has been confirmed to be a companion.
  11. Because being a member of the Principi isn't just "being a pirate" in the generic sense. It's being affiliated with a group of pirates which has historically been known for robbing, intimidating, and murdering Huana, to say nothing of their possible complicity in any slave trade that the Huana may be victims of in the game. You honestly don't see how the Huana might find that objectionable? Not necessarily; her emphasis on subterfuge under a veneer of diplomacy could easily require her to distance herself from the Huana as an active faction for reasons of plausible deniability. In ter
  12. It's possible that they'll change their minds about it, but even if they don't, the cutoff point's supposed to be later in the game than it was for factions in Pillars 1, so you may be able to get a few quests before that point to be somewhat friendly with another faction. More specifically, I'm not sure how well the Huana will react to the Watcher working with the Principi, given the latter group's history of raiding Huana villages and the enmity they've earned through it. Temporary, uneasy alliances seem likely enough given their common enemies, but I'm not sure that this is really the best
  13. Here's some of what we know about how factions will be handled so far: the point of no return for one faction or another will be communicated more clearly to players past that point, which will be further into the game than in Pillars 1, faction allegiances will be exclusive and prevent affiliation with other factions faction plots will be relevant throughout more of the game, though you will have the option to reject/oppose/ignore all of them and set out on your own
  14. Yeah, especially with the option of multiclassing in Deadfire. Just imagine monks/wizards punching people with grimoires or fighters/wizards clutching their grimoires in the same hands they're holding their shields in. Fortunately, the videos they've shown Aloth's idle animations and do indicate that grimoires aren't around until you need them. That said, I can still see some potential for awkwardness for dual wielders and shield users when it comes time to whip the grimoires back out.
  15. If you watch the for update #40, you'll see them click through the wizard subclasses. The transmuter subclass' description includes the ability to transform into an ogre via an ability called "Form of the Fearsome Brute". There might be a spell that allows something similar, but given that it would almost certainly be a transmutation spell, maybe there won't be in the interests of avoiding redundancy/preserving the transmuter's uniqueness.
  16. People may or may not be expecting too much from companions in the game, but your opinion seems to be overlooking quite a bit here as well. First, there's the update that details some of the goals for companions and how they plan to have their relationships with the Watcher and each other develop for Deadfire: https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire?update=263. Second, there's the Q&As, which emphasize the greater amount of time invested into companions and deliberately draw a distinction between them to preemptively manage expectations for sidekicks in comparison to companions (http
  17. You're welcome. I looked it up because I also tend to take a dim view of unexplained breaks from lore like this appeared to be. It'd be nice if they could work default grimoires into trinket slots for wizards the way unarmed strikes appear in unoccupied weapon slots in the game, but it's far from a deal-breaker for me either way. Yeah, they probably could have originally come up with something that would have been less sensitive to future gameplay changes. Still, I wonder how far they really could have strayed from the d&d framework of wizards mining enemy grimoires/scrolls for sp
  18. Retcon it sounds to me: now wizards only need grimoires to cast spells they don't know but they cannot swap out spells in the grimoire anymore. They also can't learn extra spells by spending money, the only spells they themselves can know is the ones they gain at level up. Apparently, Sawyer fielded a question about this back in March: https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/158755062421/unless-im-mistaken-in-poe-1-the-in-universe.
  19. The unbroken and streetfighter subclasses might blend well together, with the latter dealing more damage while surrounded and the former making it more dangerous for enemies to disengage once they've entered the fray. The lower Stride (which I assume pertains to movement speed) may be a bit undesirable for a rogue, but since fighter abilities that involve dragging enemies are apparently a more pronounced part of their repertoire in this game, maybe that'll make up for it. Helwalker might pair well with streetfighter since both are likely to want to be in the thick of things and they'll bec
  20. Sawyer elaborated on the benefits and drawbacks of the Ascendant cipher subclass here. Having a lower effective power level than a standard cipher except at max focus sounds pretty bad to me, but I suppose there are probably builds that may allow it to jump up to the maximum fairly quickly.
  21. Like I said, it seems extreme compared to what they gain and therefore unlikely, but it is worth noting that it's not too far out of line with mechanics that have already been shown for the game. Both the wizard subclasses and the Lifegiver subclass have increased power level for particular spell types via their benefits, for example.
  22. Presumably. Paladins won't be getting per encounter uses for each ability, but rather, each use of a given ability will deduct an amount from a common pool that refreshes per encounter (e.g., using Flames of Devotion might subtract 2 points from the paladin's available Zeal for an encounter - see https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/post/160349084811/ah-saw-your-something-awful-post-so-these for Sawyer's summary of how ability resources will work for the different classes, paladins included). Based on this information, "less Zeal power" likely means that this common pool won't be as high for Darcoz
  23. It's their power source. Conceptually, it refers to what allows a paladin to harness the power of their soul, the force of their convictions. Each class has a different one. For example, a priest's power source is Faith, a chanter's power source is Spirits (if memory serves), and a fighter's power source is Discipline. Mechanically, progression in power level (tied to that source) may determine how often you can use abilities, how powerful these abilities are when you use them, and other scaling variables (e.g., the number of missiles that are generated by Minoletta’s Minor Missiles for w
  24. You might want to include companion deaths as possible answers on the poll so the blood pool-feeders, players who abided by their deaths in combat, and others among us can denote these outcomes. My first Deadfire playthrough be with a character who, after killing Raedric VII and seeing the villagers huddling around the tree, grieving over the bodies they had strung up there as though they were victims of an atrocity rather than participants in it or at least passive enablers of it, decided that all them should be put the sword for their spinelessness and hypocrisy. The game would have let
  25. Maybe, but Pillars 1 had only six Druid spells from levels 1-8 that deal with fire and/or sunlight: Sunbeam (1st level), Burst of Summer Flame (2nd level), Firebrand (2nd level), Firebug (5th level), Sunlance (6th level), and Firestag (8th level). I suspect there'll probably more spells along these lines in Pillars 2, but not necessarily for every spell level and almost certainly not enough to match the loss of access to an entire category of priest spells, even if a lot of the "Prayer Against..." spells that presumably fall under the category of Protection would probably be popular choices to
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