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  1. They do. Sawyer talks about it there too, but it didn't seem relevant to this thread. (Edit: but he didn't mention whether ciphers can target themselves with it; it sounds like it works more or less the same as it did in Pillars 1) But I should rephrase, I suppose: hopefully, there's room for a cipher modal ability or power that allows them to psychically generate weapons before they reach level 16.
  2. Per https://jesawyer.tumblr.com/: So there's one more subclass confirmed, and one that I was actually interested in as well. Huzzah for that. I'm rather disappointed that they didn't go for an actual psychically generated weapon ala the D&D soulknife class, but maybe there's still room for a cipher modal ability or power that allows them to generate something along those lines.
  3. When you get Nans to repair the Engwithan Scepter at the end of the Clandestine cargo quest, she mentions a fiend's blood reagent or something along those lines. I'm curious to see how demons and the like would work within the setting: would they be malevolent entities that encroach into Eora from the Beyond, or are they identified as demonic for other reasons, such as religious stigma? Another thing I'm interested in is seeing more sentient spirits/vessels from Engwithan times (though not necessarily Engwithans themselves) that you can communicate or even negotiate with. It's not a distin
  4. I understand that the devs have stated the macuahuitl's off the table, but if you're still interested in weapons that are good matches for the area where Huana culture's concerned, an obsidian axe or hatchet would line up pretty well with the stone axe heads that turn up among Hawaiian/Polynesian artifacts (http://www.academia.edu/11042949/A_Note_on_Hawaiian_Stone_Axes). A mokomokai trinket, as seen here (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mokomokai) or here (https://www.forbes.com/sites/kristinakillgrove/2015/09/20/preserving-tattoos-of-the-dead-is-a-little-macabre-but-not-new/#1f72c94074cf),
  5. I wonder about that. Per https://www.fig.co/campaigns/deadfire?update=256#updates, Huana society is stratified based on a caste system that its members appear to be born into and there's no particular emphasis on or celebration of equality for its citizens. Depending on how visible these traditions are, siding with the Huana may raise serious questions as to whether you're helping a blameless underdog with their valiant struggles or disrupting changes that may actually benefit the lower-caste Huana overall. Even if they mostly ignore this particular aspect of the culture, there's still plenty
  6. I also have a 50% off coupon for Tyranny that I don't need since I preordered it. My Paradox Interactive Store Key is below: TYRANNY-LFRTHPRIBMBW-50
  7. Another thing that I'd like to see in the game is general movement animations that vary overall based on race and Dexterity as well as conditionally based on certain status effects like blindness, intoxication, and so forth. In addition to this, fighting animations would vary based on class/subclass, indirectly by race insofar as size differentials come into play, weapon proficiency level as well as the weapons themselves/the use of particular modals and, optionally, a disposition set by the developers for companions/sidekicks or by the player of recruits/the Watcher (Clever/Shady animations
  8. Besides that, the antagonist probably prefers forms that stand out less given his interest avoiding the notice of the world at large. In regards to the broader subject, there may or may not be godlikes for every god out there. Like you said, it may not thematically fit some of them and others may find that it doesn't serve their interests, though the latter assumes that the emergence of associated godlike "breeds" is something that occurs through the gods' volition. Someone (GreenDragon, I think, but I don't remember the numeric combination at the end of the name and don't feel like sloggi
  9. Same here. I already own Tyranny and wouldn't mind passing the coupon on to someone who has more use for it.
  10. Presumably because they didn't consider restrictions on the basis of any of the above to be worthwhile. Attributes and race could make sense in that you wouldn't expect someone with 3 Might to be twirling around a pollaxe and a stiletto used by an orlan assassin probably shouldn't be usable by the Aumaua who killed him (though this is probably worth overlooking for the sake of simplicity since the same reasoning applies to almost every type of wearable equipment out there), but disposition restrictions on weapons wouldn't really add anything beyond arbitrary and highly debatable character
  11. I just randomly remembered this guy from that prehistoric SNES Shadowrun game And found myself thinking that a Magranite priest/Nalpazca monk who periodically sets his hair on fire might not be so bad. Perhaps he'd be a cautionary tale from Bonteru's past about the dangers of poorly mixed concoctions: a knock-out drug gone wrong, perhaps, or brain damage from a not quite fatal enough dose of poison during a previous encounter. I still can't believe they named him Vivyan, though.
  12. In Q&A 4, Sawyer said we *might* be able to switch the Watcher's race when importing a save but it'd be based primarily on "whatever seems to feel best". Hard to say exactly what that means, but it could have something to do with whether it allows for interesting reactivity without requiring a lot of work that'd be better directed elsewhere. My guess is that it's probably more trouble than it's worth if they feel obligated to have companions and NPCs actually acknowledge the change, but who knows. As for whether switching races makes sense, it depends how it happens. It could possibly
  13. And we already prominent examples of more flexible interpretations of condemned behaviors within the game's lore. St. Waidwen became obsessed with rooting out corruption and heresy within the ranks of his people, not only persecuting those who had the temerity to worship other gods but only those who shared his own faith "for mere perceptions of heresy" (http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/The_Saint%27s_War,_Part_1:_Overthrow). And then there's Readceras itself, which by all indications in Pillars 1 has a thriving slave trade. Granted, we don't know that Waidwen was a priest himself, but we
  14. He probably should give them up, but that's a matter of volition rather than necessity. A frequent and powerful theme of redemption tales is the temptation to relapse, but that only works if relapse is actually possible. Conversely, if the player wanted their character to make a clean and decisive break from their past, then maybe they can by respeccing the character (I'm honestly not sure how completely we'll be able to clean the slate, but if nothing else, they could skew the balance well in favor of whatever other class they've adopted). However, I'm of the mind that it should be the player
  15. You do begin fights with a certain amount of Focus, however. This could potentially allow you to anchor yourself to a target with a lesser power in order to hasten the process. And the reduce rate of independent Focus gain was only one of the possible tradeoffs I considered, the other being that the cipher's focus would dwindle over time unless they were using their powers to feed on others. That depends entirely on the rate at which they gain Focus through the subclass' benefits and the durability of the cipher's thralls. Remember that this subclass is supposed to make abilities
  16. I hadn't gone into detailed mechanics, but I thought that mentioning the ability to form *more* debilitating links through existing powers and the tradeoff with impeded focus gain or dwindling focus rather clearly differentiated it from mere power selection. If not, it's hard to see how it suffers from that problem any more than the rogue's assassin subclass, which basically sneak attacks harder at the cost of lower personal defense.
  17. Which they won't be doing. In the same Q&A I linked earlier, Sawyer stated that they have no intention of prohibiting people from player characters who are both Honest and Deceptive (or Shady, now), for example, and presumably the same applies for other conflicting dispositions. And to reiterate, there are no plans to keep you from playing your Kind Wayfarer as the most vicious depraved bastard in Eora regardless of what god he follows, or your priest of Wael as a paragon of rational thought and forthright honesty irrespective paladin order. For munchkins who suck at being m
  18. It's less about the tenets of the religion and more about how the priest interprets them, otherwise the Untroubled Faith talent wouldn't be possible. Even in the absence of veneration, a former Skaenite who fully recants may still fear that for all their efforts to change, at their core, they are still the same murderous insurrectionist that they were before their change of heart. This fear can amount to a conviction of sorts regarding who they are and what they capable of, accounting for their continued access to their priestly abilities (which aren't dependent on adherence to formal religiou
  19. The OP probably didn't mention them since you can't play as a priest of Abydon and the developers have no plans to add any new deities to choose from in Pillars 2. The only parts of Abydon's portfolio (Industry, Machines, Golems, Smiths, Skilled Trades, Apprenticeship, Strength, Mining and Metals, Hope, Aspiration) that specifically coincide with the Goldpact Knights overall are Skilled Trades (if mercenaries are considered to fall within this category) and Strength, though they probably have their own smiths would align more closely with the broader portfolio as well. Magran seems like the mo
  20. Sawyer specifically says they'll be useable as clubs, which suggests that they'll have the same stats as clubs while the modal is activated. You might still be right if the enchantments on pistols are inapplicable at melee range, which could be the case for stuff like increased reload speed. That being said, the enchantment features for pistols from Pillars 1 are easily applicable to melee weapons as well and I wouldn't expect that to change in Pillars 2 overall. I'm all for pistol whipping myself and think the option's missing from entirely too many games, but if each weapon gets only one
  21. Well, Sawyer does mention the restriction in relation to the orders/deities having two opposed dispositions, but unless I'm missing any other pairs, that would mean that the only priest/paladin restriction that exists is for priests of Skaen who are trying to become Kind Wayfarers or vice versa. I'd have trouble making sense of the Kind Wayfarer/Skaen combination outside of a redemption or corruption scenario, but I'm not willing to state that it's absolutely impossible to come up with some other coherent explanation for it. Cruelty is condemned by the Eothasian faith, but they don't have
  22. There are. Or at least, the current plan is to restrict multiclassing in regards to paladin order and priest deity choices that involve conflicting favored/condemned dispositions. Sawyer's reasoning in Q&A 4 (https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/5vsoiy/pillars_of_eternity_ii_deadfire_qa_4_transcript/) was primarily that it sabotages the character and secondarily that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. In regards to the former, the Untroubled Faith talent takes care of that. In regards to the latter, it's debatable. Like eselle28 mentioned, there are those characters who
  23. Actually, maybe one this sort of focus and spell synergy could work is via a cipher subclass. Not specifically tied to spells since it'd be weird for a subclass to mandate multiclassing, but allowing the cipher to gain Focus through AoE effects and resources like scrolls, explosives, and other class' spells if you choose to multiclass. One possible tradeoff could be a significantly lowered rate of Focus gain in relation to the damage caused by standard attacks. What I'd really like to see for a cipher subclass is a parasite of sorts who establishes more debilitating links to enemies throug
  24. Your initial suggestion doesn't require Soul Whip to be more powerful at all; it only requires that you gain Focus from spells. I was only clarifying that Soul Whip wouldn't be working like it did in Pillars 1 since KaineParker raised the concern of Soul Whip automatically adding 20% to spell damage. If the rate of Focus gain through damage is also tied to the Soul Whip itself becoming more powerful, it's probably possible to create a talent to increase Focus gain independent of Soul Whip advancement: there's the Brîshalgwin Mindmarker from Pillars 1, which demonstrates that they can fiddle wi
  25. On which part? In regards to the link, Rope Kid (Sawyer) stated that "Soul Whip, like Carnage and Sneak Attack, are all going to start small, be based off of base weapon damage, and increase with their associated Power Source." The point being that Soul Whip won't work like it did in Pillars 1: having only a few cipher levels won't automatically net you a 20% boost to damage, but the extent of the damage bonus will increase as you advance the cipher's Power Source (by taking more cipher levels). However, doing so comes at the cost of advancing the other spellcasting class' Power Source. A
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