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  1. Fair enough. What you're saying makes sense and I agree to a point that it should be virtually, if not absolutely, impossible for one mortal alone to harm a god in this setting given nature of said gods' construction/existence. Still, even setting aside the particulars of what makes the case of Eothas a possible exception to this general rule, it is worth mentioning that the Watcher has proven capable of shredding thousands, or perhaps even tens of thousands, of souls into nonexistence before: With that in mind, Watchers of sufficiently absurd power may be exceptions to this decisive gulf
  2. Thanks; I think it'd also be a good chance to show off how a god's territory might appear to mortal eyes (if the gods actually stake claims to particular sections of the metaphysical landscape in Pillars) in this setting if the location of such a fight happened to be within or near Eothas' slice of the Beyond.
  3. There's been some discussion about this before, and currently, the official response is that it might happen but it requires a lot of work to do right. To quote Q&A 6:
  4. If you're saying that there likely won't and shouldn't be a simple linear progression where you just make your way through the game, leveling up along the way until you're a bad enough dude to carve up Eothas with awesome loot you're decked out in, then I agree. But if you're saying that, as a god, Eothas should be beyond any meaningful confrontation with mortals or risk of permanent harm through such confrontations regardless of the resources the player gathers, the factions they rally, the favor they curry with other gods, etc., then I think you've mistaken this for a setting where the gods
  5. Sawyer's exact words were: Before they were pretty specific about the VO being doubled, so this may indicate some expansion beyond that (though I personally would prefer that not all dialogue is voiced). Then again, I've been guilty of reading more/less into Sawyer's words than was actually there in the past, so I'm not particularly sure of anything here.
  6. The simplest way to address the issue is to force Eothas into a more manageable form. Eothas himself/itself may ultimately discard the statue to avoid the attention it attracts or to gave access to something that it cannot reach, for example, or the Watcher may employ some means (possibly via an extended questline) of wrecking the statue which requires Eothas to relocate to something or someone else. Or the fight might take place in the Beyond, where the forms that Eothas and the Watcher take may be more compatible for the purpose of confrontation.
  7. Sawyer has hinted that things may not boil down to hostilities between the Watcher and Eothas, but I'd be pretty disappointed if there wasn't any option to kill the bastard after having wrecked the keep and gobbled up most of the Watcher's soul. It doesn't have to be done through combat, necessarily, and if the process functions anything like the initial confrontation between St. Waidwen and the Dozen at Halgot Citadel it probably wouldn't, but between the precedent that's already been set and the abundance of motivation that the storyline gives us to off him again, the "let's kill Eothas" rou
  8. One way to make the subclass more appealing would be to extend its focus on martial flexibility/improvisation past weapons themselves and on to weapon proficiency modal abilities as well. For example, black jackets might be able to apply weapon-specific modal abilities to other weapons that are of the same type (i.e., fast one-handed, large one-handed, two-handed, bows, implements, or firearms) and/or characters with the subclass might gain temporary benefits when they switch from one weapon modal to another; I'm considering this shifting modal incentive mostly in terms of some sort of bat
  9. I also like the idea of multiple levels of proficiency in various weapons, but I also find the idea of proficiency-based modals more interesting than the typical progression of proficiencies in, say, 2e D&D (i.e., straight up damage bonuses, attack bonuses, and/or attack speed bonuses) and I can understand how making a bunch of weapon-specific modals based on proficiency level would introduce a lot more work that increasingly large subsets of the player population would be unlikely to ever see the higher up you go in terms of proficiency levels. Perhaps another option to reflect increa
  10. No problem. I suppose it also brings anyone reading this thread up to date if they haven't checked out the other threads or the q&as themselves.
  11. Sawyer's answer to a question of the latest Q&A stream make it pretty clear that currently this is not how it works: Right. And the reason you're expecting something posted nearly over a month before to conform to this information is... because? I already updated the Known Information thread to reflect this information based on the information from Q&A 7 that preceded this response, which was just one of many cases of them repeating themselves across Q&A sessions. It doesn't change the fact that it wasn't clear at the time. Edit: derped.
  12. Pallegina sassed (there really isn't anything else to see there unless you like twitter comments).
  13. I'm in agreement with those who have said that making the weapon styles fighter-exclusive neither succeeded in making those talents less generic nor in making fighters themselve more interesting, but I can also appreciate the points that have been made about how opening up the styles as proficiency options may have unfortunate implications in terms of net gains/losses overall and how combat will need to be rebalanced as a result. Fighters have a few themes that apply to them more heavily than barbarians, paladins, and the like. They're disciplined, resilient, and typically organized.
  14. From Dragon Age Origins, I'd like to see something along the lines of Walking Bomb/Virulent Walking Bomb. Spirit Mark from Dragon Age Inquisition would also be fun. I like the idea of Spirit Blade being repurposed as a volatile Soul Whip for ciphers (edit: minus the oversized energy sword VFX), but in practice, it probably wouldn't differ much from Mind Blades or Soul Annihilation unless it was set up as a modal that drained Focus with every attack or something. Abyssal Blade and Unholy Sacrifice would fit the Bleakwalkers fairly well. Shield Other would similarly be fitting f
  15. I'd say that we're in agreement that there's room for improvement in terms of class abilities and talents, but I think that the developers should generally treat the basic class descriptions as broad-strokes representations of the classes/subclasses rather than strict prescriptions of what should or should not be possible for them. If anything, I believe there's a case to be made that some of the more exciting possibilities for developing the classes pertain to options that diverge from or even subvert the basic expectations set forth by the descriptions of the classes they apply to.
  16. I'd say that the paladin's actually a good example of why class capabilities shouldn't be overly dictated by generic class descriptions. There doubtless are paladin orders, like the Darcozzi Paladani and the Bleakwalkers, that are characterized by and are infamous for their ardent passions or relentless ferocity which drown out the petty dictates of reason, but it's the exact opposite for the Goldpact Knights, who eschew passion and aggression for pragmatism and restraint, and the Shieldbearers of St. Elcga, who are peacekeepers and guardians first and foremost rather than crusaders. The commo
  17. If anything, I think you managed to make it look more seamless and well-executed than the original. Much obliged.
  18. Maybe I'm missing something here, but your contention was that no one but wizards would have any reason to select implements. My understanding is that wizards have no particular advantage in using implements anymore (though I could be wrong since I haven't delved into this thoroughly). If my understanding is correct, then if implements are suboptimal, then it's a problem with general weapon balance/design that should be addressed rather than passively accepted (and to be honest, I can't really comment on how well the implements perform in comparison to other ranged weapons since my beta run-th
  19. Those proficiencies aren't functionally bound to wizards in any way; the only thing that ever tied the weapons uniquely to them was Blast, and that's been opened up to anyone who spends a proficiency point on rods now. Whether implements are worth using in relation to other weapons is simply a question of balance, which can be adjusted.
  20. While I like the idea of an unarmed proficiency and was disappointed to learn that there were no plans to include one, I'd imagine the reasoning for not including one is that without the monk's Transcendent Suffering or the Novice's Suffering talent, fists really aren't going to cut it for anyone else. Since Novice's Suffering doesn't exist anymore, that limits the use of this proficiency to monks and monk multiclass combinations, something that seems to run counter to the design goals of the proficiency system overall insofar as they're supposed to be useful and accessible to a wide range of
  21. I have to agree with the others, I'm seeing wonderful work here. If you don't mind me tossing another on the pile, I have a request of my own. It's fairly crude since I cobbled it together from bits of other images and I'm obviously no expert on blending them, but having gone to the trouble in the first place, I'm somewhat attached to it.
  22. That's a pretty good summation of the benefits/drawbacks of multiclassing. Thanks for posting it here, I'll link to it in the original post as well.
  23. I haven't fiddled around with Arcana in the beta myself, but if it's like it was in Pillars 1, then everyone actually can cast some wizard spells without multiclassing already. Not all of them, granted, but then again it's not like everyone has access to all of the fighter's talents either.
  24. Or maybe the talent cost is intended to reflect the godlike's brutal regimen of horn sawing, flame dousing, feather plucking, and/or cranial binding to make normal helmets fit them.
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