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  1. Does anyone think it would cool that once you have multiple ships that you could fill the spare ships with crews and send them out to complete side missions? Kind of like the Caed Nua missions from Pillars 1. They could bring back items and supplies (food/drink/other random items) as well as gain sailor experience. It would be kind of cool to put your spare ships and sailors to work and do something productive while you tackle the main content. I haven't played since launch so forgive me if they have already done something like this. Cheers
  2. Crashed to desktop while travelling to the Gullet from the south road in Queens Berth.
  3. Good to know, I have similar very specs and am having pretty dicey frame rates all over the place. I'm sure it will be patched up, the original game got loads of patches. I tried it on my roommates P.C. and it still chugs. CPU: AMD FX 8350 GPU: GTX 970 4gb Ram: 16 GB
  4. I wouldn't worry about finding people to play with, this and the PoE2 reddit would make it pretty easy to find other members of the community to play with. I am all for it, in fact...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is one of the "very complicated features" they aren't ready to show us yet but I am probably being too hopeful. Having it post launch would be fine too, if it doesn't happen I won't lose any sleep over it.
  5. Forget the exact name of the enemy but outside poko kahara ruins there are 3 sand wisp/devils. I knocked one prone and it was untargetable and I was stuck in combat, I had to reload.
  6. This is sort of what I'm getting at, sure you can use weapons but with no unarmed prof it feels like the whole idea of using fists is lame because its left out.
  7. Unless you're doing some weird shield monk build it kinda sucks feeling like you miss out of choosing some weapons as a monk. I know they get a passive for fist damage and all but it would be cool to pick something.
  8. Whips would do crap damage against heavy armor sure but what if it was more of a %chance to inflict a random status effect?? such as... Disarm Prone (Pulldown) Bleeds (Unarmored targets) Could be badass with other sorts of ideas this way, if you can't do **** to tanky humanoids then pull the feet out from under them. Yay or Neh?
  9. Anyone else think whips would be a cool mid-short range weapon given the setting? Ya know...totally go Indiana Jones on some pirates?
  10. I agree there is (and should be) no way to keep ALL of your unused companions close to your average party level. I personally haven't seen a significant amount of XP from the Caed Nua quests but I have just started a new play through so I will fiddle with it a bit more this time around. I don't doubt major quests can give those characters a boost, I just haven't seen it yet. I agree some companions falling behind does encourage replay value (which I am in favor of). I just don't like that I can go to any Inn and instantly make a character of any race and class that I can slap gear on and
  11. One of the things that I found frustrating (In a way that does make sense) about pillars 1 was how far behind companions I seldom used fell behind in levels. From the fair point of view, of course they deserve to fall behind because I rarely use them. So for example if I left Kana out for a long period of time and my average party level is 13...lets say he's level 6. It sucks going to and inn and hiring a chanter that is at a more current level and totally miss out on the fun banter and interactions Kana would bring to the party instead of just a "Adventurer" I hired. Assuming we get some
  12. Just starting up a bug thread here. No need to reply to anyones posts but if you encounter any bugs feel free to post them here. For one, When the game is full screen (Not in windowed mode) if you have two monitors and mouse off to the side to scroll the screen. the mouse cursor leaves the game screen and goes onto the other monitor. This makes moving the screen awkward. Bouncing around in the menus sometimes the font size increases far beyond the intended font and sometimes in the settings menu the tab names disappear. Some of these are probably already known but I hope every one
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