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  1. Hello all! I'm so hyped for this game and like many others I'm already thinking a lot of my party composition A lot of thoughts is of course very much based on speculation, but it's still fun to try and cover all the bases you want in the most optimized and/or fun way. My party will be lead by a paladin tank, most likely Pallegina, and my question is what your thoughts are on what class a paladin tank could multiclass into to get the most synergistic effects in terms of damage and fulfilling its role (taking damage, controlling and manipulating the battlefield and being able to aid other characters in need)? Again, I would like to emphasize that there are no rights or wrongs, I'm just interested in your thoughts. Not that it matters much, but I will make my first playthrough on Hard and will occasionally have all characters in my party due to completionist syndrome, but there will still be a core group. Party at the moment: Pallegina - Paladin // Fighter (or Chanter) Primarily a tank role Serafen - Barbarian // Cipher (DW and guns(mortar?) in second slot, flexible character whose role will change based on the fight) Aloth/Fessina - Rogue // Wizard (2H, more oriented at melee combat but casting a few non-buff spells) Tekehu - Druid or Druid // Chanter or Druid // Monk (Jack of all Trades, but will be interesting to see what Watershaper and Stormspeaker is all about) PC - Priest (High-Dex, High-Int Support, weak defenses, will not want to get hit a lot) Chanter multiclass makes a worse tank but the fire synergy with Palleginas order and Dragon Thrashed is tempting. Also, being a buffbot fits somewhat in the tank role. Reveal your thoughts! :D
  2. I agree with you to a certain extent, but there are so many other parameters in the game so it's fine imo. I have to disagree with you on Intelligence though. Having 20 compared to 10 makes a BIG difference, both in efficiency and quality of life. Regarding the other stats, except Constitution, they actually may matter much more or much less than you would think but it is VERY unintuitive MIGHT on a Rogue for example doesnt matter that much, whilst on other classes matters more than it would seem. I was blown away when reading a guide on GameFAQs, linked below, learning how things worked. There are also some excellent forum posts on the matter. Attack speed in particular is really crazy and I hope it changes for Deadfire. https://www.gamefaqs.com/pc/687020-pillars-of-eternity/faqs/72035
  3. They have. Read the info, Eder is given as the example. You also can't choose a subclass, they are preset. Eder is a vanilla fighter, a vanilla rogue, or a vanilla fighter/vanilla rogue. It used to be 3rd edition style multiclassing, where you can choose a second class (and subclass) on level-up. Thus the ability to choose a wacky second class was a product of the game system, not a design choice. It now works something like DOS2: when you first meet Eder you have dialogue options: "I would like you to concentrate on being a fighter", "I would like you to concentrate on being sneaky", "I would like you to choose a balanced path". Clearly, there will not be a dialogue option for every class and subclass in the game. Be careful when making such statements, provide a link to your information or please stop spreading misinformation. I have read all info available several times and there is to my knowledge no indication anywhere that companions for certain are locked to vanilla classes and can't multiclass outside the two preset classes. To me, that just seems like your interpretation. If I'm wrong, then I'm sorry. My interpretation, and I think many others, is that when you first encounter a companion you are prompted to choose one of two classes (Fighter and Rogue in the example of Edér) and an optional subclass for that class. In that window or a second one that pops up after you will be given the option to multiclass that companion into any other class (except the priest/paladin restrictions) including a subclass for that second class. Does not have to be a dialogue option for every class and subclass, just something similar to character creation. However, nobody can tell for certain how it's going to work, at least at this point. From a design point-of-view it doesn't really make sense to give the companions too many restrictions when there is so much work put into their dialogue and story, since if you want many multiclasssed characters you could circumvent such a restriction by hiring adventurers from an inn. Would be really cool to get a clarification from a dev on this matter
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