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  1. Adding to this as level scaling is not working my game. I've been playing on Veteran with Level Scaling, All and only Upwards since the very start. Now close to 40 hours in at lvl 16. It's very evident that nothing is scaling with me.
  2. Having same issue. Yngfrith is not at Dunnage and Modwyr page says "Talk with Modwyr (1/1)"
  3. Having the same issue. Ending slide of PoE had her joining Kind Wayfarers, but in Deadfire her subclass is still Brotherhood, despite in-game status having her kicked out and her character model armor scuffed and scratched out. Though her portrait shows her armor intact.
  4. I would hope at midnight PDT or at least a few hours before release, but it's probably when the game unlocks.
  5. Do note as Ganrich stated that your inventory and the ships inventory is separate. You have to actively take food and drink out of your inventory and add it to the ships holds which they will then consume. So the ship's crew won't be eating anything unless you specifically give it to them.
  6. I'm pretty sure, but not positive, that they will consume the food and liquid in succession from Left to Right in the Crew inventory list. Pretty sure that was how it worked when I tested it out after that first update introduced the ship stuff, but haven't touched that since. So I may be wrong or remembering incorrectly.
  7. Taking Wed-Fri off, long overdue for some time off in general not just for this, so yeah I'll be playing that evening when I get home from work without worrying how late I'll end up playing.
  8. Do we know if food consumption is decreased when at port or landing? Wages should stay the same, but if you're at a viable port or even just a random landing on a remote island the crew should be acquiring food from outside the ship while you're away and not simply eating through the ship supplies, at least if the aim is to be more realistic. But if the intention is to add further constraints and risks to traveling over land or resting a lot when away from the ship that I guess makes sense to just have them consume the same amount regardless of location/status.
  9. I mean that's kind of what the current system already does. I doubt many people are willing to suffer more than 1 injury at a time, if that, and instead choose to just immediately rest after acquiring one. That kind of response would be a lot harder if the frequency of injuries was much great than the current Trap/Knockout system which is decidedly infrequent. Hardtack may be in abundance but possibly not so great that you can rest to clear out injuries after every single combat. If the max accumulated injuries was higher and the penalties much smaller, but increased as you gained more, th
  10. It wasn't random in Tyranny it was the result of a Knockout or on harder difficulties your Health going below a certain low point. That's exactly the kind of thing good tactics prevents. And it wouldn't be random here either. If Injuries had a % chance of being obtained when your character was hit with a Crit or High Dmg attack that was > than X% of your overall Health you can totally mitigate that through tactics and strategy. There is a wealth of active/passive buffs, debuffs, abilities, equipment, weapons and consumables that can help reduce the chance of Crits and overall Dmg you re
  11. Maybe, but conceptually Injury/Health is something much more easily grasped and understandable system by just looking at without the need for a very detailed explanation. Health/Endurance while effective a system for simulating short term and long term health status did carry along with it a somewhat complicated calculations for how they were derived and how they were presented was visually confusing for some both being two bars effectively. But right now Injuries are just too infrequent an occurrence being relegated to Traps and Knockouts only and the fact that you can only acquire 3 with you
  12. Injury/Health is a decent replacement for Health/Endurance from PoE in theory, but right now Injuries just don't play a large enough role in the game. So the need to rest really isn't there for a lot of players. The current system completely loses out on that extra layer of simulation of your character's overall health over the course of several fights and dmg they've received. While Health in PoE was possibly a bit too granular and nebulous for many players to understand, I believe Josh has sited confusion over Health Bar/Number and the Endurance Bar/Number being too similar for some to
  13. No definitive answer I believe. If I recall correctly Josh said he thinks we can but wasn't completely positive about it. I've also not seen any mention or answer to whether Companion's stats will differ based on the Class/Multi-class we choose for them, which to me would be a pretty reasonable thing to do, but maybe they aren't doing that.
  14. It's hard to really say whether Eora is on the brink of an Industrial Revolution or not. Outside of things like the Hand Occult and proverbial Gods actively sabotaging technological advances the world does seem very much at that tipping point of reach a new era but there are certainly other factors at play deciding that. I think one of the biggest is the fact that Magic, Gods and more importantly Soul manipulation exists. A great deal of the worlds intellectual capital is being spent in these fields because they are readily tangible rather than those subject areas our great thinkers spent
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