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  1. So this isn't really a bug, but just wanted to post this interaction here in case it wasn't expected. Anyway, so I was playing with all the challenges on (as a berserker). Pretty much every fight required me to be right on top of any enemy or they were completely invisible and not even visually rendered. I was playing around in the beast of winter area and got the footsteps of the beast (which pulses that aoe hobbling effect). I did a real noob move and turned on rage near the end of a fight (with the boots on), at least I thought it was the end. Apparently there were archers around 5-7m a
  2. Hello, I'm not sure if this one is a bug or if it's required I have at least 2 people or something, but when I try to 'Descend the rope' at the well in Poko Kohara, it just transitions back to my character in the zone. GIF
  3. Hello, It looks like one of the female hair styles, on the Wood Elf, glitches down the middle (across the top of the head). Screenshot
  4. Hello, It seems like some abilities are showing twice (maybe because I'm specifically multi-classing?). I'm multi-classing as a Helwalker Monk and an Assassin Rogue. Screenshot
  5. Hello, When running around the Sea Cave at the beginning of the game, it seems there's a small part of it near the trio of skeletons (and the dead body) that doesn't get revealed. It ends up partially hiding characters in the space and it seems like you can't do any actions (in combat) if you're in the unrevealed part. Screenshot EDIT: This is in the beta patch. (Also I just realized there's a subforum for the patch, I'm dumb.)
  6. Description When I talk to Ifren (in the magic shop) about how he broke into Arkemyr's manor, once I select the option to pay him 500 coins, Serafen (in my party) drops dead and Modwyr's soulbound quest to talk to Yngfrith updates and tells me to talk to Modwyr (even though I haven't gone to Dunnage yet). I have no idea why it happens.
  7. Hello, I have a list of a few bugs that I've encountered (that haven't been reported yet), so this post will be the collection. NPC Summons: If you leave these up during combat, when they despawn, they don't actually despawn. They become almost half-translucent (like low opacity) and their names flicker on the screen. (I will include a screenshot if I encounter more). Screenshot Stormturner Cloak Misspelling: Example: "Oilskin: +3 Armor Rating against Water attacks that icreases as wearer loses Health (Max 7 AR)" The "increases" text on all 3 of the effects is
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