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  1. He's not exactly a god, I'm pretty sure in the story they delve into that in the last missions, that thaos's people tried looking for the gods and couldn't find them anywhere they looked or went using animancy, and other technological advances. So they made them selves "gods" in order to prevent wide out rage and chaos that if there where no gods intern there are no consequences to what a person does.
  2. It's a good start hopfully you'll be able to modify more in-game items/text/characters. And in the future hopfully you'll be able to create items, characters, quests, etc.
  3. I don't know if this was addressed so sorry if I'm repeating a question, but is modding going to be in Deadfire? And i don't mean the portrait mods or IEMod, but actual full blown mods, ex: Visual mods, re-texturing mods, weapons mods, able to make your own companion with full dialog, armor mods, etc. It would add so much more playablility to the game.
  4. I like all of these comments, a lot of things i didn't think of. Like someone said what if we merged with him instead of killing him, which is an interesting idea i don't know how that would work but it's a cool idea. Or if he became a companion and secretly was spying on you and probably trying to find out what your weakness is. I went straight to killing him because he destroyed my god damn keep i spent hours on. I like the idea of taking his power and imprisoning him.
  5. This is just my theory, at some point we are going to be contacted by one of the many "Gods" in the game, they are going to tell us that we are going to need to make the Godhammer Bomb again in order to kill Eothas. We've already created "God" weapons, such as Abydon's Hammer in White March Part 2 using The White Forge. The Godhammer Bomb was Magran's work which Durance was a follower of and he helped create it so did 11 other engineers, but Magran was working with Woedica to kill Eothas. So i believe that one of these "Gods" will contact you in some way to try to get you to create the Godhamm
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