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  1. HAHAHA! Reporter Ben Dover ejaculates that KY jelly stocks have escallated...( Look out! ) http://www.news.com/IRS-taxation-of-online...html?tag=st.num Read on Gamer-Dudes and Dudettes! Sux to be you! :wink: Dude! Where's my tax return?!? Pre-orders on Anti-Proctal Intrusion Devices available now! Operators standing by! Special pricing on Family Protection Packages. *disclaimer* Does not protect against goverment issue STDs ( GI-STD ). */disclaimer* Get yours now! Why not just bounce your IP through an international proxy?
  2. Wasn't having health problems recently? I am thinking this is more of a mid-life crisis situation. Our Wals is trying to live out his youthful fantasies one more time before he admits to himself that he's old. And DR, as much as I like The Doors, the lyrics to their songs really aren't poetry. Besides, it's just not the same without Morrison's trademark wailing.
  3. If I am ever involved in a shooting scenario like this I'll be rushing the bastard with my knife. I don't care if I get shot, I still stab the **** if he's only as far away from me as the other side of a classroom. This is not nerd rage, I've inherited epic levels of grit and orneriness from my father, and I'm probably dead either way. This way I die fighting, and maybe save the lives of a few of my peers, my death won't be meaningless. Five inches of steel should at least slow a shooter down enough that somebody else can completely incapacitate him.
  4. Your opinion is invalid because you do not recognize that Dude, Where's My Car? is a classic piece of American cinema. EDIT: Seriously, that movie is hilarious.
  5. http://www.wordinfo.info/words/index/info/...=C&spage=26
  6. Nanotech powered microprocessors should be able to give future AIs a lot more power assuming we're able to code them.
  7. What about the Obsidian Illumminati Happy Fun Room forum?
  8. I've seen two friends down a bottle of rum together in one night so I'm going to say it's entirely possible for them to each finish a bottle, with all the beers, in two days.
  9. More like best avatar/sig combo ever amirite? You're full of **** Lou. <3
  10. Guys, I fell behind on this series but I remember really liking it. What is the best version of the DVDs to get and where do I find them?
  11. You have legs, use them. So now this thread is dedicated to telling me the important goings-on here at the Obsidian Forums. That way instead of following the forum drama while sitting on the edge of my chair biting my nails I can do more important things, like read comic books and procrastinate on my schoolwork.
  12. You can do a lot to minimize the damage from coal. Carbon scrubbers, etc.
  13. That's pretty cool dude, I remember that, those heady days of youthful defiance.
  14. Which is kind of funny considering you're effing huge and look like Superman. Oh, and uh, the mirror thing. Probably want to try an MMF threesome, etc.
  15. it didn't happen because I was out of gas and had a psyciatric appointment. Figure next time he comes up will go MUCH better (it'd better anyway) God willing. Pixies went to college and apparently to his first AA meeting. Huh. She's floating in the ocean you ****. :'( Mus, I am ignoring you because I have still not seen you posting at F'opolis.
  16. Been away for a little while. How're things going here? Sorry for missing our meet Calax and Eldar, my car was being a punk at the time, out of my hands.
  17. A Space Ghost movie would be pretty sweet, but it'd have to be the sassy C2C version.
  18. I live in close proximity to one of the largest spook plane bases in America. Yes, I've seen UFOs, no I don't believe any of them were otherworldly, yes I believe there is probably life on another planet someplace. The more important question is how can we destroy them and take their stuff.
  19. I really want to go, but life (and lack of money) has gotten in the way this time around. Calax, maybe you and me can make it down next year, roadtrip style. I've got an aunt in Jamul that I bet'd put us up, we'd probably only need monies for transportation and con entry.
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