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  1. i gave bethsoft too much money for oblivion to blindly go out and buy another formulated crap game from them. i plan on trying it out and then buying it if its worth it, and by worth it i mean decent expansion packs and mod tools in the future.
  2. ...And presumably in the last year you discovered a decent beer? actually .... that was 5 years ago come october, and no i really havent. but then after i got out i found that after spending years trying to drink my problems away, i no longer had that big of a urge to get drunk. i go through a case o beer in about a month now, not an hour.
  3. hummmm ..... i should take some pictures next time i drive through a south texas gohst town.
  4. what about crying after getting kicked in the nuts? i uasually cry when that happens ..... but the last time that happend i was allso drunk and it was a buddy of mine that did it so i was actually crying and laughing .... i dont really know why i was laughing but i was.
  5. fosters big cans of fosters that and morrowind got me through 3 of the 4 years i spent in the marines. ( just to show how much i liked it .... had to ask how to spell marines )
  6. hay I know you!

    it was funny to see some one from UFR, i wasnt sure if it was the same "dragon lord jones till i read your siggy"

    not too many people willing to admit to the witness protection plan

  7. how about a quest in game that gives a detailed and intricate walk through on how beth.soft has evolved from a creative developer, focused on innovative gameplay and story, into a financially endowed "hit maker " "studio" that has completely embraced the business philosophy of "Pretty IS game play .... SO HIRE MORE ARTISTS!". then at the end of the quest they would have a moral lesson about selling out to a demonic entity *khoff*micro$oft*khoff* and then have a link to a petition in favor stripping beth.soft of the fallout license and giving it to obsidian! yeah sorry if I'm bitter i j
  8. any one stupid enugh to visit "it" at the site "it" advertised?

  9. ok, yah i'm a retard, im stupid, blah blah blah. say what you will, but a lot of akella's games look kind of cool to me. lo tech, yah. but you arn't going to need a new rig to play them. http://www.akella.com/en/index.php
  10. the only modding i'v really done is with morrowind, the nwn tool set is so diffrent that it is daunting for me to learn, ADHD here to ..... (some one needs to make a scripting for dummies like they did with morrowind) does any one else roll there eyes at how many mods there are to turn your fem. char. into jerk off target?
  11. Never trust anyone with a Cheshire Cat for an avatar.

  12. i hear by start a intergalactic petition that all world conflicts be settled at quake con. supreme world domination is going to be covered at next years unreal convention.
  13. "you have to understand how much of an icredible act of mercy the bombings were, and how many million" ..... wait ..... F*** that. it took me three years to forget how a mass grave smelled, and i will never forget how that mother screamed when they told her that her son was in it. oooh, america the heros, free iraq, bush is the savior ..... the F**King D**K, i for one am ashamed for my role in the iraq war.
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