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  1. @Killian Kalthorne: Heh... You're one to talk. I've always find it funny when a westerner claims that a certain group or people are 'terrorists' or 'enemies of freedom.' It's just so overwhelmingly hypocritical. Tell me something, with what moral authority do you or the mainstays of the western civilization regime speak, when in their own closet there are skeletons labeled Abu Ghraib, Iraq, Guantanamo, mass murder, war crimes, illegal invasion, torture, illegal detention, disrespect for international law, denial of due process... etc? The fact is, the US with its capitalistic and m
  2. What, one million dead Iraqis not enough for your accursed tree?
  3. This. Communism is the enemy. Ok I give up. I offer you truth and you condemn it. You guys are a bunch of morons!
  4. Sigh... It's your loss then. And they say we theists are the close minded ones... FYI, the guy giving the lecture is Richard Wolff a professor of economics. If you only had the balls to listen to what he had to offer.
  5. @Killian Kalthorne: You obviously didn't watch the video. The guy's actually provides the answers to your questions. Watch the damn vid man, it'll cost you nothing!
  6. Before I post my rebuttal to a number of members here on this thread, I humbly ask all of you that are interested in this topic to view the following presentation: A Marxist analysis of the current financial crisis. This video will show you (among others): 1. Capitalism is a system designed to fail. 2. Capitalism is undemocratic. 3. Capitalism is killing the planet. Wake up America, you've been had!
  7. LOL... Cool thread. Apart from being un-Christian, more importantly I would also like to point out that Capitalism is undemocratic. As I've stated before on the 'communism' thread, capitalism is greed-driven. And as such capitalism pretty much encourages corporations to play the market as aggressively as possible. Even if it means rewriting the rules by which we live to better suit their own interests. And while capitalism has become remarkably responsive to what people want as individual consumers, democracies have struggled to perform their own basic functions: to articulate and act upo
  8. Well unlike you, we have to live in your so-called
  9. @taks: Really? Then how come many American/European corporations that seek more profit close domestic factories and run away to Third World countries (such as Indonesia) rather than offer their employees decent wages, proper benefits, and pensions. And let me tell you that here in Indonesia, I
  10. As a PS3 owner, lemme just say that the 360 sucks! lol As for FFXIII, can anyone tell me when will the NA version be available?
  11. Communism RULES! LOL... j/k Let me just say that we can quantify the deaths caused by communism/socialism (Lenin/Stalin etc) and religious (i.e Islamic) extremism, but we will never know how many deaths have been the result of capitalism; of nothing more noble than a rich man wanting to be even richer, and sacrificing the health and lives of millions of workers to achieve this. Don't even try to count how many people capitalism has killed, because not only will you not know where to begin, but also it will never end.
  12. So, what do you think of Hamas terrorists using bombs and rockets on Israeli civilians who have children around them. After all, by your assessment then Hamas should be fried. I've answered this in the Israel thread. Have another look. When it comes to the purposeful killing of women and children, the words
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