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  1. Maybe, it's hard to say because the distribution of wealth from those is generally pretty uneven. The only thing I'd really be hoping for if I managed to get registered is scholarship money.
  2. Easiest way to learn how to get it moving is to play with the clutch. If you can let out the clutch pedal until it's just about all the way out and you can feel the gears starting to engage and the car's starting to creep forward you're golden. It's a lot easier than "Gently easing off the clutch and applying gas." I'm not sure what kind of sadist came up with that advice. This is also useful for gridlock traffic where it's moving too slowly to keep it in first without the engine dying but it's still moving a little bit.
  3. You should tell that to my grandma. I used that word for the purposes of this discussion because you are, in fact, registering for a CDIB Card, or "Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood." It's an outdated racial categorization now, but similar to the Negro College Fund and the NAACP nobody's bothered to update it.
  4. Scholarships and other government monies mostly as far as I can tell. Some tribes can also get cards for marijuana but that doesn't really interest me.
  5. I figure somebody here might know about this. I, along with my siblings, have more than 1/8 Indian blood (Cherokee mostly, an undetermined but small amount of Sioux on my dad's side), but back in the day my ancestors pretended to be white folk to avoid persecution. Thanks to my grandma and her boredom, I have pretty extensive genealogy and historic records to prove this, but I have no idea who/where to submit them to and what paperwork I need. After a couple searches I've found lots and lots of Indian (as in the asian subcontinent) dating sites, a few people trying to research their genealogies, and this site which contains some pretty useful information, and I do in fact have all the crap they say I need, but all the links for the forms are dead. Now, honestly I don't care much one way or the other, though potential scholarship monies would be nice, but my little sister asked me if I thought I could find anything out about it and I'll feel kind of bad if I'm not able to. Any ideas?
  6. If I were talking about you you'd know it.
  7. To be fair, the people who are hating on Fischer the worst in this thread, are also clearly mentally unstable, and at least as horribly racist as Fischer was, they just aim their racism at Arabs instead of Jews. Also they'll never be geniuses.
  8. That's because Velociraptor looks really dumb with feathers.* *See Jurassic Park III and the pictures you posted.
  9. Uh, well it was me who brought up evolution/creationism actually. Visc: Yeah I agree. I think that looking at plant evolution is the best way to understand evolution on a macroscopic scale, since it's the most well-documented and has the most dots connected up. Here's an interesting tidbit: Birds are the only surviving dinosaurs. Odd isn't it? You'd think that more than one species of the thousands of dinosaur species would have survived to this day... then again a lot of what people consider dinosaurs weren't dinosaurs. E.g.: pterosaurs (flying reptiles) weren't dinosaurs, but were very closely related. Crocodiles weren't dinosaurs, but lived at the same time and were very closely related. Turtles weren't dinosaurs, they lived at the same time, but are as related to Humans as they were to dinosaurs. For example, here is one of the closest ancestors of mammals: The Dimetrodon. We didn't actually evolve from that, but it was the closest relative of the "reptile" we DID evolve from. Which is funny because most people think the Dimetrodon is a dinosaur, let alone a mammal-like reptile. And, not that it's probably a shock, velociraptors are very close cousins to birds, which are both living members of the dinosaur group maniraptor. Which isn't that hard to believe if you examine illustrations of the velociraptor: Further, T. Rex had feathers and was also a close relative of birds. These birds here seem to be the closest to the other raptors: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ratite#Galler..._Living_Species A not to scale comparison of velociraptor feet with pigeon feet: Oviraptors (mistakenly called egg snatchers) didn't actually steal and eat the eggs from other dinosaurs, but sat on their own nests to keep them warm - like birds do, and like other dinosaurs didn't. You sort of realise that your old conception of reptiles being hard, stiff, big, slow and scaley isn't exactly correct considering they gave rise to birds and mammals and indeed many of them resembled/were birds and mammals. Hey, I've seen the Jurassic Park movies too!
  10. That's not nice pointing out the old man's memory problems Pidesco.
  11. Hm, this thread is interesting. I have ADD, I was diagnosed when I was 11. Parents and the docs put me on meds for years, wouldn't let me stop taking them when I decided I'd had enough when I turned 17, so I found instructions to taper myself off on the internet was on some for bipolar disorder as well, in hindsight I have a feeling the ADD meds are what made them think I was bipolar because I really don't have any problems with depression anymore but I still have a pretty upbeat manic disposition. I was able to control myself enough that nobody even knew I'd stopped taking them until I told everyone about six months in. These days the only symptoms I have include asking some kind of off the wall questions and I'm a horrible procrastinator when something doesn't interest me. Last quarter I finished a College Algebra course and most of the coursework for my Defensive Countermeasures class in two days, passed both though, B in the Algebra an A in the other one. Hyperfocus thing helps with that. Sometimes I'll get so absorbed in something I'll forget to sleep or eat. Also caffeine does work on me but it has to be in a ridiculously high dose and even then I crash off it hard within 1-2 hours.
  12. Yes. Photograph of the culprit: It is not so much socks as black fuzzy things. He has a a pair of mittens that used to belong to my sister that she gave up on getting back from him after he trashed one of them, but he loses them a lot. My socks are the most plentiful fuzzy black items in the house for the most part.
  13. I am what I eat. So just to clarify, you're saying your a fat nutter?
  14. Alright, I wasn't expecting much this year because I've been out of work for a time, my savings have been gone for a bit now, and the only income I've got is what freelance work I can scrounge until I find something permanent; so my parents have been helping me out in the meantime at their own expense and they're not really rich people in the first place. I actually got a lot more than I expected. Favorite thing I got is a sweater my little sister gave me, I really think the next time I need clothes I should just take her out with me because this is the second awesome piece of clothing I've gotten from her, last year it was a jacket. I mean, I don't dress too shabbily, and I'm awesome at picking out unique t-shirts and jeans and pretty good at dress wear, but she buys me stuff I'd never really think about trying on and it always looks great on me. I also got seven pairs of black crew socks, I needed these badly so I was grateful when I opened them. Damned cat steals my socks so I never have enough (only the black ones though, and I'm the only person here who wears that kind), they turn up under furniture and in all sorts of odd places. I also got a nice little box set of the Jurassic Park movies, a really nice Bible with of a particularly small size, a $25 gift card for Barnes and Noble from my half sister's family, and a ton of candy.
  15. Screw you hippy, I'm celebrating Christmas like any good American.
  16. Well, the family is out of town and when that happens I get mopey and watch everything that catches my interest on IFC (this is often a metaphor for anything with boobs). THE LINKS BELOW CONTAIN SPOILERS So far I have watched Human Nature, Pumpkin, Havoc, Sugar, and Danny Deckchair. Human Nature was a good movie. It was funny, two of the leads were neurotic and the third was an amoral sociopath, and it was really screwed up. It follows the story of a scientist with hangups over tablemanners, a naturist with a body hair problem, and a wildman who was raised in the woods as an ape by his father. Limited boobies considering it garnered an R rating for nudity, but it was a good enough movie that I didn't care that I wasn't be titillated. I guess it's made by the dudes who did Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind too, but I haven't seen that yet. Pumpkin was jacked up. It is about a college girl who falls in love with a retarded boy. It was funny as hell, but there is just something about that that is completely messed up to me, in a way that is similar to pedophilia. So while I was laughing for most of the movie, I felt a little bit uneasy with myself at the same time. Bright side is I don't think Christina Ricci wore a bra in the entire movie and it had her running around doing track and field activities and my guess from the way she looked is the set must've been mighty cold. Havoc was also a good movie. It's about spoiled white kids in LA who think they're all hard so they decide to live the thug life and it doesn't work out as well as they thought it would. The acting was surprisingly good, even the bad characters were likeable, and it had Anne Hathaway in a sex scene with another chick. I admit I may have liked the characters more because I've known real life examples of them (both the wiggers and the gansters), or because of the boobs. Sugar was a strange movie. It opens with the eighteenth birthday party of the main character, a sad affair involving his mother and eight (?) year old sister at some restaurant. He gets a skateboard. After he gets home he's sitting on the roof smoking when his sister drags him inside telling him she has a present for him. It consists of a small bottle of vodka like you get on an airplane, an joint, and a note that says "Get Sex." She tells him that he is to drink the vodka, smoke the joint, then head downtown to get sex. Now, if this was his older sister, or even his younger but teenaged sister this would've been a little more palatable, but with her age it was just strange. However I was intrigued. So he rides his skateboard downtown in a crossfaded haze, and then, what's that, oh, gay sex scene. Then he hung out with the guy he just got a blowjob from. Oh, hey, there's some boobs...only they're tranny boobs...and the tranny isn't even hot. More gay sex, pen!s, gay sex, drug scene, hustling, pen!s, gay sex. Seriously. Actually I sell the movie short, there were a lot more drug scenes, and gay sex. I kept watching though because the characterizations were incredibly good, and the story, while disjointed, and exaggerated in a manner that made it hard to suspend my disbelief at times, had me interested, I wanted to know what happened to these people. The ending was really sad. Also I guess the lead actor died a few weeks after this movie was finished which is sad because he was excellent. Danny Deckchair was my favorite. It was just charming. When I was not laughing, I had a bemused smile on my face, and between this and Human Nature I have a spectacular respect for Rhys Ifans as an actor now (he played one of the three leads in Human Nature and the lead in this one). Basically Danny is a dreamer, he doesn't have any sort of practical motivation, but he has ideas, and he sometimes impulsively follows them to their end. None of them really work out so well, at least until this movie.
  17. Weird Al - Christmas At Ground Zero
  18. You are way too old for that have been on when you were a kid. But I came in here to say this, The Tick, and Batman: TAS were my favorites growing up. And now Toon Disney is airing all three of them, and they're all still really awesome shows. It's like they know exactly what to broadcast to make me watch their crappy channel.
  19. The second film will be a fully realized screen adaptation of The Adventures of Tom Bombadil.
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