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  1. CCleaner is pretty dope. I fix computers, networks, and other tech widgets professionally. HTH.
  2. people tend to get all bent out of shape when i post facts, so i've been quiet. taks Yo taks, opinions on the Gulf Stream shifting/underwater Methane Hydrates?
  3. Man Wals, you think I got time to read the entire thread before posting? Dang.
  4. Yeah well my **** is bigger than yours so there.
  5. ALSO There is not much we can do about global warming at this point aside from crazy mad science (geoengineering with bioengineered organisms, creating something that will capture the methane before it escapes to the atmosphere etc.). It is on the verge of spiraling out of control due to the release of vast undersea deposits of methane hydrates which are about 20 times more effective at trapping heat than lazy CO2. This is from last year: http://www.independent.co.uk/environment/c...omb-938932.html This is more recent: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/...90814103231.htm
  6. You have no chance to survive make your time. HA HA HA HA ... There's plenty of ways to survive using already existing technologies to continue to produce food and weather the impending ice age. I waver between being too cynical to believe that we'll be able to band together well enough to survive it on a large scale and optimistic enough to think that impending cataclysm will bring nations and peoples together and allow them to overcome their differences and pool their resources to get everyone through it. In my wildest flights of fancy I envision something like Asimov's Caves of Steel, only instead of protecting us from radiation they'd keep us safe from the cold. Even without giant domed cities sooner or later someone with the money to make it happen is going to realize you can produce a lot more food on the same amount of land using hydroponics in a skyscraper and/or a skyscraper greenhouse; enough to feed giant overpopulated nations. Structures like that untie food production from climate.
  7. It's all a losing game anyway. Even if you minimize/eliminate man's impact on global warming, we're at the end of a thaw. The coming ice age is inevitable. http://www.21stcenturysciencetech.com/articles/Ice_Age.html Eventually this interglacial period will lead into another ice age via too much cold water from glaciers hitting the ocean and adjusting the Gulf Stream so that it no longer warms up Europe. http://www.commondreams.org/views04/0130-11.htm For what it's worth I've seen the science on both of these sites being thrown around other places before, these are just the first two links I found that were easy to digest. Even if the warming/cooling cycle doesn't work as specified in the second link, that Ice Ages and Interglacials are cyclical is pretty incontrovertible. Oh, and from what I understood the "falsified" data in the emails is the scientists trying to omit things that would cause drops or spikes in the overall temperature trends (volcanic eruptions, solar flares, etc.) from the data so that the underlying trend could be seen. It's hard to pull an actual trend out of something with that many variables, and it's easy to twist the evidence to suit whatever cause you want. In the end it's all the same though, it warms, then it freezes.
  8. Saw The Men Who Stare At Goats with some friends the other day. Excellent movie, highly recommended.
  9. I think most of you are very pessimistic and things will continue to improve in one way or another. There will be setbacks, but I don't see another Dark Ages in the near future, the world is doing pretty well all things considered. Sure, some states are looking to censor and redistribute the bandwidth of the internet, but there's also a pretty strong movement for net neutrality, and it's one that the current US administration seems to be behind. Current antibiotics aren't effective against some bacterial infections due to overuse; but now that we're aware of the problem steps are being taken to limit their use, new drugs are being developed (and already in use) for the resistant strains. We have cured one case of HIV already, and we're on our way to a more applicable cure for everyone. Link And nanotechnology is about to create another scientific golden age all on it's own. Australia is kind of the leader in internet censorship and ridiculous pricing schemes right now so have fun.
  10. Theres so much wrong with this post I may need to construct a pie-chart or something: 1) "What's not so wrong is boosting the economy of the area or improving living standards for local Somalis." Do you envision these pirates as a benevolent charity that goes from mud hut to mud hut passing out money? The only locals making money are the ones that contributed to the effort (IE: an RPG), everyone else is still having dirt for dinner. 2) "You can bet the pirates have killed or hurt less innocent people in the kidnappings than famine would have if these pirates hadn't gone out and fended for themselves." Er, okay. The following things have also killed more people then pirates: malaria, years of warfare, dysentary, lions and halitosis. Also, I wasnt aware that aquiring ransom money made food spring forth from the ground. Oh, you must mean all the bustling food trade that started when the pirates contracted with outside agencies to bring food in. 3) "what's important is that their kind of enterprise, "nice" or not, will do a lot more to get third world countries out of the pit of famine, strife and disease they're in, than any relief aid or UN supported drives for democracy." Please tell me you're kidding. The total sum of whatever these pirates have earned in ransom money is a drop in the pissbucket compared to the billions in relief aid they have received and what they "contribute" back to society is even less. Or maybe you meant the medical program the pirates instituted? Yeah but pirates are pretty bad ass.
  11. Actually they have cured HIV in at least one person. Unfortunately since it relies on bone marrow transplants from carriers of a gene that are predominantly (exclusively?) white it won't work so well in Africa. Sorry Africa!
  12. I don't actually go to /b/. I just protest Scientology.
  13. Anyhow, set of the Over 9000 Man March in DC is up now. http://www.flickr.com/photos/29273278@N08/...57606513250985/
  14. It's really your fault for going to a college course hosted in Second Life.
  15. Until Flickr finishes up here is this:
  16. It's me, in a van, with 6 /b/tards, on my way to DC. I'll have a Flickr gallery in a little bit.
  17. Sure you can. OH SHI- They actually shipped something. Those crazy bastards. Might be time to buy some Phantom stock.
  18. Will this one not suck because ATI I know you've been going through this crazy self destructive stage, which is pretty natural for a boy your age, and while I can't say I'm particularly proud of with the way you've been conducting yourself around town with AMD, but honestly it'd be hypocritical of me to criticize, I was the same way when I was your age. Really though, I'm just starting to get concerned. You have to grow up sometime. Just call me once in awhile and let me know you're okay alright?
  19. Your face is bloody awful. 9 days until Maiden comes to Finland. It
  20. Disturbed is kind of **** but Slipknot, Dragonforce, and Mastodon are all awesome. Also Underoath is okay. EDIT: Besides, nothing is ever going to be as good as the Iron Maiden concert I went to in May anyway, not to mention I saw Rush a few weeks before them. It is a good year for concerts.
  21. Just bought tickets to the Rockstar Mayhem Festival. Will have Slipknot, Disturbed, Dragonforce, and Mastodon all playing at the same event starting at 2PM. Also I just looked at the openers and Underoath's gonna be there too. This is gonna be pretty sweet.
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