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  1. Yeah, but then I see stuff like this where the Engineers are like "Uh, HAY GUYS the dam is about to collapse and it could be killing a lot of your dudes." and then the Iraqis are like "Meh, you n00bs take care of it, we don't gots the goldz." and it just makes me want to call all our guys home and let the Iraqis do whatever. IF ONLY THERE WERE A NATURAL RESOURCE IN IRAQ THAT COULD BE SOLD FOR LARGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY!!!
  2. I remember Darth Launch not being a gamer and she posted here...don't remember how she found the place though and I haven't seen her post in awhile.
  3. Though ideally you should've started with one of the earlier quotes from that exchange and let someone else finish. Also, as somebody from another forum said of this "The Finns are heavily armed, drink a lot, and have a tendency towards depression... frankly I think it's a testament to their national character that these sorts of things are as rare as they are."
  4. Just noticed this picture on Double Fine's main page.
  5. Well unfortunately, it's a really pretty hellhole. Also, free rent!
  6. I don't fish for TOMBS points, you guys hand them to me on a silver platter. Anyrate, I could go find the fabled Gabs/Dark Raven dialogs, but considering I'm the one that blew the whistle prematurely on her identity crisis in the first place I think we're both past that.
  7. If I ever get out of this hellhole and into someplace with highspeed internet, I'll have to buy a 360 and kill you all. I still prefer my 'puter but I will maul the hell out of some dudes in Halo.
  8. Jags, some things should just stay dead. Though I did find Gabs/Dark Raven's posts at the beginning of this thread amusing. ^_^
  9. Why are we posting in this thread again?
  10. There is a reason that the hair metal people are the enemies in Brutal Legend. The reason is they just aren't quite brutal enough.
  11. I think the gist of it is your character is already named Eddie Riggs, it's like Psychonauts. They're adventure games, not RPGs.
  12. Moved them from my regular account in case my bandwidthz get sapped. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10
  13. If you are a horrible person who hates fun. Yes.
  14. I have no idea, they will be deleted if it isn't. If they do get deleted you might be able to find your way to some more at this link though currently they're down because the bandwidth was exceeded and things.
  15. Don't you guys say I never did anything for you. Sorry about the crappy scan quality but I can only work with the equipment I have available to me. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10
  16. My favorite was Mother Russia because of the interactions between Frank and Galina. Also the Barracuda mini was pretty awesome.
  17. Finially got Kitchen Irish!? Jeez took you a while. No, I just got a sweet new avatar and sig. I've got all the trades that have been released so far, including the Barracuda miniseries, and I've started collecting the monthlies...
  18. Not anymore. Good luck, and have fun. I had no idea Walsingham was this paranoid. You haven't been paying attention then. Good luck Rosbjerg, PM with my email should be in your inbox after I post this.
  19. I dislike EA, I am wary of this buyout, but I don't see why everybody is all angry at Bioware because of this. They had no say in the manner as far as I can tell.
  20. I took these a little while ago. Yes, I am looking at you. Oh you think you're so ****ing cute don't you. Yes, I had to pose him for this, he stayed sitting that way until I was done. These two were interested in the rain.
  21. I got a pretty sweet new avatar and sig.
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