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  1. On the 4th of July I went up into the hills above the Golden Gate Bridge with my girlfriend and we were able to see the fireworks shows of Marin, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, and another as yet unidentified place off in the distance. The next day we went to an improv show and when they asked the audience for "Something that's always the same." I said "War, war never changes." and they totally did a scene about it. Also after that we went to the ice cream shop in Ghirardelli Square and got a bitchin' dark chocolate fudge sundae. Post about awesome things you recently did that made you happy here.
  2. Heh, Volo is still an insane troll too. Never change you lovable retard, never change.
  3. Kind of feel like getting the old group together and throwing down on some of the multiplayer servers if anybody else is down now that I've got highspeed interbutts. Anybody else down with that?
  4. Mmkay, I've had Mass Effect for about a week now (found it at Fry's on sale for thirty bones) and I'm finally getting ready to play it now (installing it). If this sucks I'm holding you guys responsible and I may have to enact bloody revenge.
  5. It was an all encompassing question. I didn't ask about RPG PC games, I asked about PC games in general. Feel free to suggest anything from any genre, it's not like I'm Visc, I can kill werewolves just fine. I'm a huge fan of the Hitman games (and stealth games in general) and I played that one right before the old computer broke. It was awesome but I had to play it at really low settings back when I got it (I went from a 9600XT to the 9800GT I have now) so I've already started a new game of that. I'm through the first mission or so but then I got Orange Box and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and got distracted.
  6. Ooh, I forgot about Bioshock. Crysis looks shiny and I really enjoyed Far Cry. Prey is :10bux: at Fry's and I remember being interested in the wall walking mechanics back when it was cool. Also I want Crysis so that I can really rape my new computer. So far everything I've put in I've been able to run with all settings maxxed out. I've been pretty happy with it, got it for about half what it was worth but dude who built it didn't really know what he was doing. CPU is crap and there should be more RAM. Also 380W PS whut? Mass Effect is definitely on my buy list. Do people here not play FPS and RTS games anymore because I remember there being people here who were interested in that sort of thing.
  7. So I haven't had a good gaming rig in over a year and a half and I just bought a pretty decent computer from a friend who needed the cash for a move (1.8 Core 2, 2GB Crucial Ballistix RAM, Superclocked 9600GT, 22" Samsung display). I've already played through Call of Duty 4, Assassin's Creed, HL2: Ep 2/Portal, and I've got S.T.A.L.K.E.R. waiting for me, but I know there were a lot of games that came out in the last year or so for PC that were really good, I need to make a list. Last computer bit the dust right before NWN2 came out (that is on the list) for a little bit more of a concrete timeframe. Things I think might be worth getting: Crysis NWN2 (there was an expansion for this too?) The Witcher Prey Uh... Help me out here.
  8. If you do something you should always do it well.
  9. We love you too, man!
  10. I haven't been here in God knows how long and this place is still retarded.
  11. What about the money shot Lou? This is important to me!
  12. What do you mean by "haven't aged well"? I mean, I'm with you on everything else, but for the most part, the strength of the IE games were never in the visuals. No game really ages well, and as such it's not really a good measure of quality. If you're implying better games have come out since then, well, them's fighting words. Well. I really don't think the graphics, or the combat in any of the IE games have aged at all well. For the Fallouts, the parts I liked was the creativity shown in the design of the game world, the setting, the retro-futuristic tech, and some of the writing. A lot of the writing wasn't even all that great, I'd say the majority of it was good, a pretty decent portion of it was above average, and a little bit of it was completely awesome. I also enjoyed the openendedness. What I'm saying is I think a lot of the people who praise the Fallouts above all others let nostalgia color their evaluation of it too much.
  13. After a brief look at them I'd say the textures are pretty horrid, but the underlying models are pretty nice, and the atmosepheric bits/architecture are awesome. Hopefully they'll fix the textures up before shipping and these are just some placeholder-y stock textures they had on hand. The head pop is the only one I really liked. Though probably not for the right reasons (meaning I'm not really sure it would work for the game). It has an incredibly stylized almost cel-shaded comicbooky/painted feel to it and I find the contrast between the model/gore and the surrounding white environment really pretty to look at. The series was dead before they got their hands on it, so what if they screw up something that most people had forgotten about. There are fans and then there
  14. Kudos Tale, that is one of the most intelligent posts I've read here in quite a while. A few years ago I did a design project for a site in the Micosooke Reservation in west Miami-Dade county. The property manager out there and I got to talking about that very subject. He said something to the effect "I'm not an indian, I was born in Florida, not India. I'm a Micosooke." So I guess the answer to Fengs question is to move to India. At least you can say hello to Ros once you get there! Yes, except Tale's being retarded and I've already said I know the difference but for the purposes of this discussion it's registering as an Indian. CDIB card is different than registering citizenship with the Cherokee Nation. EDIT: I am not sure what is so hard to grasp here, if I am referring to that part of my ancestry in conversation it's "Cherokee" or "Native American/(American) Indian" if I'm trying to be more broad; because I do have some Sioux in me, but not much, which is why I'm "a little more than 1/8 Native American/Indian". Currently I'm trying to get a CDIB card, which is Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood, because it's an old term and nobody's bothered to change it, and it's a catch-all for anyone from any tribe in the US recognized by the Federal Government; so I'm registering as an "Indian". If I was trying to gain citizenship with the Cherokee Nation I would be trying to register as a "Cherokee". Really I just hate political correctness and PC terms so I'm just as likely to say Indian as Native American because people still know what I'm talking about, neither is particularly offensive, and the people who do get offended go on my "That person is kind of a douchebag" list immediately. However it's looking like even for a CDIB card I have to have an ancestor on the Dawes Rolls and that's not likely because my family spent a lot of time trying to deny their heritage to outsiders because things were easier for them that way. EDITx2: Just found This site and it is saying different things but I'm not really sure if I trust it. There is way too much confliciting information this.
  15. What? I don't really think it's up for debate whether or not the people who inhabited the North and South American continents originally experienced a genocide worse than anything that's ever happened to any other culture in modern times. I'm not sure how stating that would incur a warning. That's coming from someone who's a product of that genocide.
  16. My main problem with steep hills and clutches was the roll-back as you let the clutch out and try to get the (wimpy late 70's/early 80's auto) acceleration going at the same time etc. Every time I went to SF, there was always someone right on my arse and I sweated either rolling back into their bumper or killing the engine or shooting forward with a huge jolting jerk, spilling my drink, hahaha. It's not that bad in reality, but I find the psychological aspect irritating. My '98 Legacy came with some feature that helps prevent the roll-back, so it's not as much of a factor anymore. That's where the trick I mentioned earlier comes into play. You do it right, and you'll have the gears engaged enough that you can keep the car stationary, and maybe even get it to creep forward a little bit even on steep hills; without using the brake, or the accelerator, or killing the engine because you let it out all the way. There's a sweet spot there, and it takes practice to find it but once you do you're golden.
  17. The genocide was a little bit more extensive than all that here.
  18. I've driven up Russian Hill and around and about in SF in my completely gutless '89 Camry with the kind of iffy clutch. It's really not that bad, my friend had more problems in his Nissan Sentra with the auto transmission. .
  19. All the black people I know refer to themselves as "black." That said, I was aware of the intricacies, but I would be registering with the government as an Indian, not as a Cherokee, or a Native American, because the documentation hasn't caught up to the current PC terms yet.
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