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  1. Alpha Protocol isnt an RPG where you can design the main Character, Obsidian have taken the route of designing the character themselves so he will have a somewhat set personality and style otherwise creating the character themselves would have been completely pointless. They have choosen him to be a ladies man and not a homosexual and there shouldn't be a problem with that at all. If he was strictly gay I wouldn't really have a problem with that either but the sad truth is that it would probably hurt the sales figures.
  2. As far as I am aware Sega have never used anything like this on their games.
  3. Yeah I know its Black Isle not out, I didnt write it myself I'll try and track down whoever wrote it and get it changed.
  4. It's for the PC too. Trailer here: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/36015.html
  5. Teaser trailer, I'm pretty sure it is ingame but it might not be. Hard to tell, but if it is... Fantastic.
  6. This game WILL get a huge marketing campaign believe me, every time I hear sneeky bits of info about Sega (hey its my job) I never stop hearing how much Sega is impressed with Alpha Protocol... I've heard it from a few different sources too, all saying that Sega thinks it will be a beast. I'm hope they are right, I believe they are.
  7. The graphics are good but not mind blowing, I hope they get polished up before release, I know they are work in progress so I'll take it with a pinch of salt. The enviroments are also quite empty and dull.
  8. That is ture! If you run out of Ammo you should be forced to do stealth kills and melee combat until you find some more. What I ment was that it should be made that it is unlikely that you will run out of Ammo if you are using it wisely.
  9. Signed. I'm sure they could come to some kind of compromise, like having the first gun you get in the game unlimited ammo but it is really weak. They could just make it so you're REALLY unlikely to run out of ammo because you have so much.
  10. Sorry about the scans going down, we don't actually know what happened with that but we should get them back up sometime today after I talk to the original poster.
  11. Overall I think the game sounds awesome, I am also a bit worried about the timed dialogue I like to take a bit of time to think about my answers... Not sure about the unlimited ammo either. Other then that though, I think it sounds awesome.
  12. I know I cant post scans here (I think its here anyway) But I'll direct you to some: scroll down.
  13. 90's Comedy show League of Gentlemen.
  14. New Space Siege trailer. HD: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/34561.html SD: http://www.gametrailers.com/player/34562.html
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