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  1. Blink-182 - Happy Holidays, You Bastard
  2. I mean this completely heterosexually.

  3. I'd do the chick in Llyr's Av.

  4. Ah, I was adding an 'e' to the end of the username, should be back in in a few moments if all goes well.
  5. What's the name on the account, maybe I remembered it wrong?
  6. Hey jerks my account isn't working anymore and I want in on this action.
  7. Oh, it happened. I was here and it was glorious.
  8. Right now I am on death watch for my Grandmother. She has cancer, it's in her spine, it can't be removed. She's also got some weird problems with her legs, and sores on her heels, one of which has some dead tissue in it and needs to be treated with a debreeding ointment daily. She's on a pharmacy of drugs, she's in pain pretty constantly, and she has no appetite even though she continues to eat. If I was her I would've shot myself already, she's a stubborn old lady. She still walks around with the aid of her walker, and does as many chores as she can, tries to keep herself busy. She used to use the computer I'm on a lot but the morphine ****ed her eyesight over so that doesn't work so well for her anymore. She will die, she might last a few more months, or years, but it's coming; fast. My Uncle was taking care of her, but he's recovering from asophageal cancer himself, as well as alcoholism, and when he was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer he decided to get his drunk on and act like a jerk to everyone around him. He's a lot more suited to the task than I am when he's sober as a registered nurse, and I can't really blame him for crawling into a bottle as bad as things are for him even though it still pisses me off. He never really did recover from his alcoholism before all this crap started. I think he was sober for maybe a year. Anyhow, it all came to a head a week ago when he was sent to the emergency room by someone never really was clear on who, he was trying to get back in the car at the grocery store but he was so drunk he couldn't stay standing. My little sister had to pick him up because my dad was out of town and while he was polite at the hospital as soon as he got in the car with her he started demanding that she take him back to the car so he could drive home. He was living with my grandmother, for clarification. Also this isn't even his car, it's my grandmother's, because his truck was in the shop getting painted or something. He starts to threaten to jump out if she doesn't take him to get the car so she's all "Welp, enough's enough." and lets him out, calls 911 'cause it's dark and rainy and the roads up here aren't exactly pedestrian friendly on a good day. Cops bring him back to Grandma's and again, he's contrite and polite to them, goes to bed to sober up when they tell him to but as soon as they're gone he's out demanding his keys from my sister again. So she leaves. Of course she can't leave long becaue my grandma's still here, but she had to get the keys away or else he wouldn't leave him alone. By this time she's gotten ahold of me, I was out of cell reception the entire day, and I go back up with her. I had plans for a LAN party I'd been planning with my friends for a couple weeks so being a selfish bastard I'm kind of pissed off. Anyhow, I get back up there and it's mostly over, aunt shows up shortly and she takes over. Next day he gets so plotzed before my other uncle shows up that he calls 911 on himself to get an ambulance over because he's afraid he's gonna die of alcohol poisoning. Grandma gets so fed up with him at this point that she says she's leaving until he does, comes to our house but it's extremely hard on her. She just wasn't comfortable there. Does the same goddamn thing again the next day but we get grandma back home and get him to a hotel with my other uncle. He's manipulative as hell too, playing up how drunk he is and whether or not things are hurting him in a ploy for sympathy. At this point we're trying to get him check into a VA clinic to get his pain meds and his substance abuse in check because that's the best option at this point, but he has to check himself in consensually. So he's down in Central California with other uncle and I'm up here depressed as hell and constantly reminded of the mortality of myself and those around me, while I watch my grandma die. It sucks. Later today my cousing should get here and take over and I go and see my half sister that I had that thread about recently. I get to meet my niece for the first time in twelve years and the other five year old one for the first time. Monday I'll probably be back here again.
  9. I did that not too long after I posted this thread. Just finished the mission with Sarah. Rather than beat the punks up one at a time I ran at the punk with the baseball bat and after KOing him I fought the rest of them off. Love the cutscenes directly after this mission though. Tommy: This night is getting interesting! And then later... Salieri: Did anything happen to Sarah? Tommy: No boss, she's okay. I took care of it.
  10. I love this thread so much.
  11. Because I like that timeframe a lot more than the 50s for a game about mobsters? I have faith that I'll enjoy it regardless, but it's not like there's only one crime family they can tell stories about in that timeframe.
  12. Just so we're clear on this I call Scurrilous Rabblerouser in the inevitability that I'm offered a custom title.
  13. The guns and the cars are part of the atmosphere.
  14. Nick I am going to have to disagree with you there. This is expected since I've already put myself in the camp of being a huge fan of the AvP games before, but the energy and vision constraints put on you by the Predtech weapons made them pretty unique in execution. Also I haven't played too many FPS games with spears.
  15. I should be an Arch-Mage.
  16. 30s you whores. 50s means less tommy guns and awesome cars.
  17. This is old news but I didn't see a thread about it when I looked. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mafia_II I am pretty happy about this.
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