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  1. It's the best, especially with the ninja sticker that gives x1 attack. I actually prefer it with the thing that gives you 35% damage on perfect strikes. Yeah combo wise you will do better, but if you are fighting a high armor enemy or one you have to power attack to do full damage to the 35% bonus is stronger. Me too! Just finished my first game as a thief with this weapon+mod. Gotta be honest though, I just backstabbed everything.
  2. Has anyone else played Stick It To The Man? It's a funky little 2D platformer about a guy who gets hit on the head by an alien device and wakes up with a neon purplish spaghetti arm sticking out of his head. You can use it to read peoples minds, or spiderman your way around the level. I bought it on the latest Steam sale for a couple bucks. I think I'm about halfway through, and it's good enough to hold interest. I also bought Deadly Premonition. I was huge Twin Peaks fan back in the day, and at the time I was really disappointed that the game wasn't going to be out on PC. Stoked to see it available now. Haven't played too much of it yet. So far it seems more of an interactive movie than a game, but I like it.
  3. Admittedly haven't been paying too close attention to the game yet, but the in-game footage looks fantastic so far. Can't wait to play it.
  4. Also, Brett Lawrie out of the tournament for Canada. I hope this injury doesn't cause him to miss the start of the season.
  5. Good news is, right in that very same link, the OP has added a link to a fix for this issue in his original post. I haven't picked up Tomb Raider yet, but assuming I ever get bored of Borderlands 2, it is one of the games I've been keeping an eye on. On topic, still playing Borderlands 2. Got my assassin up to level 50, so I'm waiting to do the remaining DLCs with him after they raise the level cap. In the meantime I've started a Siren. I really like that phaselock skill.
  6. Been a Blue jays fan for ... jeez, going on 30 years now. Was just a kid when I started watching them a season or two before their first playoff appearance in 1985. Old enough to feel genuine heartbreak when the Royals completed a comeback from down 3-1 in the ALCS. Been through some amazing ups and downs in that time, but the years since their world series win in '93 have been tough, with just enough occasional hope thrown in to keep me a fan. Watching Alex Anthopolous this winter push all those chips he's been accumulating over the past few years to the middle of the table and say, "I'm going all in," has been really fun. Instead of making any predictions, I'm just going to echo what the players have been saying, which is basically that they still have to go out and play the games. It's baseball. Anything can happen. But it'd sure be nice to watch some meaningful baseball in the fall.
  7. Weren't you trying to get Vermivorous the Invincible to spawn? Uh... gee, I dunno . I joined my brother's game, and I'm not sure exactly which quest he was on. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Vermivorous though. All I know is we fired a lot of bullets into the one we did kill, heh.
  8. Messing around with Borderlands 2. Recently re-installed Skyrim but getting through the early stuff after character creation is pushing my level of interest in replaying to the limit.
  9. Questron on the C-64. Took over a hundred thousand in-game "days" to complete, which made my lowly serf about 275 years old. I think Mantor got tired of waiting and surrendered out of boredom.
  10. Did you decide to go with Brick, or someone else? I know that technically there should be no difference between the two, but both hubby and I could swear that no matter how much more shield you may equip, as soon as you go out in combat again, they seem to take it all off in one hit regardless, and more health somehow feels sturdier overall. Hence why I often feel like they're "cheating." lol. Amen. Joined my brother's game last night, and spent more time fighting for my life than I did anything else. But I'm now high enough level to use some of the good gear I've been saving for awhile. Super Badass Varkids are tough SOBs. We had one stalking us through the whole 'caustic caverns' map, and he pounced on us right at the end. Nearly got us both, but the commando's turret saved us. It's very good at killing things. After that we side-tracked to the awesomely put-together Sir Hammerlock DLC. I really enjoyed that, think I only died once.
  11. There is no such thing as an adequate shield in BL2. ...seriously, so many things can take off your shield in one hit, no matter how much shield you have, to a point I often think the game is "cheating" in that regard, heh. I tend to place a bit more emphasis on high health instead...not that I won't take high-shield on top of that, when I can get it, of course. Agreed on emphasizing higher health. I have actually managed to find a shield, better than my previous best shield, and also giving a nice health boost. Also have a nice class mod giving a high regen rate. Not dying quite so often now, which is allowing me to replenish my funds a little.
  12. Finished Borderlands 2 yesterday. Took awhile but I got there. Now playing "true vault hunter" mode with Zero. Holy crap do I need better shields.
  13. It was a bugged quest, that's all. Incomplete. I dunno who Banes was supposed to end up being, and it bothered me too that I couldn't find out. I think Bioware just didn't clean up the quest. It happens.
  14. I really wanted to like Jade Empire. I stuck with it until I got to the first town, and then I just couldn't bring myself to play it anymore. Kinda how things went for me with The Witcher.
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