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  1. speaking of IE based Engines, did someone else here played NoX(A.K.A the "Better Diablo voiced by Steve Stifler with a Better Engine based on IE and Diablo 2")
  2. its hard to do BG3 atm, because WoTC gave minsc to PWD so they can use him on Neverwinter MMO
  3. i know dem feels, Atari is holding by force the other half of battlezone rights(the 98 one and Combat commander that everyone loves it) and activision doesn't care to go there and grab it by force
  4. its easy and possible to port and rebuild BG1, 2 and all IE games on UNITY for a big example of that, Daggerfall is being rebuilt on Unity since last year and they are having more success in that rather than Lucius with XLEngine http://www.dfworkshop.net/
  5. i would be happy with a souless body also i sided with the dragon, i feel that Falanroed will return someday to be our friendly paladin companion with a dragon soul
  6. dude, all big CRPG games have Bugs that passes through the radar after the release Pillars is one of them, BG1 and 2 had lots of it, Divinity suffered from it, it takes time to locate all of them, and there are a few ones that needs a lot of work to replicate it Not really. Rather it has to do with their approach to game development i.e. when it's done it's done. Diablo 2 had some of the most nastiest bugs ever
  7. if come could work on the shaders a bit, my Photoshop FU is horrible
  8. and the biawac was caused by thaos, the 1st one by one of his servants, and the 2nd one by himself
  9. Galawain because he is right and the decision itself isn't evil(only the consequences because Pulling out a Bloodmoon is bad), all hollowborns are damned already, magran allied herself with woedica because she had no choice to stop eothas trying to play the big damn hero without thinking of the consequences, and Abyddon wants to see the people of Dyrwood having long peaceful and prosper lives, after the entire confusion with the leaden key, Waidwen's Legacy and of course Raedric, the people of dyrwood will need a lot of strength and will to pass on and continue, thus they agree that animancy isn't that bad, its just a bunch of jerks there trying to manipulate instead of improve, because all other kingdoms have animancers and necros living well and helping people, also because pallegina good ending is related to galawain, her proposal helped both 3 regions to become prosper -Hylea runs on fool's hope, i love the Grieving mother but this isn't the right thing -Berath reminds me of the Elder God of LoK -Rymg is Dagon Nuts -Woedica wants to become a true god and slave everyone, she cares only for helself, also she allied with skaen, and we learned what they wanted to do with that elven girl in Dryford And Wael's Route is dangerous, who knows if those souls ends up in aedyr and they learn about Waidwen's Legacy, Thaos and Woedica's plan?
  10. or maybe the Watcher is Eothas Incarnate reborn to bring order back to the world, now that woedica wants to pull out a Tribunal on everyone and become a true god
  11. for some reason i think that the watcher mantled Eothas after the awakening
  12. about the Wheel, what if there's a Elder god guarding it? making sure that the wheel keeps turning for his own amusement
  13. look skyrim, for the 1st 2 years it was praised like hell, nowdays everyone bashes it due to the lazy engine job and a twice as broken creation kit the only thing that is holding it is Skywind, Arthmoor's tamriel rebuilt, and now Enderal
  14. Also NWN2 received the same engine modding treatment that oblivion and morrowind had A modded NWN2 nowdays looks gorgeous
  15. So you wish to have Kain of Nosgoth(a.k.a Simon Templeman), Coleen Delany(Lydia) and Paul Dobson voicing PoE expansions and maybe an awesome companion? and i have nothing to say about the VO of this game, its pretty awesome, its a bit far better than the most RPG's lately with cliche lines and script eder, kana, sagani and aloth are my favorites, and pallegina for some reason reminds me of Gabriela(formely Gabriel) from Blood 2
  16. well my durance is the most tanky bastard of my crew, eder is the main tank, but durance is a tower of perpetual healing on melee
  17. remember that this one is coming too this year http://store.steampowered.com/app/325600/ can't say that 2015 is the year of the CRPG's
  18. -Complete Rebalance of All Races, really the best guide for Pillars shows only orlan and godlike as the main races or all classes, humans being thew worst race for all classes with the most ridiculous stats. -Complete Rebalance of All Classes, Druids are the most op casters, followed by chanters, wizards are meh, and rangers has the lowest dmg unless if you decide to go full gunslinger. -Remake the stat dependency of a few things: Detect Traps, locks and secrets should use perception, mechanics being used only to deactivate traps, locks or maybe quest related challenges, Lore being used to something else like extra dialogs or challenges like athletics, Survival being more useful instead of extending food effects. -More class related Items, or maybe vendors, a Armor vendor would be nice -New classes: Animancers are already in game(i would be happy to play as the evil death knight animancer in full plate), priests can work as clerics, Warlocks would be a great addition, after all "summoning demons are better than those pesky necromancers playing with our life" -Keep and faction related radiant quests -Individual save games
  19. well im pooping a bit of rules here, but here's my concept for 3 companions Companion 1: The Adra Dragon/Falanroed, Class Paladin, Race: High Elf - a Immortal Dragon who spent her new life learning about the world with her new and young body, that once belonged to a legendary Dragon Hunter, now she is trying to find peace with her former and new self(Lawful Neutral, Chaotic Good or Lawful Evil depending of how do you solve her quest, and how you treat her) Companion 2: Johann Cassitus, Class Priest, Race: Moon Godlike - A Veteran Knight of the Crucible who is traveling around the world in a mission to investigate the Engwithan machines that caused the Waidwen's Legacy and more about his race(Lawful Good) Companion 3: Sydnae, Class Ranger, Race: Human - A Relic Hunter Working for the Valian Republics, her father disappeared after a job when she was young and her mother died a year later at the hands of unknown assassins, years later she discovered that her father was working for the Aedyan Empire who discovered the location of an old Engwhitan superweapon, now Sydnae is trying to discover his fate and the location of this weapon.(Neutral Good)
  20. I agree with your points. Everything said before regarding the market of gaming I also agree with. Costs grew, consoles became a monster (along with their requirements that essentially simplify the PC version) and as such, what sells the most is what gets made, the other suffers. You have to maximize the sales etc... I personally believe that Dragon Age Origins was a significant point in gaming history regarding this topic. It seemed to be the last best effort of a major studio to not only attempt to pacify the era by combining the two but also to hold up the old as a style not to be forgotten AND incredibly fun in both modes. It was really well done. At a time when the studio was being bought out by EA and all previously mentioned points took hold. It was an effort that I hold up as a beacon of light that Obsidian seems to have begun to take the reigns of. As far as i'm concerned, Bioware succeeded until the "trend" and changes took hold and rendered DA2 and DAI for us. DAI being a game that seems to not know what it wants to be (a Skyrim type open world game that by the way no one can compete with *see note* or a game that embodies what DAO succeeded in being and failing horribly). DAO combined the 3D first person with the isometric IE "feel" extremely well. A very good balance that was thrown away up through DAI. As far as 3D being what everyone wants, it is only a section of gaming. ARPG's thrive on this style. It is viable in PC gaming so the argument puzzles me. Thank God that someone is there to showcase it. It may not make the most in terms of sales, but it certainly is profitable. Just not to the point where large publishers want and I think that is the issue. Although I understand that it's a business, it's just gotten ruthless. NOTE: You either develop an open world RPG or a focused RPG. Pick a road and go unless you are committed to delivering both. Bethesda knows their game and their vision. They hold on to it and it shows. ES6 will either showcase this or seal the deal. ES6 will be more dumbfied in system as Skyrim was, i know that skyrim is a good game in both lore and gameplay value but the rpg mechanics are pretty flawed and there's no mod that saves it, its more like im playing dumb Hexen(without, items, mana and only with the cleric's 1st weapon), Heretic or Witchhaven instead of TES, i still think that oblivion had atleast a better rpg system rather than skyrim, with morrowind Steamrolling both. the reason of why i loved pillars is because i had the chance to meet a old friend, where i could plan of how do i create my character sheet for the rest of the game like the old IE games.
  21. Following the concept of this guide on steam, Everything besides Orlan or Godlike sucks for builds for all classes
  22. For aloth's quest, the "a spirit controling my body" thing, comes from a classic 80's comedy movie called All of Me He, Eder, Sagani and Kana are my favorites
  23. Since the default female amaua head looks nearly identical the only thing she needs now it's a proper skin color and facial paint
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