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  1. it happened to me after one defence, all of my mercs died, so i had to buy new ones, when i left the fort, they started to attack me
  2. if you guys are going to implement AI, id vote for a Encounter based spells for enemies, if its possible later its ridiculous to see(even on easy) a Single cean gwla spamming 4 or 5 stacked paralyzes at the same time, or Clerics doing the same with Holy Radiance
  3. i know how this happens, If someone in your party uses a AoE magic that deals damage, they will attack you
  4. well i think everyone here have noticed after a stronghold defense, when you buy new mercs, all of them are suddenly attacking you out of nowhere
  5. 1st VA that i recognized in this game was Patrick "KAPTIN BLUDDFLAGG AND DIO BRANDO" Seitz, also Female Noble reminds me of Saber/Arthuria in F/SN English dub and Calisca's voice tone reminded me of cass in New Vegas
  6. Rogues are already pirates Thus Humans needs more racial variations, they are really rushed, and you can see that -Meadow for Fighters, Paladins and Tanky Priests or mages(battlemages needs love) -Seafolk for Rogues, Chanters and Cyphers -Savannah(TRUE NORDS!) for Barbarians, Rangers and Druids Also for future classes and updates Animancers will be the next Class, they are alerady ingame and they are loved in other kingdoms like valian republics, thus there are hints of animancers who became necros Death Knight Build for plated animancers or Necros would be awesome Warlocks, but there are no hints of demonology or Engwithitans working on that, unless this belongs to Woedica and Skaen, im reading all of the books ingame(call me nerd) Call me crazy, but Druid summoning animal spirits would be awesome
  7. Barbarians without their 2 handed Axes are like paladins without their Hammers
  8. its hard yet to make some good godlike portraits, i would like to see some extra head or even hair or beard options for them Nature godlike with a treebeard would be awesome
  9. its a waste of time, this is why you weirdos are always kicked from most rpg communities now how is the vaporware project?
  10. still playing Pillars but i'll revisit BZ2 later, Nathan GSH updated the game and it looks like Rebellion has the BZ98, RoBD and TRO rights
  11. ahhh now i understood the thing is -Spamrest works only on easy and normal, and isn't a exploit(unless you are a dirty cheater that uses the console), PoTD and Hard is impossible, so you need more strategy instead of going full D2 barb dual wieding 2 greatswords against mobs, as you can do it on easy and normal -Everyone spams and abuses rest because Damnable Shades on POTD or any level Vampires with their eternal hate against Wizards(ok obsidian we got the old joke of "kill the one with the robes 1st" but this is ridiculous and he need more AI) and the party wiping charm that passes through prayer against treason buff More Shades and Phantoms Druids and Ogre Druids wiping your party before you even move Armor and character resistance rating needs a rebalance Shades, cean gwla ignoring everything even anti dazing and petrify blessings Did i said Shades? the game itself still needs to be refined, its still a Coal being cut to become a Diamond, BG1 was a hellhole of bugs, combat and broken %, until BG2 came up and fixed everything Including Irenicus fight thanks to mods and EE the New Shadowrun was the Same, Returns was bad at the beginning, Dragonfall Refined it, and Director's cut became the Crown Jewel with all fixed and updated mechanics from his former predecessors, and Director's cut is Awesome. Pillars still has a long road to walk with, it was born already as a refined IE game with a Great combat mechanic and great story, its been 1 month since it was released, and its early yet to make a final decision of it, we are on the 1.4 patch and it will take a time until all bugs are addressed for the 1.5 big balance and updated patch, thus there's still the problem that new bugs will show up, its somthing that we must live on Say that "NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE im not going to play this **** anymore because i cant xploit it like muh bg2", is ridiculous, its like saying that you are not going to play Ultimate doom because there's no SSG on it to kill the cyberdemon in 15 shots or the damnable spider in 10, it will take some time until the game itself is fully refined, also playing using exploits its ridiculous its kills the fun of it. And Pillars doesn't even have a Mod tools yet to be worked on yet =(
  12. here's the guide http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=416939844
  13. Following the top Guide made on steam anything besides -Hearth Orlan -Death Godlike -Moon Godlike -Fire Godlike sucks in general and it needs to be rebalanced(mainly humans and their sub genres)
  14. decided to give more life to the 1st portrait that i posted here just don't know what type of filter i shall use to make it look like Pillars
  15. guys, he's from RPG codex hateverse, he probably posts on NMA and praises fallout 2 as the ultimate RPG, and hates ultima and TES
  16. -Animancers/Necromancers were scrapped due to plot -Warlocks would be a good addition -more class based companions, i really want to see "Falranoed" -more helmets, boots and gloves, thus more enchants and weapons, like mauls, 2h axes and maybe scythes
  17. PoET/Pillars is a classic Refined CRPG made on Unity with new improvements PoE is Simply how Diablo 3 Should had been on day 1 if they had the original Assets from blizzard north, instead of that recycled and colorful war3/wow engine that they still use nowdays like gamebryo and bethesda
  18. forgot her(i need to play nox again someday) The Lady Necromancer Herself, Hecubah(can be used for future animancer or necromancer characters if PoE gets new Evul helmets along with the class)
  19. it sucks that your descisions in DA:I requires your DA:O and DA2 Combined savegame to proceed
  20. Someone asked for the heroes of NoX? Conjurer/Ranger/Druid Fighter/Warrior/Barbarian Sorcerer/Wizard
  21. the endgame group will always be Aloth, Eder, Durance, Kana and Hiravias im not kidding, when you get to Endgame you will understand why
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