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  1. frankly, they finally got the PA right this time it finally looks like the old PA concept, bulky and terrifying not skinny and ugly as ass like the enclave APA from FO3 And NV also HD trailer this time, Youtube compressed the entire video in hd
  2. as stated on bethforum I mean Gaf Originally Posted by Darkstorne This game was in pre-production since 2008, and full production since 2011 - two years before current gen consoles went on sale and before they even officially existed. Fallout is a series expected to sell 10 million + copies these days. Chances are extremely high this started out as a cross-gen game but shifted to current gen only a year or so ago when Zenimax were convinced by PS4/Xbone adoption rates to ditch the larger install base of last gen. That explains the lower-than-expected graphic quality. At least we'll easily be seeing 1080p and 30+fps on consoles, and PC gamers know not to worry about visuals in Bethesda Game Studios titles anyway "
  3. BEHOLD the1 1st teaser of the new t51b look and yeah, it looks like they managed to frankenstein the alpha version of the Idtech 6 and maybe CE
  4. For the same reason you'd put a laser on a shark. Glad to see this is the kind of thinking constructing the future of Fallout titles. For the same reason of why there's -Talking cyberdogs -Intelligent deathclaws -Giant Albino Radscorpions -Maryland Pre-War Zombies -Space Ghouls -Brain Computers(Vault ZER0) -The Big Empty -Cazadores -Nightstalkers -Sentient Holograms -Wanamingos
  5. LETS SEE, atleast im a calm neckbeard, and im not raging like half of everyone here again like 10 years ago -Building from vegas, DC and boston -SETTLEMENTS! -Institute having Transport vertibirds -a T51b -T45d looks badass as the original statue -Zeppelins -A deathclaw that really looks terryfying -And for some unknown reason the engine reminds me of Idtech 6 Alpha mixed with CE -and that old leak about our guy being REALLY the survivor 2299, the man/woman who woke up from the Pre-War after centures in stasis, also its quite ironical that the Vault is 111, since Tranquility Lane is 112 and that old theory that the enclave after Richardson's death the enclave aroundthe country is divided between those still following the protocol and becoming free, and those still following Eden and Richardson
  6. HOLY BITCH The page source code <p class="page-error-text"> PA system failure has occured. Shutdown of the Masterbrain has been authorized and all sensitive materials have been removed for security purposes. Please attempt re-access. Have a pleasant day. "/57601643.institute.js">
  7. Darksiders 2: Death Lives ReShade Sweetx + Master effects is awesome http://i.imgur.com/rAPQ756.jpg
  8. Still hearing news about Darksiders 1 and 2 getting HD definitive Editions for PS4/PC and DC3 being made by Vigil former devs and president in their new studio i hope they add atleast all pre-orders this time
  9. did someone else saw this? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1062682568/umbra/video_share
  10. welp forget it, they Dont know how to do a proper NDA, They confimed with that
  11. isn't the 1st time that patrick seitz voices someone badass and funny at the same time
  12. a proper thread about this would be better http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/aboutpaidcontent also someone posted this
  13. time to abandon everything post 2006/2009 THE END TIMES ARE UPON US!
  14. and now you can sell mods on steam This is the end http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/aboutpaidcontent And isoku is selling his wet & cold pack for 28 obamas
  15. as i said, i'll never take anything from codex seriously mainly because of their and NMA BDSM love for fallout 2, which had one of the most HORRENDOUS G.I.JOE plots ever made and i played all Fallout games, even those who are HERETICAL
  16. Codex was NEVER a Oldschool RPG website, i still remember a few of their members and NMA sending death threats to bethesda members back when fallout 3 was released even /tg/ is more level headed than them and they have more trolls per capta
  17. you guys are whinning for nothing, its basically Battle chess game remade using 40k and Battle chess was awesome
  18. i think i'll give a time to pillars for a while its time to revisit Diablo 2 and Warcraft 3, also i never played the median XL mod for D2
  19. reduce the XP rate doenst change nothing, or make the game itself harder the game itself its short
  20. Keep the game stable is their main priority for now
  21. hasbro is acting like GW when THQ closed, they are giving their licenses to everyone Neverwinter MMO sucks atleast GeeDuubs is hitting the target with their games, mordheim is awesome, and vermintide will be L4D2 on Skaven Roids and TW: Warhammer Fantasy will be announced this year
  22. also Its me of all portraits for Pillars uses a mix of Hachure and Oil Painting?
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