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  1. So, I haven't fully tested this yet, but I think that the Berath score is stored in the "global.achievements" file under "C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II\Achievements\" path, and more points can be unlocked simply by replacing it with a more powerful one. I'm attaching my own file (25 points obtained quickly through some combination of gameplay and cheats) if someone wants to give it a try (make sure to backup your original file just in case!). Or if someone could upload a stronger one I can do it myself poe2achi.zip
  2. Apparently there's ~$50k unaccounted for (we're at a ~4.58m with just ~120k total in Slacker Backers and Backer Portal). The aforementioned plan is to slowly raise the investment cap, isn't it?
  3. So, I've finished the game today, and would like to run a hypothesis through you guys. Massive PT and TToN spoilers ahead!
  4. There are some things which can work in our favor this time around: As mentioned by mumbogumshoe, people who didn't want to back on Fig may be persuaded to use the Backer Portal instead PoE 1 met all its goals during the campaign, while PoE 2 still has some outstanding ones (Ydwin waifu!), which should result in more motivation (esp. if Obsidian gives us some fancy money tracker to obsess about) Times of Numa-numa are about to go live, and they may bring some extra attention to the genre (similarly, PoE 1 is on a 60% Steam sale now)
  5. So, in a recent interview Feargus said that they had reached about 1.4m from PayPal and slacker backers for PoE 1: Pledges on Fig equaled about 54% of pledges from KS. Applying the same proportion to the above we get 1.4m*0.54 = 0.756m, over 150k more than we need for a 5m total. But will we get there in time?
  6. Another U-turn it is! Maybe he thinks that he's stuck in a time loop, even though he isn't?
  7. Place your bets, everybody! Will Fulvano make another U-turn? Sail North? Or maybe he'll discover that West and East also exist?
  8. Since it's a soulbound weapon, perhaps it could start with most of its memories and intellect sealed away, and only be able to talk in single words and disjointed half-sentences. But as it reached higher levels it could get smarter and more eloquent, maybe even have some agenda of its own.
  9. If we hit $5m then one of the companions will be a necromancer, so...
  10. How about a talking blunderbuss instead? If wielded by a Cipher it could even shout "Riddle me this!" on attacks
  11. I saw that as well. It did make me wonder what's still coming. Do they have additional announcements that will draw funds? New add-ons to drive incremental pledges? I look forward to the next 29 hours. As far as Fig investments go, I can still click on the "Invest" button (I couldn't when the investing was closed due to $2M cap being made). I don't know what to make of that. Some people are saying on FIg that the $2.5M cap was met - yet we can still Invest. Seems strange to me. I was able to click on Invest when the 2m message was up, weird. Either way, they can't collect investments right now (legal reasons), so those are all just investment reservations, i.e. promises to buy the shares once they're available. Some people won't keep this promise, so they're allowing registrations for a back-up list. This is also one reason why Fig Funds need to be capped, otherwise we could reach, say, a 5.5m goal only to later learn that there's only really 4.5m to spend.
  12. On Fig someone doubted that we'd reach 5m and emoney from Obsidian replied with "Don't be so sure. A little birdy told me we have something up our sleeve yet." Not sure what to make of it - perhaps they're going to raise the cap on Fig Funds again or something?
  13. No worries, we've waited longer. We can wait, but the investors may be unhappy about any delays, 'cos those diminish their profits (present value, inflation etc.). But OE does seem to have a lot of finished stuff already - during PoE1's KS they only had a screenshot and a short tech demo. So maybe it's not that unrealistic? Also, Feargus said in Fig comments that they'd soon email everyone who had ever backed anything on Fig, so this may bring some extra $$$
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