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  1. So, I haven't fully tested this yet, but I think that the Berath score is stored in the "global.achievements" file under "C:\Users\[username]\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity II\Achievements\" path, and more points can be unlocked simply by replacing it with a more powerful one. I'm attaching my own file (25 points obtained quickly through some combination of gameplay and cheats) if someone wants to give it a try (make sure to backup your original file just in case!). Or if someone could upload a stronger one I can do it myself poe2achi.zip
  2. Apparently there's ~$50k unaccounted for (we're at a ~4.58m with just ~120k total in Slacker Backers and Backer Portal). The aforementioned plan is to slowly raise the investment cap, isn't it?
  3. So, I've finished the game today, and would like to run a hypothesis through you guys. Massive PT and TToN spoilers ahead!
  4. There are some things which can work in our favor this time around: As mentioned by mumbogumshoe, people who didn't want to back on Fig may be persuaded to use the Backer Portal instead PoE 1 met all its goals during the campaign, while PoE 2 still has some outstanding ones (Ydwin waifu!), which should result in more motivation (esp. if Obsidian gives us some fancy money tracker to obsess about) Times of Numa-numa are about to go live, and they may bring some extra attention to the genre (similarly, PoE 1 is on a 60% Steam sale now)
  5. So, in a recent interview Feargus said that they had reached about 1.4m from PayPal and slacker backers for PoE 1: Pledges on Fig equaled about 54% of pledges from KS. Applying the same proportion to the above we get 1.4m*0.54 = 0.756m, over 150k more than we need for a 5m total. But will we get there in time?
  6. Another U-turn it is! Maybe he thinks that he's stuck in a time loop, even though he isn't?
  7. Place your bets, everybody! Will Fulvano make another U-turn? Sail North? Or maybe he'll discover that West and East also exist?
  8. Since it's a soulbound weapon, perhaps it could start with most of its memories and intellect sealed away, and only be able to talk in single words and disjointed half-sentences. But as it reached higher levels it could get smarter and more eloquent, maybe even have some agenda of its own.
  9. If we hit $5m then one of the companions will be a necromancer, so...
  10. How about a talking blunderbuss instead? If wielded by a Cipher it could even shout "Riddle me this!" on attacks
  11. I saw that as well. It did make me wonder what's still coming. Do they have additional announcements that will draw funds? New add-ons to drive incremental pledges? I look forward to the next 29 hours. As far as Fig investments go, I can still click on the "Invest" button (I couldn't when the investing was closed due to $2M cap being made). I don't know what to make of that. Some people are saying on FIg that the $2.5M cap was met - yet we can still Invest. Seems strange to me. I was able to click on Invest when the 2m message was up, weird. Either way, they can't collect investments right now (legal reasons), so those are all just investment reservations, i.e. promises to buy the shares once they're available. Some people won't keep this promise, so they're allowing registrations for a back-up list. This is also one reason why Fig Funds need to be capped, otherwise we could reach, say, a 5.5m goal only to later learn that there's only really 4.5m to spend.
  12. On Fig someone doubted that we'd reach 5m and emoney from Obsidian replied with "Don't be so sure. A little birdy told me we have something up our sleeve yet." Not sure what to make of it - perhaps they're going to raise the cap on Fig Funds again or something?
  13. No worries, we've waited longer. We can wait, but the investors may be unhappy about any delays, 'cos those diminish their profits (present value, inflation etc.). But OE does seem to have a lot of finished stuff already - during PoE1's KS they only had a screenshot and a short tech demo. So maybe it's not that unrealistic? Also, Feargus said in Fig comments that they'd soon email everyone who had ever backed anything on Fig, so this may bring some extra $$$
  14. Fulvano decided that he should immediately depart from Dunnage, but after giving it much thought he considered that the mysterious island to the south must be the one he already visited, like 3 times. Determined to actually discover something new he stealthly came back and skulked about at the well known pirate's house for a little longer. There he stumbled upon a hidden passageway behind a wardrobe. The corridor led to a mysterious path, leading deeper and further undergound. Little did Fulvano know, that the exit is on the other side of the canal, right in the middle of the Skull Islands' left eye-socket. Dunnage-Skull passageway unlocked, you can travel between Fulvano's discoveries by foot. Next destination at 32,500 backers! Fulvano didn't give up. He went back into the tunnel, determined to find something new on the first island, but halfway through he tripped on a homeless person (Fulvano only now noticed how populated this 'secret' passage was), and fell onto the ground. He tried to prop himself on the wall while getting up, but he found only empty space there, and so he fell again. After finally getting back on his feet he examined the unexpected lack of wall, and discovered that there was a secret passage within the secret passage! *** Three weeks later Fulvano was hungry. And thirsty, and tired, and smelly, and many other things. His supplies had ran out on the eight day of his expedition into the secret-secret tunnel. Or was it the ninth day? There was no way to track time down there. He had to eat fungi and slugs, and drink what he hoped was really water. But he was too far in to go back, so he'd keep pushing on, until he either found a way out, or perished like all those people to whom he gave his clothes over the years. His efforts were rewarded – there was a light, at last, ahead of him! Fulvano rushed towards it, ran past the exit of the tunnel, and almost fell to his death. There was an enormous crater in front of him, the bottom of which he couldn't even see. Fulvano has discovered a twice-secret passage into Caed Nua! Next destination at 34,000 backers!
  15. It seems that Fig Funds are finally playing seriously. Strap in for a wild ride
  16. He can see through stone, so that's useful So, there's a throne room of some sort? I wonder if the real level map will be based on this sketch?
  17. I really have no idea what are you talking about. Care to elaborate? EDIT: With sources, ofc. An older version of the Invest page had an announcement (well over a week ago now) stating that the $2m allotted for Fig Funds were all claimed, and that further investors could only reserve spots on the backup list. Since then it got replaced with the "upped to $2.25m" thing, and that probably got grabbed up too by now. As for why this isn't reflected in the total, I've speculated about that on the previous page of this thread.
  18. Well with fig reserved funds we're sitting at $3.7 million dollars pledged. Then why we're rushing for the 3.0 mil still? Before an Investment gets added to the total, it needs to be manually approved in some way. It appears that this is being done tactically, to pace the campaign and control when SGoals are met. Fig Funds always trail slightly behind Pledges - perhaps to create the impression that it is the Backers who lead this charge - and they also tend to swell up just enough to cover the next goal when the devs are about to post an update. If this is indeed the case, then they'll go rapidly up during the last week, and hit $2.25m in final hours of the campaign. Or they're capped by Pledges for some financial reasons, or the aforementioned observations are coincidental, and the funds just take a lot of time to verify or something. But even then we may still meet some goals after the campaign officially ends, depending on how Obsidian treats investments that were reserved during the Figstarter, but verified at a later date. So yeah, there's a decent chance that goals up to at least $4m will all be met
  19. Here's what Feargus said in Fig comments on this: So it seems that they'll have banter, comments, a quest during which you meet them and such - just not to the same degree as the full companions (think Rory vs Amy Pond).
  20. If PoE 1 had had sidekicks, we'd have probably gotten to travel with Falanroed, so there's that Also, it seems that sidekicks may be our best shot at getting another weird/silly character like Minsc or Morte - they're cheaper to make, so Obsidian can afford to take more risks with them. In fact, the four descriptions we got all have some humor potential to them: one is a wizard/captain/drunkard lady, one is obsessed with poisons and possibly an extreme survivalist, another has a thing for dead bodies and gore (but she's nice about it), and yet another is... well, kinda Wolgraff from Original Sin (or maybe Jack from Titanic?). I probably won't have them in my party full-time, but I could see myself taking them out for a quest or two.
  21. You mean like Colombus who was off by AN ENTIRE CONTINENT XD Well some explorer he was too. But that was real life. This is a fantasy game, you expect fantastic stuff by a famous explorer. He found an island with a lighthouse and a town? Like every single inhabited island? Then he left, went a few miles further, saw a skull-like island, chickened and returned to the previous one but then he "discovered" the tavern? In a town on an inhabited island? Great discoveries huh?wtf he was a joke! :D He went out again after that...XD He didnt STAY at the lighthouse FOREVER HAHAHA I say we should follow the sea dragon instead - it won't turn back from a scary island, it'll go right through it!
  22. @ AndreaColombo: They're also planning to post another Kickstarter update, this time one that'll send emails and show up in KS activity feeds, so that may bring back some lost backers, too.
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