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  1. I officially just learned how to create custom portraits. I must admit that I'm quite excited about this! Now I must scour this thread for some real beauties!
  2. The cipher has his own debuffs, many of them, including a large aoe flank for 30 seconds, a small aoe blind, a single target paralysis, and a number of others. The cipher performs well as a debuffer that enables the melee to wipe the floor with the mobs, and once debuffed, his own damage spells come into play... as I said above, the cipher is more than a replacement for the wizard, and never has to sleep. This is actually one of the reasons I'm thinking of re-rolling. Even at level 7, I find myself always casting Mental Binding followed by a couple of Mind Blades for AOE damage.
  3. This patch is excellent. In the future I would like to see the Ranger class get some attention and perhaps more focus on optimization to reduce load times and random FPS drops some players experience. To be honest, I'm going to start a fresh game as a Wizard once 1.05 goes live. Is there an ETA on when 1.05 will roll out?
  4. I'm looking forward to the expansion for PoE1. I'm also excited that Sawyer indicated the importance of introducing players to a familiar setting that contains lore about other regions in Eora. This really opens up the number of possibilities for new titles. I wouldn't mind exploring new lands and experiencing completely different adventures (I'm thinking of the Elder Scrolls series - each game taking place in a different nation) in future releases.
  5. I'm chasing you through a couple of threads it seems. A lance made out of energy seems cool. Now all we need are proper looking coats or light armors (robes/cloth based) and the look would be complete!
  6. How are wizards becoming Jedi's? I played a fighter/mage in the BG series and it was one of my favorite classes to play. Are you saying wizards are now able to have a similar play style with the most recent changes? It is. Wizards got a major buff to base health/endurance, heavy buffs on all defensive spells and conjured weapons (staff/lance) are super strong now. Very interesting. I always liked dual wielding blades and slinging spells in BG. Though I never wore heavy armor and wielded 2H weapons and it looks like I may need to use the conjured weapons (which are 2H). Any chanc
  7. I'd love to be a dual wielding, spell slinging swashbuckler. But I don't think these changes will allow for that still. Might have to stay with my dual stilletos Cipher (with blunderbuss as ranged backup).
  8. How are wizards becoming Jedi's? I played a fighter/mage in the BG series and it was one of my favorite classes to play. Are you saying wizards are now able to have a similar play style with the most recent changes?
  9. Excellent patch. However, loading times are still an issue. Why is this still an issue? Also, when does this go live?
  10. I get paranoid when in dungeons thanks to BG experiences. My main char is a cipher with high stealth and mechanics levels. Typically I send him in first to disable traps (more like collect them) then I send in the cavalry. Pretty classic move in the RPG playbook.
  11. Good thread. I'll probably pick up Scion of Flame for him. I've been taking the extra spell slots. Just figured the more spells I have available, the more utility and utility is good (saved my life many times in hairy fights).
  12. I don't mind the crafting. To be honest, I would have preferred having an NPC that could take found pieces and artifacts and use them to craft unique weapons a la BG2. To be honest, I prefer the camping tools system more than having camp sites spread out. I agree with the load times. It's 2015. Why are we plagued with loading screens in a game that uses 2D backgrounds and plain 3D sprites?
  13. I actually like a lot of the items on that list and would miss them if they weren't in the game. I'm thankful Obsidian accumulated the funds they did to provide the content and I'm very much looking forward to anything they release in the world of Eora.
  14. PoE is my favorite game since the legendary IE titles. The combat is very good. It's been a while since I've played DAO, but I remember enjoying that game as well. DA:I I'm not so sure of. I tried very much to like it, but I just couldn't finish it.
  15. Awesome! I'm just now completing side quests in Defiance Bay. I love Ondra's Gift. I was curious how much further I had seeing how I'm sitting at level 7 with 40 hours of play. Sounds like I have plenty more to look forward to!
  16. I actually really wanted dual pistols in this game. I imagined being a gun slinging cipher. Now I dual wield stillettos, but one blast from my blunderbuss seems to give me more than enough focus for an entire fight.
  17. I agree with this though my modding days are limited. Whenever I start installing mods into games, I spend more time shopping and installing mods than i do actually playing the game. I would like to see this available for PoE though.
  18. Managing limited resources has always been part of the classic cRPG's. Some people enjoy this and others don't. People will vigorously defend their opinions either way. For me, I like having spells per rest and limited camping supplies. It makes me play smart and manage my resources appropriately.
  19. Awesome! I was thinking of trying a ranger for my next play through. What are your thoughts on it?
  20. I quite agree with this. The interactions between characters is fine for now. I do wish their personalities came to light when clicking on them. I do miss the "Mincs and Boo stand ready," or "Heya," or "C-c-c-click on someone your own size," or even my PC's "It shall be done in a trice." A simple few lines for each character would bring a lot of color to them. I wold also like to see different colored circles underneath each character that shows their minor/major colors.
  21. My wishlist: More companions to choose from - I miss the 20+ companions you could recruit from BG More banter and companion interaction More lively cities More lively NPC's - I miss the shouting from inns in BG "I need a swig of some strong, dwarven ale" or "I wouldn't mind her porkchops in me lap" etc. Builds atmosphere Respawning enemies - just enough to keep the immersion going Single companion stealth instead of having the entire party go into stealth Better ranger class More unique weapons and armor - love the weps and armors that come with a little back story More areas to e
  22. Good to hear! I hope the game is long enough for me as well. I'm at about 35-38 hours in and I just started the side quests in Defiance Bay. It seems most people beat it around the 60 hour mark so I figured I may be close to the half way mark.
  23. Obsidian lions are equal opportunity lions. This made me giggle a little.
  24. This is not the case because it's not a salient expectation to have in the first place. It's a bit like saying you've been playing football at the highest level for 15 years, surely you can kick the ball and hit that guy in the face from fifty metres away every single time. Game development is incredibly complex, and its practices and organisation has also historically been very chaotic. Every single game often has to reinvent the wheel in many different ways, including as you say the engine issue, and there is also extremely high turnover of your team members in the industry (Feargus' experie
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