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  1. Love this post. I think it resonates with a lot of us fans of PoE. I hope the series continues a la Baldur's Gate in that we get a solid first title and each expansion and sequel only enhances and improves the overall series. Kudos to Obsidian!
  2. 5/5. Terrific setting, good writing and story, fantastic music, some memorable characters and let's not forget the classic gameplay. Of course there are some flaws, but for me the flaws do not outweigh the greatness. I hope Obsidian continues on with the world of Eora and continues building on this title (instead of getting some money and contracting out to larger projects for big names like they did in the past). Solid game, lets keep it going!
  3. One of the beauties of the marketplace is the fact that, if there is a demand, there will more than likely be a supply. While DA:I is successful in its own right as an AAA title, I'm very happy there was enough demand for Obsidian to slide into the niche market of old school isometric RPG's. Bioware and EA Games can continue with their mainstream titles for all I care (I'm not saying its a bad thing), so long as they don't start buying up the little guys like Larian and Obsidian. I don't think we have too much to worry about there, but one never knows!
  4. I'd like to see future tittles expand into other geographical areas of Eora (a la Elder Scrolls series). I'd love to check our Readceras, Deadfire Archipelago, etc. Eora seems huge and I would love to adventure through new areas (Kana's homeland sounds amazing).
  5. I would just like to see more companions in general (I know, I know, you can create your own party but that's not as much fun). I liked having 20+ characters to choose from along my travels in previous games. Hopefully this will be the case in future expansions/titles!
  6. I personally intend to play this game into the ground with multiple play throughs and enjoy every pixel along the way!
  7. I'm just noticing there are more and more negative threads out on these forums. I remember the bliss of conversing with fellow players on the magnificence of the game and even how it could be improved upon for future titles. Nowadays it seems more threads are focused on how things in the game are too easy, too hard, too much, too little, too OP, too UP, too much voice, not enough voice, I like red, I hate red, etc. I understand this is the unfortunate natural progression on game forums, but that was quick! Let's keep this place positive and full of ideas shall we?
  8. You listed the 3 I was going to suggest. I'll just give you a recommendation based on my limited play. Cipher. Sure, a lot of players roll that class but this isn't an MMORPG so I think you'll be okay when "LFG Candyland Dungeon, must be max level with the best equipment". I also play a more melee cipher and I play him more like a spell-casting rogue. For equipment, I use 2 stilletos for the DR bypass and a blunderbuss as a back up and ranged damage (not to mention the focus gain). Currently, my mechanics is up to 6 meaning I have no problem disabling traps and setting them (and a
  9. Professional salesman here. Do we need to develop more channels to push this? Haha.
  10. This is an amazing game for what it is. Hopefully the success will be enough to continue building this fantasy setting (Eora). I believe Obsidian escaped death and stumbled upon a gold nugget. I truly wish they continue moving forward with the series with larger settings, more content populated by more interesting NPCs.
  11. You can use the console. Hit the ~ button (upper left on american key boards) Hit "enter" Type " iroll20s " Hit Enter (notice this will disable achievements) Hit Enter again Type "Rest" Hit Enter Voila - resting now.
  12. As stated above, you can always swap characters at an inn. Yes, you can have a party completely comprised of hirelings. This helps you control all of your characters' stats as they level and you can build them how you want. OR you can stick with the story NPC's of which you can't customize their stats too much, however they do come with side quests and banter that gives them personalities and adds flavor to the game. It really depends on what you want to get out of the game. And yes, this game is amazing.
  13. Good review! I say that from a biased perspective as I am a huge fan of this game. My only wish for Pillars is that they keep building expansions for Eternity and other titles that take place in the Eora setting. Isometric cRPG's seems to appeal to a very niche market, a market that is forgotten by large AAA RPG-developing companies. I just hope that Obsidian (and others like Larian) continue to make these games at a profit. We may be a small group of gamers (that enjoy classic cRPG's), but from what I can see, we're also very loyal and are willing to purchase these games, the extras, and any
  14. I can't wait to get my hands on a blunderbuss for my Cipher. To be honest, I'll probably just use it to open a fight and stack focus at the very beginning. I typically use the mental binding and mind blades spells anyways. CC the battlefield or sling in some conjured blades for some AoE. Once my focus hits the bottom, I'll flank targets that are on my tank to stack up on some quick focus to start slinging spells again. So far, I don't really get hit. I play my Cipher more like a rogue in that I use my resources to help and I go into melee when the time is right. With this in mind, I don't
  15. I have such a bad syndrome with this. I'll start playing BG:EE, then get distracted by D:OS, then get distracted by Dragon Age Inquisition, then went back to BG:EE only to have PoE released....first world issues I guess. I plan on completing PoE, then going back to my fighter/mage in BG;EE and go into BG2:EE. Perhaps I'll even get back into D:OS. By the time I'm done with all of that, I'm sure there will expansions and new titles in the works! Play as many of them as you can!
  16. Get the Lead Spitter. http://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/Lead_Spitter?cookieSetup=true Easy to get early on. Right on. I'll give it a look!
  17. I'm a fan of using dual stilletos with a ranged weapon as a back up. Almost lvl 5 now. Once I find a blunderbuss, I'll probably use that as my ranged back up. Like others have said, it plays more like a thief type or a skirmisher. It's a ton of fun, and I rarely run out of focus. Makes keeping the CC up easier.
  18. This is what I was afraid of. I feel like I always get to level 4, then a patch gets released, then I restart. Sigh here we go..
  19. ^ I pretty much do the same thing. Mind Breach (idk what it's called, the lvl 2 spell that stuns and paralyzes surrounding enemies), Mind Blades, move in and flank targets to build focus quickly, rinse and repeat. I can't wait to unlock more spells at later levels. Almost level 5 and just arrived at Caed Nua and going strong!
  20. Very good suggestions. I like the idea of having different colored circles under your characters. It really does help with strategically placing characters quicker. This was a welcomed addition to BGEE. I also agree with the confused status of characters. Maybe keep the confused character attacking wildly, but character who aren't confused shouldn't start attacking them by default.
  21. Not a fan. Love the hand drawn 2D backgrounds. In fact, I think it would be cool to have water color based 2D artwork like Saga Frontier 2 on the PS1. That game was gorgeous imo. ^^ sample
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