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  1. chanters are weird. You can either chant really good chants and cast few spells or chant crappy chants and cast tons of spells. Also one type of summon maximum. Considering the AoE of chant buffs, I suggest giving your chanter a spear or 1 handed with shield as weapon unless you got a specific plan in mind
  2. Maybe we could get some asian guys to voice act all that was left out, they sometimes do to animes and games. They even use man voices to dub over anime girls ; I bet Dragon Age fans would love that.
  3. The answer to the OP's question : As much money as Dragon Age did. With lesser graphics and a known company producing this, I expected more immersion than proper written dialogues. This game could've been twice as good but I guess people at Obsidian are tired. They're good, just tired.
  4. if Pillars of Eternity had romance, it would be like dragon age, with one heterosexual romance options, 5 bisexual ones, 10 gay ones and a couple of transsexual options.
  5. Dragon age still beats this game with more voice acting and better lore. It also beats this game with way more skills. This game has potential, it's just lacking a little bit everywhere, except in the writing.
  6. He ran away with the 1 million dollar he was supposed to put in voice acting and more feats.
  7. Dragon age managed to voice it all. And their games must've cost a lot more to produce than this.
  8. Meh. You're exaggerating. The combat system has great potential, yes, but too many broken feats and too few viable builds to make your statement true. You're what we call a "fan boy" . If they make a Pillars of eternity 2 and they add twice the amount of feats and levels, then I will agree with you.
  9. I know the chanter lvl 3 extra flame damage states +25 fire damage but its actually +25%, tested and true. Beside, barbarian is beast, with or without that feat.
  10. Initial budget? No. Overall profits given to the workers? Yes.
  11. Yes it was 4 million extra, because they did not have to repay it to their rich pimp backer like most small gaming companies need to. And I'm not saying the game isn't good, It's very good.
  12. A company asking for a kick starter funding is kind of... unprofessional. It's also quite balzy. Lol. Can't say I disagree with the move though, why give royalty to some money pimp when people are willing to fund it because your name is made and known? What does it matter for this game, you ask? All I'm saying is, this game is equivalent in content and quality than old baldurs gate, yet they had a 4 million dollar extra. Makes me wonder if it's the pirates fault or not, because internet and piracy wasn't as widespread 15 years ago. This game is good, I'm not saying otherwise, all I'm saying is, I expected more, and I'm sure many more hold the same thought as I.
  13. Well, I can agree that the disengagement system is a bit too harsh when we consider one on one fights. And what you say is only applicable to indoor, dungeon fights, not outdoor ones where space is abundant. If you send in one tank he'll get surrounded and the rest will bypass him to attack your weak casters.
  14. Yes I do. You think free invisible instant attack with no animation that can occur at the same time as a character is physically attacking a different unit or in the middle of an attack animation/casting a spell/doing something else as long as they have a melee weapon equipped is realistic? Or that if you attack somebody they always have to stop and attack you? Yes I do. Pick up some foam swords, try a 2 v 1 fight, you ll see how quickly you die. One free attack is nothing compared to a realistic fight. Also, the engagement system forces you to approach fights with a plan in mind, not blindly rush in and then fix your own mistakes, which means more strategy. And the engagement system also works both ways, to hinder enemies as well.
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