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  1. It's a minor thing for me. This is a great game with a lot of roleplaying potential and it would be nice to have a walk toggle. The running in unison can get annoying, but most of the time I'm watching what uncovering the fog of war will reveal while spamming the F5 key. This means I don't stare at my characters while they're moving. Again, a very minor thing.
  2. Welcome aboard! You'll find that most of us are very excited for this game. I too used my first post to praise this work of art.
  3. I had a character with lvl 7 mechanics and found an item that allowed me to bypass the puzzle. I laugh because I read about the puzzle and thought I missed something and returned there to find out what I missed only to find that having a high mechanics score allows you to skip puzzles.
  4. BG had a dither option. 2D = no rotating camera. Dithering would be nice to at least see where your characters are behind objects while things go boom.
  5. Preach! Preach! This is the first game in a long time that I think about outside of playing it. Hence the reason I'm taking advantage of a slow day at work and hopping on these forums to talk about the game!
  6. If history is to repeat itself, i would imagine future titles in the PoE series (if that is what Obsidian will do) will trend more towards the majesty of BG2 in terms of length, depth and amazing content. PoE is great. I only hope that Obsidian uses this momentum to continue developing great worlds.
  7. I agree 100%. The artwork in general is stunning across the board. I truly enjoy the 2D backgrounds that look like an animated painting. The music sets the mood perfectly. The ONLY suggestion I have is...MORE PORTRAITS. They are amazing, but i would love to see more of them!
  8. Thank you for the input! I settled on 14 Might, 17 Dex, 17 Int, and 10 for the rest. I didn't want to build a true glass cannon. More like I wanted to have a lot of focus to cast spells, but I also wanted to mix and mingle in melee with two blades. For spells, I took the following: Level 1: Blind (forget the name), Mind Wave (AoE and puts enemies in prone), Antipathetic Field (forgot why I chose this one, sounded like another AoE) Level 2: Mind Blades (floating blades bouncing between targets, yes), I can't remember the other For skills, I focus on Mechanics. I have 1 stealth, 2
  9. I would like to see full expansions and a complete sequel. This doesn't mean I wouldn't mind seeing new patches that add little things here and there that improve the original game. I point to the BG series as an example. They had a hit and generated a fanbase, then they hit everyone upside their head with a sequel (and expansion) that went above and beyond what they expected.
  10. I'm making mine with dual wielding stilettos and ranged back up. Light to medium armor. It's fast, it generates Focus at a rapid rate and I can cast spells on demand. Mind you, i'll be sending in my tank as a sponge first. 14 Might, 18 Dex, 16 INT, 10 for the rest of the stats. We'll see how this goes!
  11. I wish this was available as well. I switched my portrait around in BG. Didn't do the customs.
  12. Same issue OP. At least I narrowed it down to dual wielding Cipher, Ranger, or Rogue. Same frustration because I don't have time to play them all haha.
  13. @Sebmono Thank you for the input! I'll think about swapping my Dex and Int scores. I just figured if I had a higher DEX, I can get in more attacks and stack more Focus quickly. I'd rather be constantly casting spells and changing the tides on a battlefield than anything else. I planned on working in concert with a tank (Eder) and using stilletos for the DR bypass. What level are you currently at? Also, what ranged weapon do you use as a secondary?
  14. Dual wielding Cipher if I can get it to work. Ranger is my second favorite. Haven't tried rogue, but I'll give that one a whirl soon. Mind you, I haven't gotten past Gilded Vale, and haven't gotten past level 3 yet. So far I like the DW Cipher best. Between blinding targets or making them go prone, I can stack up attacks with my stilletos or rapiers and continue casting spells. I've taken on 3+ enemies solo with this. Ranger is fun too, but I feel like its a little underwhelming. That's too bad as its always been one of my favorite classes in this genre.
  15. Any other thoughts on this? I'm creating a new Cipher when I get home today and really wanted a dual wielding build that allows for quick focus build up. My strategy would be to send in the tank and act as a skirmisher up front with quick attacks to build focus and unleash spells. If things get hairy, i can always pull back and use a ranged weapon. I'm worried that if I focus too much on two weapon fighting style, I'll lose out on any potency at range. I also planned to go with 14 might, 18 Dex, 16 Int and the rest of the stats at 10. Any thoughts on this? Thank you in advance!
  16. Ditto. Please keep the awesomeness coming. I found out about this game too late to become a backer. That will not happen again in the future.
  17. Thank you for this post! I've never really been into achievements. I'll use this to add gold. I used the CLUAConsole in the BG series for the same reason. I always hated being direly poor in RPG's when some of the best gear comes from random shops instead of bosses or secret treasure chests.
  18. Wishlist (note that I am not that far in the game): 1. More NPC's. Preferably multiple playable NPC's per class. This will allow players to construct their parties by class and personalities. 2. Ranger buffs (more pet abilities and also pet upgrades as you climb in levels ie upgrade from wolf to dire wolf to super wolf). 3. A "spellsword" type of class. Ciphers a step in the right direction. I guess I miss the multiclass option from BG (loved my dual katana wielding fighter/mage). 4. Guilds - fighters/thieves/mage/Druid circles/Paladin Headquarters/etc. 5. Walk toggle (for immersion and t
  19. I will vouch for Beamdog's BGEE series. Especially if you can get them on sale. In terms of play order it really is up to you. I always like to start with BG1 then transition to BG2 when I play that series. It gives you the feeling of going through a true saga and feeling powerful at the end. However, POE is very solid especially for just being released. In a perfect world, you would have enough time and money to do all the above, but alas we seldom have the pleasure of doing that.
  20. I agree. I was playing DA:I for a bit and it has its fun moments, but I just couldn't keep playing. The characters are interesting and I like the setting, but it just got boring over time. I guess I didn't care enough about what happened. Then I started playing Baldur's Gate Extended Edition and I was hooked. A 2D game from over a decade ago held my attention far more than some of the modern RPG's out there. I can't wait to keep going on POE. The writing is wonderfully done.
  21. It was actually quite funny. Last night I had a chance to dive into the game for the first time (it's amazing). My fiance sees my screen and asks if I'm playing Baldur's Gate. I assured her no it is not, but close. It's like an incredibly updated version of the classics yet it's a completely different game that stands on its own. She rolled her eyes and said, "It looks like Baldur's Gate, but I'll take your word for it." My point is this; even my fiance who has never played a videogame in her life recognizes how this game is closely related to the phenomenal classics. Tis a very good endor
  22. First post on the forums and I wanted to say thank you to Obsidian for this wonderful game. I'm a huge fan of the isometric RPG's of old and I'm excited to get started in the next chapter for this genre. I look forward to this adventure and exploring the byproducts of your imagination. I only wish I learned of this sooner so I could have been a backer. I wish you luck in your future endeavors and I congratulate you on your present success.
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