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  1. Ok so check out at 3.16 on Notice the dialogue there, I have never gotten any of those and I'm 2/3 of the way through the game
  2. I'm bumping this thread as I think this is possibly a bug. I too felt as if something was missing during the 'Adra Pillar' rest sequence, as companions would often talk to me about me being restless or whatever afterward. I recently watched the Angry Joe review and saw that there is actually Dialogue supposed to be there: check out 3.16 in www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ob91E5DXIdY I have never seen that dialogue, or any dialogue pop up in the screen during those sequences, and am currently 2/3 of the way through the game. Also on another character 15 hours in there was no dialogue. I have mad
  3. So occasionally when I rest I get the kind of dream sequence with the Adra Pillars and purple background, and usually just after, one of my companions talks to me. I have never had any dialogue or description/narration pop up during these. I just watched the Angry Joe review and noticed that during one of these sequences on his screen there was dialogue describing some sort of dream sequence - are these supposed to have dialogue on screen every time? If that is the case then I'm over 2/3 of the way through the game and no dialogue has ever popped up here for me, and never did on my ot
  4. I think they should have this option in for those who really despise the camping supplies mechanic. Personally I love it. It adds a whole new strategic dimension to the game, trying to get through encounters whilst using as little per-rest abilities as possible, while taking as little health damage as possible, or spreading the damage out. once I learned this it became way more fun. on POTD with just story companions (no cipher) and party level 7-8 i've gone from endless Paths level 2 to level 13, only having to return ONE TIME to Caed Nua to rest and buy more camping supplies, you
  5. I started my first playthrough on hard with the story companions. Found it way too easy so restarted on Path of the Damned. I think If I were using a custom Party it would again make the game way too easy for me, although that would be fun to do on a subsequent playthrough. I rushed through the initial content and got all companions at level 2 or 3 so I could at least optimise their abilities and talents from early on.
  6. Some spellbind items are not showing their respective spells on the ability toolbar when equipped: namely the Ring of unshackling and those boots that give consecrated ground. I also have the Healing hands gloves which grant restore light endurance and they are working fine, however after a quick google search it appears others are having a problem with these gloves not working either.
  7. This. Aside from the bugs the game is great and I would love to give this game a 9 or even a 10 if balance issues were sorted out too. But it's more like a 7 because of the current state of the game and sheer number of HUGE bugs that aren't affecting just a small minority of people. Quite literally EVERYONE playing on PC can reproduce the stat stacking bug - that is SOOOOOOO many people, and a large percentage of them won't know about it, yet will be annoyed the game is too easy on Hard, but are actually just affected by this bug. Frankly I'm surprised not many critic reviews have
  8. This is just objectively WRONG. If someone had decided to do an "Ironman" playthrough, there are a multitude of bugs (mostly area transition and/or quest related) which stop ALL PROGRESS and require reverting to an earlier save. Ironman is part of the game and these are therefore game breaking. And that is if you have the strictest definition of game breaking. I personally consider any bug which stops you from playing the game in an enjoyable manner (the reason why you play in the first place is for enjoyment) as game breaking. Examples of these include the stat-stacking bug, save/load tim
  9. Hi, unfortunately the reason why you are finding the game so easy to solo on hard, is that you are affected by this bug: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73449-stat-bonus-modifiers-can-erroneously-be-applied-multiple-times-allowing-stats-to-grow-beyond-intended-values/ Your DR is more than 50 (which is impossible normally or without cheating). This is because your Fire-Godlike racial bonus is getting PERMANENTLY STACKED due to the above bug. So yeah in combat you're only getting hit for the minimum damage each time (20%) with such a low deflection, even if you had a damage reduction aroun
  10. Hi, I was wondering if there is any way to change my PC's portrait to a custom one in a savegame already in progress - Is there a way to edit the save file or switch out (overwrite) the current portrait file with the custom one I would like? Thanks
  11. I tried to dismiss/recruit all companions, and also tried some combinations of dismiss all companions -> save/load -> recruit again, and changing areas around the stronghold then dismiss/recruit, restart game after dismissing then recruiting, but in all of these the persitent stats were still there on companions. Seems the 'base' stats of the companions have been modified.
  12. I can confirm I have this bug on Eder too - all of his defensive stats have become excessively high during the course of the game. Having done some reading through the forums and some looking through my save files, it appears to be to do with saving/loading save games, however it only happens in certain areas and/or for certain characters. I believe it occurred in Gilded Vale, and Raedrics Stronghold for me. I also have the bug some others have reported where Pallegina has -2 DR with nothing on (and 2 lower than she should with armor on). I really hope the fix for this is re
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