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  1. I maxed out at level 12 before even making it to Burial Isle. The first few times I fought him I died. By number four though, I realized I was just using crappy team formations, because I took down Woedica's Judge and Thaos Arkannon with only Eder and my main character Wizard. We wiped the floor with him without needing four other party members.
  2. Can people really tell me what Thaos is capable of? Because when I killed him, most of the fighting getting done was from his Statues. I don't know what weapons he was harming us with in my party, although I do know he casts Priestly fire spells and can cast support spells. Also, he can cast strong Endurance recovery spells?
  3. What I did was let the girl go and then positioned everyone in their places for a fight when she was safely out of the way. At level 7, I wiped them out easily.
  4. It's stupid. The Camping Mechanics. :/ Speaking of stupid mechanics. . . I think Strongholds should be different based on the PC's class.
  5. I heard that the level Cap for Pillars of Eternity is 12? Is this true? How long does Act III last?
  6. I'm at the boss fight that's underneath Dyrewood. . . I'm level 7 across the board, and these enemies are kicking my butt every time I fight. Uh. . . Wizard - Me Wizard - Aloth Chanter - Kana Cleric - Durance Cipher - Grieving Mother Fighter - Dederick? They keep dominating one of my characters. Sometimes, I even hit Atlia with a fireball during cross fire. . . I've lost against them eight times.
  7. The others in the thread also gave very good tips, but here's my 2 cents as well. Firstly, you can always turn the difficulty down to easy (assuming you're playing on Normal), or just visit the inn and hire a 6th party member (if you do, roll a melee character, which is what your party seems low on), which should give you enough advantage to comfortably kill the guy. Alternatively, you can just travel on to Dyrford (assuming you managed to beat the Old Watcher and opened up the path) and pick up the GM, which is a great party member to have. One more option is to just travel around a bit, do a few easy quests, kill some easy critters, and get that level 5 you're so close to. Then come back and royally hand Raedric his own buttocks. Who is the Grieving Mother? I never met her. Um . . . Also, I"m level 5 now. . . any other suggestions now that I leveled up? I always found it funny I can walk with full armor, no disguises after going through all that trouble to get in, in the first place. And the Priest of Berath gives you a secure inn to sleep in as well.
  8. So, I'm in his throne room, constantly having too much trouble to defeat him. I never came close. I'm level 4, as a Wizard. I have Aloth, Durance, Eder, and the Chanter, what's his name, that guy looking for the book underneath your stronghold? Yeah. . . I"m getting close to level five? will it at least be possible then?
  9. Trolling is about manipulation of emotions. This topic is about trying to communicate. There being better ways to communicate is not the point.
  10. Sometimes, as with any group made of more than one person, IT IS. Not saying this time though.
  11. THank you Jimmy. :D I found out how to enchant my Breast plate. Now I have intelligence of 19.
  12. But guys, is my build okay? Is he going to be okay by the end-game? I know Aloth is just an NPC but he seems to only have 12 Might. If Might is so important to a Wizard. . . Also, I did not put any stats at all into Dexterity, or Constitution.
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