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  1. Well defined sounds like crap to me. I don't want a game like that. If they can't make a more open ended game, then make it like KOTOR1. More defined would just ruin the experience for me.
  2. Only if you changed your name to Darth Bane and traveled in time 3000 years into the future. That's a thing about KOTOR: the Sith practice of having an apparentice is there then, but as far as I know, Bane decided that it should not go beyond that, which is seems to do in KOTOR; as soon as the Sith is judged ready, he/she goes on, or kills his/her master to go on... and in the earlier case, the master just take another apparentice. Except that Bane also decided there will never be more than a maximum of 2 Sith at all times. As KOTOR2 shows, there were multiple Sith Lords at the same time during its time frame.
  3. As far as my SW knowledge goes Revan was the first to use it. Correct. Except that's not canon. Not even EU canon. BioWare made Revan up. According to LucasArts, the first official one seems to be Darth Bane.
  4. That would be a nice addition. The original game was far too linear.
  5. Or maybe reusing the Ebon Hawk allowed them to reuse art assets from the original game rather than needing to come up with an original ship.
  6. As open ended as possible. I want to play an RPG. Not an adventure game with RPG elements.
  7. But not in your party, which is the point of the thread.
  8. No point since Obsidian probably won't try to use a name for the Darth guy with any significance, unlike the naming in the Star Wars movies.
  9. Or better yet set it a few hundred years later so that the ending of the previous game doesn't matter. These are Star Wars RPGs. Who is to say that they need to be connected from one to the next.
  10. No, not Mon Calamari. The hammerhead race is different. They are called Ithorian. http://www.starwars.com/databank/species/ithorian/index.html
  11. What race is that hammerhead like creature in the cantina in Star Wars A New Hope? I'd like that. Lots of interesting races in that cantina. I recall a devil looking alien.
  12. I think Darth Bane may have been the first. He was the guy who enacted the rule of only two Sith, a master and an apprentice, at all time. http://www.starwars.com/eu/news/2000/07/news20000721.html
  13. I just don't remember seeing many on camera other than those two. He was watching for awhile with Count Dooku from the balcony until Windu came in. Fett threw fire at him and Windu jumped over the balcony and I suppose Fett followed.
  14. Why wouldn't they want the game to be moddable? It improves the shelf lives of games when successful.
  15. After the two terrible sequels especially the second one, anything beats the Matrix. :ph34r:
  16. What Jedi did Jango Fett kill in Episode 2? He fought Obi Wan Kenobi and Mace Windu to my recollection. Mace Windu killed him although when Windu came close Fett should have used his flame thrower
  17. 1. Original trilogy was much better. 2. KOTOR's storyline was not better than the prequels in my opinion. For one the KOTOR was very cliched and seemed similar to NWN OC. Go to four places and find four items. Not to mention the similarity between Bastila and Aribeth. In my opinion the KOTOR storyline was the worst part of the game. 3. Possibly but it won't come close to ESB, the best of all the movies. 4. I would enjoy more Star Wars movies. However, I think Lucas should step back a bit and allow other writers and directors to work on Star Wars. Lucas would still come up with the overall plot of the movie and then he could give it to another writer to flesh out and fine tune. Get someone like Steven Spielberg to direct (why not? they are friends). There is also rumored to be a TV series coming out after the final movie.
  18. Why? If it's a party based RPG, what is wrong with the main character not being a Jedi? There can still be Jedis in the remainder of your party. It's like only playing as magic casters in D&D CRPGs as your main character. Variety is good. Besides, wouldn't you want to try to play a Jango Fett like bounty hunter who could take on Jedis by himself?
  19. I was referring to a court case a few years back where someone tried to use that clause to get out paying taxes and I think it was resolved at the Supreme Court level. They lost. Afraid I don't have a link or more details handy. But the term 'oppression' needs to be proved if someone is going to use that clause anyway to not pay taxes.
  20. The Sixth Sense But perhaps surprising in a different way
  21. I agree. This isn't the first time people have refused to pay taxes using this clause in the constitution and I am sure it won't be the last. Nothing will happen because of it and eventually they will pay.
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