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  1. Where the heck do you come up with this nonsense? We've never spammed anyone with insults nor gay porn. Especially not gay porn. Stop the lying, Hades. It's bad enough that you troll 24/7 - and now you make stuff up? Maybe he's referring to that fracas a few weeks ago over at Duck And Cover. Lots of the same people so easy to confuse the two sites.
  2. Or instead of making the classes more successful at combat, they could improve the non combat areas of the game so it is more of an RPG. But yeh the main character doesn't need to be a Jedi as long as there are Jedi companions you can pick up.
  3. I don't really recall there being that many choices in how to do quests. There was the good way to do and there was the evil way. Missing was a range of other choices in between. But I don't call that non linearity in my opinion. Morrowind is nonlinear but KOTOR really isn't.
  4. No. Go to BioWare's forums if you want to do that.
  5. It was Feargus who pulled people off of Jefferson to work on Icewind Dale 2, a "slamdunk" that was supposed to be done in 4 months but took much longer. Black Isle was working on Torn using the Lithtech Engine and ultimately Torn was cancelled by Black Isle because the engine wasn't a good fit for the game they wanted to do. Maybe there was some pressure from Interplay management for both of the above but Black Isle was partly at fault.
  6. No that just proves that the developer of POR2 couldn't make a good game. They didn't do much better with D&D Heroes. Or you could use Lionheart as an example that SPECIAL doesn't translate to RT games. I don't recall there being much good tactical combat in NWN. I think the fact that the party size was much smaller and you had no control over your companions has something to do with that. I think Freedom Force was more tactical than NWN.
  7. Yeh it had to do with plot of Jefferson. The dog dies at the beginning of the game or something and you were coincidentally there and have to figure out what was going on.
  8. The game may not be announced until May but I wouldn't be surprised if they started giving hints as to what they are working on just like Black Isle used to be.
  9. They should just do away with mini games entirely or make them purely optional. It should have been Carth or Calo who fired those guns on the ship, not Revan. That was a pretty bad idea in my opinion.
  10. It should not have multiplayer but on the XBox it should have XBox live support so that you can download additional content, levels, etc.
  11. If I can't decide to arbitrary start a fight with anyone I please in the game, then I can't really be evil. What if I just wanted to kill that stowaway rather than drop her off on some random planet? At least on the XBox game, there is no option to attack anyone you want, only people marked as being people you can fight.
  12. I would prefer the sequel be its own story and not continue the story of the first game. Have some NPCs in it from the first game. Have Revan in there, maybe as a Jedi Academy instructor but one thing I didn't like about the first game was the background of your character being forced on you. In the new game, I'd prefer I choose it. Maybe make it an option to choose what the background of your character is.
  13. TB is preferable to RT, for me. They can always make improvements like in TOEE where enemies move simultaneously to speed things up. In a D&D computer game, all of them really should be TB because the system being adapted is TB. Otherwise, you wind up with all of these hacks and incorrectly or strangely implemented rules like in BG or NWN.
  14. Maybe. Their track record in their last couple of years at Black Isle wasn't great. Some of it was Interplay management but some of it was also Black Isle's own fault.
  15. I doubt WW2 will ever be done unless it will be part of that pay for content thing they are going to do. They are definately milking the game for everything they can.
  16. That just shows that the buying public is stupid and people buy crap.
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