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  1. I wonder if it the Ebon Hawk you confront Sion on at the beginning of the game.
  2. I may be wrong but I am guessing it is gameplay/story related and not something with just prerequisites. In that respect, it's not like D&D prestige classes. MCA said it wasn't in the dev questions thread I think.
  3. They had Calo Nord in the first one. Unfortunately, he gets killed off right away before the game is even half over. Calo Nord isn't close to being of Jango Fett's caliber though. B) Fett's the man.
  4. I beleive the date was moved up since that walkthrough video so it is now November or December. I think they want the holiday crowd.
  5. Sidious uses deception and works in the shadows; kind of behind the scenes. He rarely directly confronts someone. I can only thing of when he, as the Emperor, used Force Lightning against Luke. I can't see KOTOR2 allowing that kind of play.
  6. After this thread disappears, there should be another multiplayer request in about 2-3 weeks. Seriously, if you want Jedi multiplayer. Play Jedi Academy or Jedi Knight 2. And both have very good implementations as well.
  7. It's hardly possible, becouse there is a wallpaper (concept art) where this Nihilus dude and Atris are fighting. They can't be on the same scene on the same time if they are the same person. But what if the identity of the masked guy is depending on what choises did you make on the begining of the game:-) He could be Bastila, but he could also be Revan:-) Well. As concept art, it could represent an internal struggle or perhaps just represent a light versus dark side confrontation. I wouldn't read concept art as representative of what will really happen.
  8. And coincidentally enough it is in a computer game, a genre known for making characters more powerful than they would actually be in the movies or EU books. KOTOR should not be canon for this reason.
  9. Well there was also the stronghold teleportation system which was actually expanded upon in an official mod for the PC version. I usually just fly around or use boots of blinding speed so I don't mind it too much but it would have been a nice touch to ride horses or similar animals
  10. No she's not! She is very useful. She is just a skill based character. Kind of like a Rogue in D&D. <_<
  11. That's what I played Blasters weren't a great threat to the Jedis in the movies. The exception being Jango Fett. They should have a bounty hunter character like Jango Fett in KOTOR2. He after all wears Mandalorian armor in the movies.
  12. Was that Force Grip or Force Crush? I suspect it was the former which was in KOTOR already and which was what Vader used in the movies. One problem I had with Force Crush. Seemed to similar to Force Grip.
  13. Not as hard as you may think. Mission finds a stealth shield in a container in the hall where the cells are. You can kill some of the guards using computers.
  14. If it's just clothes that you wear, I don't see why not. Unequip it or drop it.
  15. The mandalorians should be wearing armor more similar to Jango Fett/Boba Fett's armor. So it could be a Mandalorian Villian! Several previews I had read said that there are others, as well as the jedi and sith, that are interested in ur progress. It could be the Mandalorians! Why not? AotC showed that Jango Fett was a match for Jedis. Jedi Academy did as well with Boba Fett.
  16. I beleive this may have been said during an interview. I still don't like RPG designers telling me what and who the character is.
  17. That looked good. However, I didn't notice for the most part any new Force Powers in that trailer.
  18. I intend to be Dark Side throughout KOTOR2 and not replay it as light side either. B)
  19. Let's hope so. But sometimes looking at what they put in Star Wars 4000 years kind of boggles the mind. Would a gas mining outpost like Cloud City really last 4000 years?
  20. Not really. It depends on how someone defines gameplay. Gameplay is my experience with the game which includes technical details and story. Romances are generally cliched in games. I am forced down paths I wouldn't want to take with it. The more romance options there are in the game (and this poll is a request for more) the less likely they will affect the main storyline. If Obsidian does romances then they should do it like they did them in Planescape Torment and not how BioWare did its romances in KOTOR and BG2. In other words, less cloying and irritating.
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